Lindsay Lohan Bathed Topless In A Volcano #Firecrotching

Over in the comments on the Bristol Palin post, a butt-hurt Tit-Clicker™ suggested I stick to covering Lindsay Lohan. So thanks for the suggestion because here she is bathing topless in volcanic mud, which gave me an excuse to embed her nude scenes from The Canyons below, so I can ride all of those clicks into another post about the Palin’s baby cover-up blowing up in their faces later today. Good looking out. That said, yes, you read that right. Lindsay Lohan bathed in a volcano and didn’t die because the End of Days is literally going to be her and Charlie Sheen double-teaming Abe Vigoda in a wasteland of coke until Jesus finally returns and goes, “What the fuck? I said I’d be right back!”

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