Lindsay Will Serve Less Than 12 Days

July 20th, 2010 // 128 Comments

So I was off by a few days.

Lindsay Lohan has been in jail for barely six hours and already her 90-day sentence has been reduced even further from the previous estimate of 25 days. The AP reports:

Department spokesman Steve Whitmore says Lohan is likely to be released on Aug. 1 or 2. The projected release date reflects all the credits Lohan is likely to receive.
The department has said the actress was likely to serve a quarter of her sentence or less.

According to TMZ she’s been “polite, compliant and responsive” and hasn’t cried even at all! Shit, why were we even locking her up? Someone give her have the keys to the warden’s car and, fuck it, a shotgun while you’re at it. Just look at those dry eyes.

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  1. Get a clue

    first bitches!

  2. paige

    what a fucker

  3. Sassyfrass

    God bless the American legal system.

    • Naked Chicks Rule

      Yep, where everyone is entitled to all the justice they can afford.

      • Romeo Rodreguz

        I am an American and I readily admit that I completely don’t understand the justice system here. If a judge imposes a sentence of ## days, I don’t understand how a person can be released early and it not be a crime. I understand that there are more convicts than prison beds, but how does that give a convict a free pass to go home early? And also, what the hell is credit for good behavior? If you get a sentence of ## days, why do you get released early if you are a model prisoner? I would think that if you were a model prisoner, you would get released when your sentence is up, whereas if you were bad in prison, time would get added to your sentence. Our (in)justice system really makes no sense at all.

    • Lilly

      What I don’t get is why the state pays so much money and effort chasing someone like this. And for what? Because she drinks herself to death?! Let her just do that if she likes, what’s the problem with that?

      • Sizzle

        She drove drunk! If you don’t think that’s a punish-able crime, you’ve seriously never seen the horrible things that a drunk driver can do. She deserves the punishment. And she deserves to be made an example of.

      • Bob

        12 days? you call that punishment, where i come from people serve up to 5 -6 months in prison for the same shit she did!! THIS IS BULLSHIT and you guys know it

      • Lilly

        @ Sizzle: Ok yes, I agree that that is something that should be punished. But I don’t think you should put people in jail unless they have actually harmed anyone. Make them pay loads of money and take away driving-licenses. You do realize that now all your tax money goes towards this nonsense trial??!

      • Sue

        You would think differently if she would have hit somebody you love head on and killed them while she was driving drunk. This girl is nowhere near sorry and I am sick of sentences not being imposed. If you are sentenced 90 days, you should have to do 90 days. period.

      • Lilly

        @ Sue: true! But did she hit anyone? You can’t really sentence someone for possible future events.

      • Grandizer

        Because she not just drinks she then DRIVES as well.
        What do you think the nations death rate would be if police did NOT stop or capture drunk drivers???

    • Anon

      @Lilly, you’re a fucking retard. It’s not hard to comprehend. So you’re basically saying that if a guy was chasing a woman with the intent to rape her, but he was apprehended, he shouldn’t be charged with attempted rape? Don’t pull the “intent” line. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who gets in a car drunk already has intent. Taking away someone’s driver’s license and making them pay money doesn’t stop them from doing it again. If anything, it’d make them pissed off/depressed, thus drink more, and then drive because they’re too stubborn to get a ride from anyone else. Maybe if we released all the non-violent drug offenders from jail/prison, we’d have more room for the assholes who should be there.

      • Lilly

        @ Anon: Uh huh, that is exactly what I meant…. But yeah I agree, they should put you in jail now too as I sense that in 5 years time you will beat up your wife and children. According to your ‘logic’ that is how it goes isn’t it?
        Stupid uneducated yankee f*ck! I’m pretty sick of being insulted by people who don’t even try to understand what other people say.

  4. mfb

    with all the rapists and murderers running free, they’re gonna clog up the system is this? the next thing you know we’ll be putting marijuana users’ in jail to!!!

  5. Yoda Mann


    Suppose she’s hitting on the cameraman, like he’s got the power to spring her?

  6. Ange

    Guess she’s going to die soon after all…

  7. ash

    I really like her as an actress, I hope she pulls it together and stays out of the clubs and paps eye.

