Lindsay Lohan’s Twittering Again

February 11th, 2011 // 35 Comments

With it becoming more and more evident that she’s going to duck grand theft felony charges – The jewelry store wants the whole thing to go away now. – Lindsay Lohan‘s people have let her use Twitter again where she either wants us to know she’d never steal or is in the movie Greenberg. It could go either way:

Was on the phone with my sister&this movie Greenberg is on, i heard my voice which was odd- and ryhs ifans is watching Just My Luck in the movie- made me laugh.. i just want to be on set again, and left alone to just work! fyi- i would never steal, in case people are wondering. I was not raised to lie, cheat, or steal… also, what i wear to court shouldnt be front page news. it’s just absurd. god bless xox L

No, wait, I get the point of this message now: “I’m front page news! WHEEE!” As for, “I wasn’t raised to lie, cheat or steal,” your father is a vagina-kicking grifter who would sell a story about you forgetting to wipe if it kept him lush in cellphone clips, and your mother couldn’t be trusted with a Carvel ice cream card. I almost want to say these people didn’t teach you anything but to lie, cheat and steal, except that would leave out raging alcoholism and sucking dick for coke which is, really, the 18th birthday every girl should have in a Disney World conference room as their mother shouts out pointers on top of Goofy. I’m amazed they don’t offer that package.

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  1. Gilberator

    I’ve had just about enough of your lies, Ms. Lohan. Stop your whining, and take those drapes you’re wearing right back to wherever you stole them from.

  2. Bill Clinton's zipper

    I blame Dina for this mess , and I’m grateful !
    Producing damaged goods by bad parents helps me with my thing!

  3. i get her twit feed and most of it is spam, i thought she was hacked

  4. Um…..I think those are photos of her Mom.


  5. This is what happens to people who achieve any level of success at an early age: they are coddled, babied, believe their own PR people. The rest of their life is spent sliding down the society slide, indulging in drugs and doing jail time. Lindsay Lohan is no different from tens or hundreds who have gone before her. It’s all predictable.

  6. Bill Clinton's zipper

    MMMMM…. Orange stink box !

  7. Superficial Bitch

    She’s clearly lying in that statement because no one can watch “Just My Luck” without having a psychotic episode.

  8. antoine bugleboy

    It’s amazing how twitter has the power to overthrow dictators in the Middle East and be the most vapid, self-enabling piece of useless technology ever invented.

  9. cumbucket

    this cunt still lies, cheat, and steal and is still a cunt

  10. hi lindsay, sorry for not writing in awhile, i just had the longest last 24 hours.. oh this made me think of you

  11. ohvoid

    She’s at it again! She stole my granddad’s legs!

  12. I’m just going to start referring to her as “Defendant”.

    She would NEVER steal, oh, no. Yeah, she figured that $10,000 mink coat she wore home from 1Oak was just some kind of club rental that she could keep if she liked it enough No, wait – she took it by mistake because she was wearing a black coat when she came in and since she has a fur coat just like it she thought it was the same one. Bitch has entitlement issues and I can’t wait for the day when she rips off someone who won’t roll over.

    • babooda

      justifiable, I think she may have been truthful in the case of the coat or at least she told what she remembered as the truth. She didn’t lie, she was just too damn high to remember what she wore to 1Oak or how she got the fur coat at all. This time though, she is supposed to be clean and sober, so she can’t use that excuse.

    • Alexandra

      The mink isn’t even the best one. She was at a party at some girls house, right. She went in her closer and put 1/2 her clothes into bags and made her bodyguard take it. The girl then made a website crying about it. She was like, I thought Lindsay and I were friends waaaaa. It was terrible!

  13. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    Smell your own, bitch!

  14. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    The bimbo who single handedly put the twit in twitter.

  15. I agree, what she wears to court SHOULDN’T be news…but then you’re not supposed to go to court dressed like a goddamn prostitute either…unless you are a prostitute of course…oh right. sorry.

    • You totally didn’t get it, McFeely – only the innocent wear white. A skintight white bandage with a bad bra that lets the girls sag, but white nonetheless. Only someone who was not a thief could wear that color without a lightning bolt striking them dead on the spot – so QED, motherfuckers!

  16. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    first time i have seen addiction to giving oral sex .

  17. Hilarious...

    “fyi- i would never steal, in case people are wondering. I was not raised to lie, cheat, or steal…” – You gotta be kidding me. Your dad was convicted & spent time in prison for theft & embezzlement. Your mom lied about being a rockette and tried to defraud fudgie the whale. You’ve lied at least 3x in this case alone, not to mention your years long history of delusional lying about everything and anything. Sell your bullshit to a tabloid; we’re not buying it.

    “also, what i wear to court shouldnt be front page news. it’s just absurd.” – What’s absurd was the way you dressed to be in court. See, being basically illiterate & stupid, you couldn’t possibly know that dressing like a hooker in a skin tight mini dress is very disrespectful towards the court. You already have a history of being disrespectful (remember your “fuck you” fingernail?), and you just flipped off the court with your dress, you stupid dumbass. Hopefully, it was noticed by the judge, who will throw the book at your disrespectful ass…

    • babooda

      Normally, I would comment on the fact that this is a somewhat humorous and altogether sarcastic site. However, your remarks are so dead on target where this entire family is concerned I can’t bring myself to point out that this is not “Newsvine” or “CNN.”

    • Alexandra

      Maybe they’re passing some sort of important Patriot Act related law in Congress right now. Wouldn’t want people to actually pay attention to that stuff. Gotta call Lindsay’s handler to make sure she wears something outrageous. It’s not even that bad. She just happens to be hot – and in America, most of the women are short and fat & wear sweatpants everywhere

  18. babooda

    The sad part of this saga of debauchery,lies and drugs is the fact that even if Lindsay goes away, Deanna and Michael won’t. They still have another daughter at home to prostitute for a living. The only way to end this in any reasonable amount of time is ship the whole family to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan or someplace similar.

  19. browneyedgal

    OMG ROFL. That’s the best thing I’ve read all day.

  20. herbiefrog

    now seee… that’s a pretty frock
    for the spring weather in la

    and the bag matches the blue

    [omg, we’ve turned into a girl … :~}

  21. Alexandra

    That’s really not funny. I looked at her hookeresque video again lately (the one where she’s writing on some drugged up looking male model), chain smoking (nicotine dependency and tar filled lungs are SEXY!) and rolling around. Yeah well at the beginning the guy is wearing a Disney Mickey Mouse sweatshirt o_O

  22. ropesolo

    jeez, look at those freakin’ duck lips!

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