So Lindsay Lohan Can Just Call Up Lorne Michaels And He’ll Let Her Host ‘SNL’

February 20th, 2012 // 61 Comments
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Lindsay Lohan
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Oh, good, she’s bringing back Harry Caray. Via TMZ:

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she has always felt the “SNL” executive producer has been very fatherly towards her throughout the years. We’re told LiLo has always enjoyed doing the show, but was waiting for the right time to do it again.
So now that her community service is coming to an end, our sources say Lindsay called up Lorne and asked him to consider her for the show again. We’re told they had multiple conversations and eventually settled on a date … March 3.

LORNE: So before I say “yes,” do you still think you’re a talented young actress who doesn’t need to rehearse and will instead spend every minute getting drunk with your mom who’ll constantly demand shit thus resulting in an absolute fucking train wreck of a show?
LORNE: Fortunately I know that means yes in your drug-language. See you in March.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. very fatherly? In a “Who’s your daddy way” or more like the Michael way? Both options are scary.

    • Capt. Obvious

      Daddy as in Alec Baldwin “Daddy of the Year”?

      See his latest tweet? and then the response handing his ass to him BIG TIME?

      @alecbaldwin -
      @cattyidiot @andrewbreitbart @rosie @andrewbreitbart is a festering boil on the anus of public discourse


      @AndrewBreitbart -
      There’s NO REASON you should talk to me like I’m your daughter! @alecbaldwin

      Baldwin is such a bitch and more riddled with white guilt than fish & photobitch combined.

    • Read comma dummy

      By definition a tweet is not a form of public discourse, Baldwin displaying his lack of education.

  2. and whats with the glasses? Demi Moore now? We know she has lot in common with her without the classes.

  3. Cock Dr

    She keeps getting bits and pieces of work…is it because of sex 4 favors or pity?

    • They are all high

      Lindsay Lohan gets work in Hollywood for the same reason everyone else in Hollywood gets work, drugs.

  4. Train wrecks are good for ratings.

  5. Frank Burns

    I’ve always wondered what would happen on Saturday Night Live if the host doesn’t show up.

  6. Lindsay Lohan Thick Rimmed Glasses
    Commented on this photo:

    Ok, Lindsay may be bloated and growing a huge double chin but what about Ali? She looks awful, to say the least..
    I love the picture where you can see her talking to the repack area sign she must have mistaken for one of her starving friends..

  7. Hey!!!!

    Everybody knows the moon isn’t made of green cheese. But what if it was? Would you eat it then? I know I would.

  8. Who knew?

    SNL is still on the air? I thought they canceled that a few years back.

  9. Johnny P!

    She looks so smart in those big glasses.
    Surely she must be reformed.
    I mean, she’s probably writing a thesis on nuclear fission, existentialism, the philosophical implications of Kafka’s collected works, or a precis on quantum physics.
    Stuff I don’t understand.
    I mean, those glasses!…
    Wow, we sure undersold her smarts…

  10. LJ

    So I guess Lindsay finally found the tape recorder she kept in her purse in 2006 while she was giving heat to Michaels the last time she hosted SNL.

  11. Lindsay Lohan Thick Rimmed Glasses
    KungFu Panda
    Commented on this photo:

    Don’t do that! I’ve not had coffee yet!!

  12. All I get from these pictures is that she’s tired of getting jizz in her eye. Unless the john pays extra.

  13. mickey B

    Those glasses tell me that she’s serious and smart. It’s not cocaine experimentation anymore, it’s full blown academic research.

  14. Lindsay Lohan Thick Rimmed Glasses
    Fig Newton
    Commented on this photo:

    But she’s not talented at anything. Why put her on the show just because she’s infamous? Why does SNL have to encourage this miscreant?

  15. hmna

    “So Lindsay Lohan Can Just Blow Lorne Michaels And He’ll Let Her Host ‘SNL’”

    There, fixed.

  16. Carla

    So I’m not the only one whose skin crawled when reading “fatherly” ew. Image of Lohan getting spanked by old man Lorne while she’s sucking his shirveled dick burned in my head now >_

    • Jessica

      My understanding is that Papa Lohan would take the belt to his brood (and in rather strong doses) at the drop of a hat. So I don’t think this is anything that Lindsay hasn’t been through many, many, times before.

