Lindsay Lohan Thought David Letterman Wouldn’t Ask Her About Rehab. He Did.

There’s no way I’m ruining this with a caption.

For God knows what reason, Lindsay Lohan was on The Late Show last night where she apparently thought she was a big enough star to make David Letterman stick to pre-approved questions which he didn’t and instead proceeded to constantly ask her about her court-ordered stint in rehab. And because years of coke and prostitution have drained Lindsay’s ability to act, you can visibly see her face sour before saying, “This wasn’t part of the pre-interview,” as if she’s someone Dave should cater to and not make stand on a ball for sardines. Honestly, I don’t get why anyone’s inviting her on their show for anything but that.

“Want to talk about my new clothing line?”
“Nope.” *puts sardine can on table, cocks gun*

God, I need my own show.

And here’s the full interview in case you want to spend 14 minutes of your life listening to Lindsay Lohan talk. Although at one point, David Letterman makes her cry, so there’s the nudge you needed to do this instead of work. I’m a helper:

Photos: Fame/Flynet, INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, WENN