Lindsay Lohan gets peer pressured – by this guy?

Lindsay Lohan has been doing surprisingly well staying on the wagon but it appears her friend Little Lord Doucheington (above) is a bad influence, according to TMZ:

His name is Patrick Aufdenkamp, a friend/hanger-on of Lindsay’s since well before she went to rehab, dating back three years. Multiple sources close to Lindz tell TMZ he’s been putting her in too-close proximity to alcohol, and worse, he may be putting the progress she’s made in serious jeopardy.
“He has nothing to offer her,” says a family source, “and he looks at Lindsay as his meal ticket.”

I don’t really see this Aufdenkamp guy as much of a threat. His perm looks pretty flammable and Lindsay’s a smoker. That’s a recipe for a flaming gaylord ala Lindsay. I’m looking forward to seeing this dude turn into the human torch while Lindsay Lohan bangs all the firemen on the scene. And, okay, let’s be real, a fire hydrant too.

Photos: Pacific Coast News