Lindsay Lohan Wants Restraining Order Against The Entire Paparazzi

November 30th, 2010 // 24 Comments

Despite the fact she angled her “Sober Shine Award” just so they’d see it this morning, Lindsay Lohan is demanding her lawyer file a restraining order against every single paparazzi after they cost her her driving privileges. TMZ reports:

The L.A. County Probation Department — along with the DMV — have given Lindsay the green light to drive again. And Betty Ford was down with it as well.
But sources involved in the decision tell TMZ … just when Lindsay was supposed the get the keys, Betty Ford decided it was too much of a safety risk to put Lindsay behind the wheel, because the paparazzi were creating an unsafe driving situation.
We’re told Lindsay emailed her lawyer this weekend — with pictures attached showing the paps following her — asking the attorney to go to court for the restraining order.

So, basically the very same paparazzi Lindsay called to follow her around just cost her her driver’s license by, well, following her around. Ha! This couldn’t be more hilarious if her dad killed her then stole her identity after she let him back into her life.

I’m just saying things I want to happen out loud again, aren’t I? Sorry ’bout that.

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  1. RandaI

    Lindsay, loving the trout lips and freckle farm on your nose. You are cute as a bug. And by bug I mean outbreak of herpes.



    • Superman, I


      The Paparazzi should be outlawed as should TMZ with their little midget who seems so “above it all” – the little parasite.

  2. jojo

    Lindsey calls a press conference to announce the arrest of the press.

  3. Ahhhhh Lindsay you moron, the Paparazzi have kept you in the spotlight even though your lack of career warranted you to fade into black a long time ago. Be careful what you wish for girl. If the Tabloids go away so will any semblence or resemblence to relevancy that you think you have.

  4. FattyFatty2X4

    She needs to restrain from Mickey D’s

  5. Michelle

    If it weren’t for the paparazzi, I would know who the hell she was. She’s completely void of any talent.

  6. FattyFatty2X4

    She could be the mascot for the Oregon Ducks.

  7. sobrietyisacrutch

    Didn’t Tila Tequila do the same thing?
    Lindsay needs the paps. It’s the whole “they follow me; therefore, I am” Zen thing.

  8. fester

    This is nothing more than a vicious pap smear!

  9. Dick Face

    LOL…Just like this retard tried to sued E-trade, she loves the attention and I’m sure she’s getting paid for it.

  10. Lindsay Lohan
    Dilan Esper
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s probably right. I can’t imagine what it’s like to drive with all those people surrounding your car constantly taking pictures.

    I doubt there’s any legal basis for a restraining order. You need to show specific persons and targeted harassment to get one. But from the standpoint of letting Lohan try and get her life back together, she is irresponsible enough on her own, but these people following her around are not helping her any.

  11. McFeely Smackup

    These celebri-tutes who complain about paparazi don’t seem to understand what it is they get paid for.

    Regular people don’t get paid $10,000 to show up to a party, or $100,000+ to do two weeks work on a movie. Regular people don’t have paparazi following them around.

    You don’t like getting followed and photographed? Go get a job at starbucks…or get a degree in some useful industry. But if you want to be famous and get paid for it, this is part of the job.

  12. Sardonic

    Where’s Herbie Fully Loaded when you need him? And what a fortitously perfect movie name indeed.

  13. charles

    Did anyone else notice her wierd thick legs and funny shaped buttox? It has been this way for a long time. ALso her midrieff is strange. She can be a hottie but if she was your wife you become bored. Am I right?

    • To be honest .I don’t know her. It takes more than looks to be with someone. Looks help. offhand she has seen better days but I still find her attractive.

      as far as this little incident it’s more of her doing something to keep in the publics eye. as how much can you pretend to do a movie then start shit about being fired/quit or complaining about people who you(or her people) called up to take pics of her then state to stay away from her. Also the pantiless upskirts are done, the blowjob video is done(like her Alysson hannigan and Alyssa Milano was lookalike), the lesbo sex romp is done. pretty much she has to think of something. otherwise she will end up alone hagged out pretending she is still the most sort after model/actress around ****cough****Louise Robey,Winona Ryder*****cough********

  14. This was only after she found out she couldn’t put a restraining order on pedestrians when she drives.

  15. Better yet linds make it so no one can blog or comment about u. maybe then 15 mins can last 15. its about the sanity

  16. actually that could prove interesting. As she would probably be the first celeb to pull that. other celebs lusually went after websites for post nudes of them and/or fakes.

    i remember with christina applegate crying over her fakes, alyssa milano(and a few others an Yes i am including her again.) and her mom sueing anyonewho posted nudes of her(if they got wind of it).

    Hell you could have a Chris Crock post several weird and disturbing videos to leave her alone.

    of course said person would have to get backup from their reps otherwise they will send you a cease and desist notice or have a “fan” e-mail you to stop
    ****cough***** ROSE MCGOWAN ***Cough***

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