  8. Boodiba

    She looks really good here actually.

  9. xuc

    The system works.

  10. jim x

    Such bullshit.

    Fortunately I’ll never get in this much trouble in my life to begin with – but if I or someone I know does and they get more than 12 days and 1 hour, I will sue until the cows come home with cash.

  11. Danklin

    12 days, that outta teach her. Tell you what, next time a guy stabs a pregnant woman, just stick him in there for a week and a half. He’ll never do it again. Oh and while you’re at it, separate him from the rest of the inmates because god forbid someone hurt him. Oh and give him a TV, computer and phone too. Ya know what, fuck it, dont even lock the cell.

    • BeckyG

      Oh my I am still laughing at this one! Danklin, you are so right on here….its a bunch of shit is what it is. I got family IN JAIL right now for less than this idiot has done!!

    • Lilly

      *lol. yeah, quiet ridiculous!
      But don’t you think that stabbing someone doesn’t really compare to someone drinking her ass off? I still don’t understand why she has to go to jail for that at all!! In my opinion, even a 2 hour sentence would be too much for this ‘terrible’,'terrible’ ‘crime’ Lindsay has committed!

      • yeah

        Because, you idiot, she got behind the wheel of a car numerous times while under the influence of various substances which is, as any person with any common sense would know, increadibly dangerous. Perhaps you’ll understand when someone “drinking her ass off” hits you in a head on collision someday.

      • Brenden

        Lily r u fucking retarded? ppl drink n drive drunk, flip their cars over kill other ppl, etc, because they cant drive straight, and you dont think ppl should be punished for reckless shit that can end up like that?

    • bahaha love the post. i agree, absolute bullshit. fuckkk

      • Lilly

        @ yeah: I am expressing my opinion and don’t really get why you have to insult me for that?! I am sorry if your IQ doesn’t allow you to react in a civilized way and just give me better arguments against my opinion, but hey! what can you do?
        And yes, obviously I think people should be punished for driving drunk, but not by putting them in jail for 12days!

      • Brenden

        hes talking to u like that cuz u r an idiot, shes been arrested for DUI i think more then 2 to 3 times now, most normal cases by now ur license would be taken away permanently and ud be jailed for over a year. do u NOT read the news ever?

      • Lilly

        Ow I’m sorry, no in my country they write about actual news in the papers….
        But whatever, I see there is no normal way of communicating with you people. What’s up with this offensive bullshit? And do you think you look particularly clever writing the way you do? having a PhD in linguistics there, don’t ya’? (ow sorry, you probably don’t even know what that means. never mind – conversation over.)

      • Brenden

        lol i know what all that shit is, since ur gonna start trying to argue a ridiculous viewpoint what would YOUR country do after somebodys spit in the courts face several times?

      • Minke

        I agree, bit unnecessary to call people names.

      • Brenden

        sorry but if the SHOE FITS!…… lol

      • Lilly

        Well, fortunately we don’t have people like Lindsay *lol*. Did she do that?
        you know, Brenden, I am very happy to admit that I don’t know anything about the whole story, and you are very welcome to correct me. But try to understand other peoples points first before swearing at them….
        All I was saying was that I don’t think you can compare her to someone stabbing a pregnant woman as she didn’t kill anyone (as far as I know). And giving someone a 12 days sentence is a bit of a joke. In my opinion that is a waste of tax-money! But if that makes me an idiot, then I am not sure I understand what you’re on about….

      • Brenden

        … A. it IS a waste of tax payer money
        B. thats why ppl are pissed, not to mention celebs r constantly given BS sentences like I mentioned before
        C. if you dont know the story n why ppl are pissed, why are u arguing a viewpoint over n over when u dont know the whole story?
        D. stabbing a pregnant woman? ppl go to jail for decades for shit like that, comparing brutal murders to a chick driving drunk constantly that can kill many others n not serving ur BS 3 months in jail for ur 2nd or 3rd offense is kinda… ya would be back to A. again.

