Lindsay Lohan just cost Barack Obama some more votes

November 4th, 2008 // 61 Comments

Obviously Lindsay Lohan didn’t get the memo from the Obama campaign to “Kindly, STFU!” because she decided to blog one last time encouraging people to vote. Ha ha, she thinks she has fans. Adorable. From her MySpace page:

Sorry i haven’t blogged in a minute.. i’ve been traveling and trying to catch up on sleep! I thought it was important to just put a message out there tonight for anyone that is on myspace at the moment.. So, here goes.. I cannot say how important it is for everyone to get out there and vote tomorrow… The future of our country depends on it. Just one vote can make such a difference… Vote-because your thoughts are worth it..VOTE-because YOU can make this country a better place…VOTE-because you can.
I feel like i have so much more to say, but the only thing that needs to be said right now, is for people to get out there and VOTE.
obama for president :)

If you’re out voting today and someone bursts through the door yelling, “Linds Linds told me to vote! Hoo-RAY!” here’s what I want you to do:

1. Vote for your respective candidate. Doesn’t matter who, just do it – because you’re about to commit a felony.
2. Pick up the Diebold voting machine and beat the everliving snot out of the Lindsay fan. (If you’re worried about damaging the machine’s calibration, don’t worry. It wasn’t calibrated to begin with.)
3. Grab a roll of “I Voted!” stickers.
4. Run to Starbucks and load up on free coffees.
5. Avoid arrest. (If arrested, remember: Nobody likes a rat, and you don’t even know what a superficial is.)



  1. #48 can STFU

    Hey tool – go somewhere else to push your religious agenda. Your god can kiss my mushroom head and has nothing whatever to do with this issue.

    If you choose to not vote for something it has nothing to do with “god” and everything to do with you being a douchebag and copping out.

    If you choose to not vote, that’s your option, but don’t blame God for your worthless lazy ass. Blame yourself.

  2. #50 knows not of what he speaks

    #50 – For your information, I lived in one of those socialist democracies for 5 years. The Netherlands is an interesting place and those socialist ideas worked pretty well for a little while there…back in the early days of implementation.

    But not any more – virtually every country that adopted those policies for the right reasons has seen them abused over the years to the point that they are in jeopardy of bankrupting the countries that adopted them.

    For example, the Dutch opted to have higher taxes and provide socialized medicine and education for all of their people in addition to the greatest unemployment benefits imaginable. At first the idea was solid – we’ll all kick a little money into a pot so if Jon loses his job, Jon can go back for retraining by taking from the fund. Because Jon will make as much unemployed and in school as he would have while working there will be no significant interruption to Jon’s life. Meanwhile all the people will be educated and it will make everyone successful and happy. How wonderful, right? This is the mecca that Obama would have you swallow hook line and sinker.

    But with the younger generations that have grown up with this sense of entitlement, here are the downsides to it:
    1. Now 22 yr old Jon decides, “well why the hell should I work when I can sit around, smoke weed and play Halo3 and get paid the same as those suckers who are working”? And so they go on WW (unemployment) and suck the kitty dry and now you have a country full of Jons bankrupting the system.

    2. Everyone goes to school and everyone becomes educated. Now everyone is a manager and no one wants to sweep the floor. Again – entitlement has created a nation of chiefs and no one wants to be the indians. This naturally leads to an influx of labor, both foreign and domestic, mostly of ethnic persuasion (Turks, Egyptians and Africans, mainly) who are willing to take those unskilled labor jobs.

    And the predictable result? Racism flourishes because now the entitled Dutch are pointing to the Turks and saying, “those damn Turks are taking OUR JOBS!!!!” – how similar to the US issue with Mexican migrant farmworkers, eh?

    The phrase “the world needs ditch diggers too” comes to mind here.

    Once again – get a clue. Until you’ve studied something and have learned all of the ramifications, you’re better off shutting the fuck up so you don’t come off as compeltely ignorant.

    It pains me that your vote exactly counts as much as mine since you clearly haven’t bothered to study the things you preach about. Socialism is not the way to fix the US. A 50% tax for everyone to pay for all that eductaion, healthcare and unemployment benefits would only serve to destroy our economy and our country. If you think Obama is going to cut taxes, you’re woefully niave – he’d be the 1st democrat in the history of our country to do so. You might want to check out Obama’s track record for raising taxes for the middle class in his own state. But hey – good luck with that.

  3. john poyner

    you fuckin’ suck . this newz place is a mccain cocksucker.

  4. No on Prop 8

    One last note on Prop 8 and Obama, this one addressed to Ms Lohan if she reads this dreck:

    Reading Obama’s statement “Giving them a set of basic rights would allow them to experience their relationship and live their lives in a way that doesn’t cause discrimination,” Obama said. “I think it is the right balance to strike in this society.”

    This sure sounds like what Whites said when enacting the separate but equal act for Blacks in the US way back in the bad old days.

    I wonder how Obama would vote if this was about interratial marriage?

    Seems a bit ironic that a black man is using a phrase like, “I think it’s the right balance to strike in this society” with regards to restricting the rights of people based on sexual orientation – how different is that from discrimination based on race? Not at all in my opinion.

    How weird is it that the most die hard republican in this topic has to school liberals about gay rights. It must be opposite day.

    Once again: use your heads people – voting for Obama because he’s a charismatic black guy is the dumbest thing you can do for your nation – I fully support your decision to vote for him so long as you have bothered to learn his positions and agree with them. Otherwise handing you a ballot is like handing a 3 yr old who’s hopped up on candy a loaded .45

    for the record, I was also comment #s 42, 44 and 54.

  5. In MA you can vote on Question 2 for legalizing pot!

  6. King Monkey


  7. Cherry

    I can’t believe nobody has pointed out that it’s not lindsay in the photos. It’s her sister, Ali.

  8. stevostevo

    Who gives a shit what this dumb ass wannabe lesbo thinks about politics?


    I wish she would shut the fuck up and go snort some coke or go munch some carpet with her little-boy girlfriend

  9. stevostevo

    Who gives a shit what this dumb ass wannabe lesbo thinks about politics?


    I wish she would shut the fuck up and go snort some coke or go munch some carpet with her little-boy girlfriend

  10. Sarah Palin

    G0ds will must be done. Pray for that. Pray for our servicemen being sent to fight wars, they are being sent to do g0ds will. Pray for them as they do g0ds work.

    And most of all, pray that I am elected Vice President! Oh yea, pray that John McCain is elected President!

  11. I voted for Obama. And no on Props 4 and 8. But not because Lindsay Lohan said to!

    And WTF is up with her hair (extensions)…straight on one side but not on the other…reflecting her sexuality?

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