Lindsay Lohan Wants Restraining Order Against The Entire Paparazzi

Despite the fact she angled her “Sober Shine Award” just so they’d see it this morning, Lindsay Lohan is demanding her lawyer file a restraining order against every single paparazzi after they cost her her driving privileges. TMZ reports:

The L.A. County Probation Department — along with the DMV — have given Lindsay the green light to drive again. And Betty Ford was down with it as well.
But sources involved in the decision tell TMZ … just when Lindsay was supposed the get the keys, Betty Ford decided it was too much of a safety risk to put Lindsay behind the wheel, because the paparazzi were creating an unsafe driving situation.
We’re told Lindsay emailed her lawyer this weekend — with pictures attached showing the paps following her — asking the attorney to go to court for the restraining order.

So, basically the very same paparazzi Lindsay called to follow her around just cost her her driver’s license by, well, following her around. Ha! This couldn’t be more hilarious if her dad killed her then stole her identity after she let him back into her life.

I’m just saying things I want to happen out loud again, aren’t I? Sorry ’bout that.

Photos: Fame, Splash News