        I changed my view again, now ud not only epic fail as a parent with ur logic, but would suck as a lawyer lmao, ur gonna be the mom that lets ur kids steal ur money or drive drunk n nearly kill themselves or others but wont punish them for real by the 3rd time they disregarded ur authority after u lifted ur punishments because no one got hurt and/or no pregnant chicks were stabbed to death lol they will never take u seriously, as does neither these celeb idiots

      • Lilly



        A. I was just agreeing to that, like all the rest!
        B. I agree. (as I said before)
        C. I think I can have an opinion about legal systems also if I don’t know the story of Miss Lohan….
        D. read the initial comment of Danklin, to which all of us here are replying!!! Stabbing a pregnant woman was at the very beginning of this conversation. So please for the future – read what’s going on before starting a fight!

        and E – Z: I was just trying to be nice to you and get over this nonsense, which is the only epic fail apparently.

      • Brenden

        Read a story fully before u cast an opinion on it, so arguments cant arise from this

      • Lilly

        Haha! Ok, I’m bored of this now. Want to meet up for drink instead? ;)

  12. justme

    @mfb…so you know that people DO go to jail for marijuana…right? But really though, after she get’s released after 48hrs I’m all up for giving her a whole truck load of blow. If she makes out alright then, that’s gottta be some kind of record. If not, well, she had a good run. Of course I think it’s cool that her sentence got released. I mean, because I’m a tall, muscular, black (and therefore threatening) male that will get to serve whatever sentence she doesn’t for not wearing my seatbelt…on a bus. But it’s okay, because my court-appointed attorney let me know that not all inmates get ass raped. Thanks Lilo ;)

    • ofcourse

      not that i agree with her reduced sentence, dont get me wrong.. but i knew someone would pull the race card.

    • Vito

      You mean the back of the bus…right?

    • justme

      Not pulling the race card, just throwing out some humor. Hey, the juice is black and got away with murder…allegedly….hahaha. The real card I’m pulling is the fame card, because you and I both know we’d be in the big house for half the shit this broad pulls on the daily.

  13. elephantman

    this is bullshit! i got 90 days and i had to do fucking 65, what the fuck! she aint got no dick so the bitch gets off early not to mention she is a celeb, bunch of SHIT!

    oh hey first, stick your heafd up your ass, see if it fits!

  14. wacluza

    The only thing worse then douches that write First is douches that write First and aren’t.

    • justme


    • Vito

      Dear wacluza, you fucking bonehead:

      1 : at that time
      2 a : soon after that : next in order of time b : following next after in order of position, narration, or enumeration : being next in a series c : in addition : besides

      1 a —used as a function word to indicate the second member or the member taken as the point of departure in a comparison expressive of inequality ; used with comparative adjectives and comparative adverbs b —used as a function word to indicate difference of kind, manner, or identity ; used especially with some adjectives and adverbs that express diversity

  15. justme

    edit -> …sentence got [reduced]…

    my bad :/

  16. Mathias

    LiLo hasn’t looked this good in years.

  17. Shannon

    What’s wrong with her neck!?!?!? Did she swallow a bag of coke before she was taken in?

  18. Mike Nike

    Should have given her a year. Then she would have served the 90 days.

  19. Big Papa

    Yeah you’re an idiot and we all know that…thinking show would out in a few hours. Of course you are an idiot is all that you do is report on this crap and how pictures from paps

  20. webterractive

    Two-tier justice system, I’m sure there are people in that lockup for not paying their parking tickets and they have to serve the full 60 days.

  21. B.B

    We all knew what a joke this would be. It only reinforces the fact celebrities are above the law.

    • Brenden

      they arent ppl just let them be like that, like hitler rose to power and then started commiting genocide, u dont think millions of germans if they wanted to could just stood up n said to him “NO, Go fuck yourself!” ?

  22. Ms. Rosen

    THIS IS AWESOME. If she does a short stint, it won’t be long enough to kick her habits. That means instead of a clean and sober Lindsay, we’ll get the jacked-up-on-goofballs Lindsay we know and love. I mean really, who wants to see Lohan on Larry King talking about how much she learned and how sorry she is? We want to see her snort an eight-ball and crash her Mercedes into a Boy Scout parade. Think about it this way: the sooner she is out, the sooner she we can go back to watching her self destruct!

