Lindsay Lohan’s in Court Again

July 6th, 2010 // 37 Comments

Seen here reminding the world why she’s relevant over the weekend, Lindsay Lohan actually showed up for court today – on time – for her probation hearing. Which must’ve felt awesome until the prosecution started demanding jail time and claimed to have proof that Lindsay not only drank after the MTV Movie Awards but also attempted to tamper with her SCRAM. TMZ reports:

Meyers insisted if Lindsay was drinking it should constitute a violation of her probation and subject her to jail. Judge Marsha Revel initially said drinking in and of itself was not a violation of probation — it was just a bail restriction.
But Meyers argued under the terms of Lindsay’s probation, she was required to obey all rules and regulations of the court, and no drinking was one of the rules. The judge seemed somewhat sympathetic to Meyers’ argument.
Meyers also suggested Lindsay’s SCRAM device was tampered with.

Also on the chopping block is Right On, the alcohol education program prosecutors believe is covering for Lindsay. Of course, the real news is Michael Lohan showing up to the hearing and not talking to the press. What the- Did the seas just turn red with blood? Quick, someone check outside for winged horsemen before Lindsay’s starts swinging from their cocks. If she blows one of them for coke, God knows what’ll happen, but let’s assume everyone gets butt-raped by a minotaur. I can see Lindsay being the cause of that.

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  1. Chez

    Yes in a heartbeat. Even though she is cracked right out lol.

  2. savanah


  3. Mike Oxbhig
    Commented on this photo:

    The simple fact that shes not a mudshark, like a lot of other celeb-types, makes her kinda hot.

  4. Gene

    Would someone just put this thing in jail and dry her ass out? Oh….wait….TITS! Never mind.

  5. ZigZagZoey

    OMG! She showed up, and EARLY??
    Michael Lohan didn’t spew crap all over everyone??
    Holy shit, maybe the world is ending….

  6. oooaaahhh
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    nice booby

  7. Kae

    Clock’s ticking, Lindsey, best to drop a sextape now while people care….

  8. oooaaahhh

    nice booby

  9. E. Jack Yoolayt

    Now all we need is a speckled ooops shot to make my day yo.

  10. Captain_Insano

    What a useless cunt. With fantastic tits.

  11. gb

    Danny Cipriani went from Kelly Brooke to this, fool

  12. Rush

    I love the fact that she’s smoking Parliaments and drinking Life Water… or is that more Kombuchka?

    • Naked Chicks Rule

      Yeah, that’s Kombucha. Which has a small amount of alcohol. Half of 1%, but still enough to touch off that thing she wears.

      Either it’s a really dumb move or a really smart one. She could claim that the jager-bombs her wrist-machine tells everyone she drank last night is lying & that it really was just a healthy Kombucha drink.

      Considering its LL, I’ll go w/ the dumb move.

  13. Chris

    Court probation is a JOKE.

  14. Deacon Jones' Liver

    (puts head up)
    (puts head down)

  15. Ron Burgandy's BallSack
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    I think she can make a good porn career but I think the porn industry already has a red-head with tons of freckles.

  16. Ron Burgandy's BallSack

    She reminds me of the redheaded freckled porn star.

  17. chlr
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    to bad she looks like trash, but she has nice boobs

  18. poshicles

    why is everyone after this girl? Do you understand the more comments you leave and the more you talk about her the worse it gets. If you really want her to go away stop commenting on her Pics.

  19. kelley

    When the hell is she going to start wearing a bra ?

  20. huh?

    Why do photogs follow this talentless c*nts every move? I will comment on this skank no more. I hope everyone else follows…

  21. Instead
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    she would be a beast fuck

  22. Commented on this photo:

    What kind of moron shows up for a court date with a see-through top and no bra? Oh… right…

  23. lauren
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    Lindsay Lohan: the definition of class!

  24. captain america

    pssssst: ALL HELP IS OUT, folks!!

  25. chen
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  26. Kaz

    Go fuck in jail with mill gebpson

  27. cc
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    I must say, sometimes her breasts make my mouth water…this is one of those times.

  28. Scott
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    I can’t wait until this stupid cunt bring a child into this world. That should be pretty awesome!

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