Lindsay Lohan Spent Thanksgiving With Her Dad

November 29th, 2010 // 19 Comments

Apparently still pissed at her mom, Lindsay Lohan decided to spend her 15 hours of freedom from the Betty Ford Center with Michael Lohan despite kicking him out of her apartment building for daring to bring her food earlier in the month. TMZ reports:

Lindsay Lohan is a free woman … for around 15 hours – LiLo got a one-day pass at Betty Ford to celebrate Thanksgiving … in L.A. … with her dad.
… We’re told a bunch of Lindsay’s friends are coming to dinner … along with Michael Lohan.

While most sane and rational people would’ve preferred to see Lindsay spend Thanksgiving getting shot in a drug deal instead of with her father, I guess it only makes sense Michael has a crack at being the go-to parent after Dina spent the last 10 years turning her daughter into a human amphetamine vacuum. Because, honestly, how much more damage could he do at this point? Even if he molested her, it’d be a step in the right direction. Ain’t no better way to teach kids love, Billy Ray Cyrus just demanded I type into the “comptooter.” (Call the police.)

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  1. Pangulin

    Sometimes in your quest to be topical and humorous, you go a little bit beyond the realm of civil and reasonable to a place called, “Insensitivity”.
    To make remarks about Lilo when she was a nightly spectacle is one thing but to continue to assume that she is just moments away from a drug induced coma is really a disservice to anyone attempting to recover from a serious addiction. As such, your comments constitute bullying and for that matter a form of emotional rape.
    As for the Billy Ray comment…that one doesn’t even deserve a rebuttal it is so completely stupid. Apparently, you feel that the only way to be humorous is to kick people who are going through some type of crisis in their lives.
    Leave that kind of crap to Perez Hilton and post some pictures of semi-naked and naked broads I am sure there are enough self-righteous assholes visiting your site daily to fill this comment section up to the brim with hate-filled BS about celebrities like Lilo and Billy Ray. You really don’t need to add to the nastiness that is so very prevalent in the world today.

  2. Pangulin

    Kinda funny that the only comment here is for a dating services. Especially since I posted one telling Fish what I found less than tasteful about his comments regarding Lilo and Billy Ray Cyrus about a 1/2 hour ago.
    Seems like Fish can’t take the heat when someone makes a negative comment about his journalistic endeavors.

    • JesseJimmy

      Pangulin, if that’s the first thing you’ve found “less than tasteful” on this site, you haven’t been reading it much. And you probably shouldn’t be reading it much either. Because you have no sense of humor.

      • Richard McBeef

        Pangulin got fingered and now he thinks molestation isn’t funny.

        Are you mad at superfish or your dad?

        it’s not your fault.

        it’s not your fault.

        it’s not your fault.

        it’s not your fault.


      • Pangulin

        JesseJimmy? Couldn’t measure up to the name Jesse James?
        You assume that because people don’t find crass and unfounded remarks eluding to a parent and their child in an unacceptable union funny means they have no sense of humor! Guess again, I find you absolutely hilarious in your so obvious lack of intelligence when it comes to what is humor and what is simply trashy and inappropriate comments.
        I don’t believe that anyone who has had to endure the unwanted advances of a parent or trusted adult family member finds anything humorous about the suggestion that Michael Lohan molesting Lindsay would be anything but injurious or eluding to the fact that Billy Ray Cyrus had that kind of a relationship with his daughter by saying he forced Fish to type the suggestion.

        And Richard McBeef….had to have a screen name that would make people think you were a real man,huh? Never was molested by my father, my priest or anyone else but I did have a friend who killed themselves because of molestation by his uncle and the fact that it became public knowledge for which he was mercilously teased. So, go back to sucking on your pacifier and believing that you have insight into what may or may not be humorous to another person. As a humor write you are definitely not cutting it!

  3. 92gsr

    After seeing crackhead Lindsay for so long I forgot how nice her body used to be.

    Really nice ass!

  4. bla

    YES! SHE’S FAT AGAIN! Mua haa ahua hua hua

  5. 92gsr

    fat lindsay > crackhead lindsay

  6. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    for those who think she’s ‘fat”, she is curvy,atleast she now has an ass. Those calling her fat are probably skinny skinny white girls with white girl “flat” asses.Many white girls have flat asses and that’s why white guys are dating other races who have sexier figues. Sorry it’s so true.

  7. pb

    those who think she is “fat” are probably skinny white girls with the typical “white girl flat ass” .So sad for many white girls who genetically don’t have an ass. And that’s why guys are dating other women with sexier bodies.Plus, many white girls are not “exotic” looking.white girls are “plain janes” with small lips and pale skin.Not attractive. Sorry, it’s true-that’s why the tanning business and cosmetic surgery is a big thing

    • duh

      so you must be a fat insecure girl, stop hating on skinny white girls, you know you wish you were one

      • pb

        flat asses on white girls are so typical…not attractive to have a long back.Mosy guys don’t find that attractive. Also not sexy to kiss small lips.That’s why white girls either get their lips injected with fillers or wear lip plumping gloss.

  8. Fat? Lindsay is a size 4 for fuck sakes. She’s not FAT … People calling her fat are probably into molesting little boys!!!

    As for Lindsay spending Thanksgiving with her father, imagine having to choose between those two buffoons who moonlight as her parents. Fack. It’s like choosing between gonorrhiea or syflis!!!

  9. bitch looking good!

  10. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    this made my week :)

  11. wow she looks fuckin great, and things sound more normal wh dad.

  12. herbiefrog

    yoiu’re so pretty..
    oohh so pretty…

    [you're v a c a n t] . . .

    [[w h a t . / ? . . .

    vacant… ?

    …and our baby : )))

  13. je ne sais plus

    Journalisme deschets. On parle d’une jeune Mademoiselle!

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