    • LiLo will be out soon enough. Paris cried like a baby going to the big house, but this girl seems like she might be a little tougher.
      Her greatest role ever awaits, playing hardcore porn actress Linda Lovelace. So glad that she hasn’t died yet. Lots more headlines & disasters yet to come.

  23. pimp

    how do you receive good time for doin 12 fucking days! i did 6 months for smoking weed with no good time because you couldn’t get good time unless you were there for longer then 6 months! the justice system can suck my asshole! and i wanna suck on lindsay’s asshole!

  24. Le Rough sportif

    Way to go! Dina and Micheal…

  25. ed45

    That expression on her face, which I would call a smirk, says volumes about that spoiled talentless cunt. How i wish she was given solitary for 6 months. Now THAT would be some damn good news!

    • M.E NH

      Between the smirk and freshly colored hair ! Don’t all people going to jail make sure to stop at their stylist before going in ? Gotta make sure that mug shot looks hawt , right ?

  26. JonP17

    Fucking bullshit!!!!!

  27. Ty Pennington

    Fuck this bitch. Sender her away for life. Videotape her being raped and beat by all the other inmates. Then post it on the internet for all to see and relish in.

  28. Brad Pitt

    Good for her! Full jail terms are for run-of-the-mill ordinary folk, like these worthless boring commenters.

  29. Least surprising item of the year. Did anyone actually believe that this would be the end of her wild times? The clock is still ticking, and as long as society as a whole and the legal system in particular keeps letting her behavior go, the result is nothing less than death for her or some innocent unlucky enough to cross her path. That is the saddest part of this whole story

  30. Randal's Rectum

    Nice to know this top H-wood power player won’t be out of the game TOO long. I also heard thru the grapevine our little miss Lindz is going full frontal on her next Oscar nominated project. Pardon my French, but Hubba Hubba!

  31. She needs to be slapped with more time so that after 80%+ is deducted it’s the actual sentence. Fucking joke. That or outsource the prison? If that one is all full why not stick her in another state’s prison?

    amount of days in jail * (inverse fraction of the percentage of days that was served out of the original total) = number of days required.

  32. tromba

    The 90 days in inpatient rehabilitation is COMPLETELY under the judge’s control. She’s not going anywhere for at least 3½ months.

  33. tromba

    This judge knew damn well what she was doing. She, wisely, had no intention of having Lindsey spend 3 months in jail for such a minor, non-violent infraction. She recognized Lindsey’s problem and did what was correct. All of you “send her to the gas chamber” people are idiots and do not have a clue regarding the REAL legal system in the US. Don’t like it – Go to Iran, stand in the middle of any street in Tehran, drink a beer and smoke a joint. Then kiss your ass goodbye.

    • Brenden

      this isnt iran though u twit this is the US, and shes been arrested for DUI several times before n by now most normal ppl get their licenses taken away n are given a year in jail, she keeps getting arrested for this shit n is given ridiculous sentences, what the fuck is wrong with you ppl?

    • Lilly

      @ tromba: Thank you!

  34. sobrietyisacrutch

    Like many posters have said, this will in no way curtail her wild, wicked ways. She’s a fucking celebrity, fer Chrissake! She will NEVER learn her lesson. 12 days in country club jail? Shit! The people in Dr. Drew’s Celeb Rehab are there longer and party their asses off even MORE after they get out.
    Until celebrities are treated the same way as Joe and Jane Buttmunch, if not a little worse, there will NEVER be justice in HollyWEIRD.
    Thank you Charlie Sheen, Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Robert Blake, Heather Locklear, Jeremy London, Steve-O, all “The Hills” idiots, Mel….
    Jesus Christ!!! I’m out of breath now. This list is neverending!
    Fucking Hollywood celebrity scum!

  35. tromba

    Oh yea, want to bitch and moan about a legal system……

    Assuming you survived the heinous acts of alcohol and marijuana consumption. Go nail some camel jockey’s wife. I mean rape her. Guess what? She gets thrown into a pit and stoned to death.

    And then there is China and their sense of justice and human rights.

    Keep bitching. You just sound stupid.