  17. Lindsay Lohan Thick Rimmed Glasses
    Commented on this photo:

    No, listen, I had doubts about E=mc squared FOR YEARS, okay?

  18. Schmidtler

    Well, there goes the theory that everybody looks smarter with glasses on.

  19. dooood

    i remember when tina fey and amy poehler were sayin they were her mentors. so that turned out good.
    if the show is anything like malice in the palace i’d consider it good television.

  20. I’ll take a pass. I can’t see what this chick can do for 90 minutes on network TV that will be any good.

  21. Ken

    Lindsay Lohan’s next career move should be doing remakes of Sylvia Saint movies.

    • Rocco Siffredi

      hey…look at zis guy. Dizz iz a good call my friend. She like’a da dick all up in there like this. You like that bitch? Youre iz a dirty girl! Doez your azz taste good bitch?

  22. Lindsay Lohan Thick Rimmed Glasses
    Commented on this photo:

    how can you use that much cocaine and still have a double chin?

  23. Do_Freebird

    I don’t want a musical guest. She should also be the music for the program. I want to hear a voice that’s been finely tuned by thousands of Marlboro’s, gallons of Everclear, Quarts of jizm, and sundry pills, powders, and crushed up drugs.

  24. Do_Freebird

    I’m sure they will treat her with the same respect and courtesy that they did for Sarah Palin.

  25. Lindsay Lohan Thick Rimmed Glasses
    Commented on this photo:

    Lindsay Hipster.

  26. Double Mint

    Crack head Skrillex

  27. Huggie Bear

    The show is written, directed and produced by drug addicts, it will be the same old show. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a drug addict but there should be no surprise here.

  28. Rod Serling

    Loran Micheals is still alive?
    Saturday Night Live is still on?
    Lindsay is smart?

    Now I know I’ve fallen into an alternate universe.

  29. They’ll just parody all the real life shit she should be beaten and deskinned for and call it ‘funny’, cause they’re, like, sooo cool with making fun of themselves and shit.

  30. Lindsay Lohan Thick Rimmed Glasses
    Commented on this photo:

    Derp. *slurp*

  31. Lindsay Lohan Thick Rimmed Glasses
    Commented on this photo:

    There’s always a chick in the background trying to get the taste of coke and frecklepuss out of her mouth.

  32. Lindsay Lohan Thick Rimmed Glasses
    Commented on this photo:

    She needs a new coat. I suggest we make her into one.

  33. NewGuy

    I want to stick my penis in her vagina…but with protection on.

  34. Lindsay Lohan Thick Rimmed Glasses
    Commented on this photo:

    “Oh, don’t worry about the windshield. I’ll just snort that all up later.”

  35. Lindsay Lohan Thick Rimmed Glasses
    Clown Shoes
    Commented on this photo:

    Whatever takes away from your face dear.

  36. the snowman

    you believe the seven dwarfs including tom cruise also?

  37. Piers Morgan

    Fucking her would be like rubbing sandpaper on your cock while eating a glass ashtray filled with cigarette butts 2 feet high. Not the soft sand paper but the really sharp kind that would shred off your pecker. Two foot high pile of cigarette butts used by herpes carrying lepers oozing puss from their lips and noses. What it would be like to fuck Lindsay Lohan.

  38. tlmck

    And the following week, Courtney Stodden.

  39. Lindsay Lohan Thick Rimmed Glasses
    Commented on this photo:

    looks like a grandma, she should get a role as a grandma on a film and blow everyone away

  40. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Child run over by Thunderbirds! Handlers blame strings.

  41. Lindsay Lohan Thick Rimmed Glasses
    Commented on this photo:

    Goddamn! The bitch is like 25 but looks 55.
    Just like Whitney Houston. Cracked from the flo up!!!
    I see Macaulay Culkin and Lohan kicking the bucket this year.

  42. vandinz

    About time we fucked off these stupid glasses. They make people look like cunts. Oh wait …

  43. Lindsay Lohan Thick Rimmed Glasses
    Commented on this photo:

    Whoa, Lindsay’s so “indie”. There you have it hipsters, Lindsay Lohan is apart of your global “indie” jihad. I wonder if how many random bullshit bands she can name before she cracks a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon and rides her fixie bike off a fucking cliff??

  44. Lindsay Lohan Thick Rimmed Glasses
    Commented on this photo:

    ET phone home.

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