Lindsay Lohan’s in Court Again

Seen here reminding the world why she’s relevant over the weekend, Lindsay Lohan actually showed up for court today – on time – for her probation hearing. Which must’ve felt awesome until the prosecution started demanding jail time and claimed to have proof that Lindsay not only drank after the MTV Movie Awards but also attempted to tamper with her SCRAM. TMZ reports:

Meyers insisted if Lindsay was drinking it should constitute a violation of her probation and subject her to jail. Judge Marsha Revel initially said drinking in and of itself was not a violation of probation — it was just a bail restriction.
But Meyers argued under the terms of Lindsay’s probation, she was required to obey all rules and regulations of the court, and no drinking was one of the rules. The judge seemed somewhat sympathetic to Meyers’ argument.
Meyers also suggested Lindsay’s SCRAM device was tampered with.

Also on the chopping block is Right On, the alcohol education program prosecutors believe is covering for Lindsay. Of course, the real news is Michael Lohan showing up to the hearing and not talking to the press. What the- Did the seas just turn red with blood? Quick, someone check outside for winged horsemen before Lindsay’s starts swinging from their cocks. If she blows one of them for coke, God knows what’ll happen, but let’s assume everyone gets butt-raped by a minotaur. I can see Lindsay being the cause of that.

Photos: Splash News