Lindsay Lohan Was Framed Again, You Guys

Seen here carrying a pizza box full of Vicodin (Nice try.), Lindsay Lohan has once again by set up by the vast criminal organization dedicated solely to make it look like she loves drugs and tardiness. This time around, the evil bastards used the new Bravo reality show Double Exposure which will depict Lindsay being eight hours late to a photo shoot. Via E! News:

The segment shows the photo shoot’s organizers being kept waiting. . .and waiting. . .and waiting by Lohan for a 10 a.m. session that took place last September. But that portrayal couldn’t be farther from the truth, says the troubled thesp, who appeared on the show apparently as a favor.
“This couldn’t be more UNTRUE,” tweeted Lohan. “Sucks when ‘friends’ use you {in this case for ratings) even if they’re lyin.”
The erstwhile Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen continued her rant.
“As for Bravo and their false representation of me on their new show; I was given the wrong call time-now I know on purpose. . .it was a set up,” she added. “I don’t appreciate being used for press, and I’m sure others would agree!”

I can’t believe I’m actually taking Lindsay Lohan’s side here for a second, but it should probably be noted this is the show that features the chick who claimed she was having a secret lesbian relationship with Lindsay to generate publicity. That being said, I’m sure the truth lies somewhere in the middle or wherever people go to exchange clean bags of urine for faux outrage. (Arby’s?)

Photos: Splash News