    • Brenden

      Nobody sounds stupid for being just because were not doing shit that China and an Arab nation does to their people doesnt mean we cant be pissed that normal ppl get shit on n rich celebrities constantly get stupid sentences and other shit, did Paris Hilton cry like a bitch n they decided to let her off way early? If girls i know did that they woulda locked their ass away n threw away the key n not give a fuck.

  36. Sprmcandy

    The cunt looks pretty as a blonde.

  37. Mina

    This is tragic, in my humble opinion.

  38. captain america

    the united states is losing its respect all over the world.

    • Lilly

      You want it to be even more Police-statey?!? I think you’re losing your respect much more for being so strict on stupid things like people drinking or going topless on the beach! *lol*

      • Brenden

        we have nude beaches.. everywhere…., their even opening more up esp. in NJ. with that said and the way u feel driving drunk when we know what happens to drunk ppl after several arrests isnt something to be punished, I now officially think u shouldnt be allowed to post anymore lol, i feel bad for ur kids

      • Lilly

        And while we’re at it, maybe you could introduce me to those kids you keep telling me about! They sound like fun!

  39. Lissa

    I think I’m going to take all my future vacations in LA. I’ll dress in a few high end outfits that I buy and stick myself in front of paps like I’m a celebrity, and eventually they’ll just take my pics because they’ll think I’m somebody. I’ll just throw a famous last name out there and they’ll think I’m related to someone. That’s all Paris did to get famous, so I’m pretty sure I can get away with it. Every time I’m there I can get drunk off my ass and snort a bowl of coke, and then get behind the wheel and trash the town. If I get caught twice my mandatory 90 day sentence will be reduced per the “lohan clause” from the very expensive lawyer I will get. And the felony coke charges? Well, I’m sure I can spend 3 hrs in rehab and they’ll get dropped too. I really should spend every dime I have to do this pretty much every weekend..I am just a state away. Seems like I can even murder someone in that town if I make myself somewhat famous and am willing to spend the right amount of money. Oh wait, I can.

  40. Thandrale

    Actually it’s a pretty routine sentence. My cousin did basically the same thing. Chased after some people in a car and wrecked. His original sentence was 6 months but by the time the lawyers and jail people got done he served 10 days in jail and a years probation. If you don’t have anything else major on your record you don’t get much actual jail time.

    • Lissa

      Funny, 2 dui’s in CA is 90 days mandatory, I’m sure it wasn’t your cousins 2nd offense, nor was he caught with possession of cocaine. So what happened to her was NOT standard routine. That was my point.

  41. Ms. Rosen

    Lindsay will learn many valuable skills in prison. She’ll learn to eat pussy better than she did before. She’ll learn new creative ways to hide drugs on her person. And she’ll have plenty of time to lift weights and get in shape for playing the queen of deep throat. She may also learn a trade, like tattooing.

  42. Rhialto

    What!? Do i pay my tax bucks to halfway sentences like this!?

  43. KumaTenshi

    At least she’s in there, and this will at the very least, stay on her record for however long until she can get it removed.

    But this at least shows they’ll put her ass in there. And you KNOW she’ll fuck up again once she’s out. So hopefully she’ll be right back in there soon after :D I’m calling it now, within a year she’ll fuck up again and then get the book half thrown at her!

  44. Nero

    In what nanny-state is she imprisoned!?

  45. Darth

    Those 12 days aren’t even barely enough to punish her for her fake fish lips and fake tan.

  46. Marcus

    She looks great, mug shots do her good. I’m sure she will have more.

  47. Henry Krinkle

    95% of the people that post on here should be praising the legal system considering that the Supreme Court outlawed the castration of the mentally retarded thus preserving their ability to fill the gym socks mommy just washed for them with their damaged DNA.

  48. anya

    wow, a whole lot of botox and collegen….but she still looks like a dog.

  49. jsrbubaca

    let’s cut poor girl some slack I am sure we would all be afforded the same accolmodations. OH WAIT no pretty sure if I ” who has no arrests against me” was convicted of the same crime, I am sure I would be let go. OH wait not a chance Go fuck yourself justice system

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