Lindsay Lohan Was Concerned With Samantha Ronson’s Drinking, Those Words Just Happened

August 2nd, 2011 // 70 Comments

Seen here smirking for her DUI mugshot as most celebrities do in California after a fun-filled hour of handling guns and working the sirens, Samantha Ronson reportedly has a drinking problem if you believe the sources in this story which you shouldn’t as I’ll explain later. TMZ reports:

We’re told … in the past couple of months, Ronson has been hitting the nightclubs A LOT harder than she used to — and for more than just work — staying out longer hours … and boozing more than ever.
Sources connected to Sam tell us … even her ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan felt things were getting bad with Sam … and she decided to minimize her contact with the DJ because she felt Sam wouldn’t be a positive influence.

“And did I mention she’s a lesbian?” Dina Lohan said into the pay phone. “Because she’s a lesbian. A lesbian who bites people and turns them into other lesbians, so the movie studios won’t hire them anymore making it all her fault because she, uh, she feeds off their failure. Yeah, write that stuff.”

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  1. behind every great drinking problem there’s a woman

  2. Mr Obvious

    that dude needs to get help.

  3. Gerbil in my Butt

    That is one FINE lookin lady! (barf…..)

  4. PoorMaryKelly

    Sam’s a bad influence? Lindsay’s a grown ass adult. Quit blaming everybody else for you being a lush. It was Sam that stopped being around Lindsay cuz she’s a loser. Since Sam and Lindsay aren’t together anymore why the deuce is Sam even relevant anymore? Hell,why is Lindsay?

  5. Samantha Ronson Mugshot DUI
    Commented on this photo:

    She should have been re-arrested for this mugshot.

  6. GeorgeWBush

    WOW, rich girl with a drinking problem…who knew.

  7. bonerspunk

    With any luck, Mitch Winehouse will adopt her and her ugliness.

  8. Commented on this photo:

    Yo yo yo! East SIDE bitches!!!

  9. Who could have guessed that a life born into wealth and prestige could have gone so wrong as to spend nights working as a DJ, and later nights working in Lindsay Lohan’s vagina. I’d turn to drinking too.

    Seriously, is DJ even a job? It sounds a lot like “deciding what song to play next”…which makes me a DJ twice a day on my commute.

  10. This Bitch

    This is one scary looking bitch. I actually screamed in terror when I saw this pic.

  11. Mike Muss

    That guy looks real smug.

  12. Angus

    This dude looks like a pussy.

  13. just say'n

    I hope the CHP gave her a shower before they let her back into society.

  14. Drew Bludd

    It’s a smugshot….. get it? Get it, SMUGSHOT.

  15. Compound9

    its a man baby.

    Quick Car, Drunk Driving and Ugly as Sin. Don’t arrest her just let her keep driving this problem will solve itself.

  16. MarkM

    Wow…what a natural beauty! Why, God? Why? Why did you have to make her not like men???

  17. sam is an addict too + dealer

    everyone always made sam out to be the one who revived lindsay, kept her sane, an angel for dealing with her, a true concerned friend. it was never that way. Sam ronson has been cut off from a lot of the family money (the ronsons are extremely wealthy, all the kids started their own careers like nothing and with the help of publicists) for being an addict. does that really look like someone who doesnt do drugs? she hung out with lindsay in here worse days… yeah, two addicts. also, she deals.

  18. Samantha Ronson Mugshot DUI
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    Looks like we’ve got a new image for that “crack kills” PSA

  19. tom

    Why so serious?

  20. Veronika Larsson

    Lindsay Lohan thinks you’re a bad influence…

    Yeah, they tried to make me go to rehab, I said no no no…

    I didn’t realise the Ronsons were such a wealthy family. That explains Sam’s DJ “career”, which I take it is more of a hobby, and which also explains the Porsche she was driving.

    It also explains how Sam and Lindsay can take drugs and drink without consequences most of the time: they just don’t show up for work. Work is always optional when you’re rich; your boss doesn’t fire you (although Lindsay almost got fired from the film “Georgia Rules” because of her absenteeism).

    I’d recommend that Sam (a) get into rehab (b) stop DJing (because she’s around liquor and drugs all the time) and (c) find some work that’s actually meaningful.

    Not to worry, I can substitute DJ. I have an iPod Touch and I have 12322 songs I stole-erm, downloaded–from BitNet Torrent. Oh, and I can announce the names of the songs just as I’m getting ready to play them. Is there anything else I need to know to be a DJ?

  21. Veronika Larsson

    @sam is an addict too + dealer

    Thanks for telling us your side of it, Lindsay.

    • sam is an addict too + dealer

      i’m not lindsay. but if it has to do with any of the new york circles, i’m in the know. sam grew up next to paul mccartney’s house in london. all the ronsons are spoiled as can be. mark has some talent as a producer but he has LOTS of outside help. i’ve heard sam, she can’t dj for shit.

      • Ben

        For being in nyc circles as you claim you don’t know shit. She has a lucarative endorsement deal with hennesey. Is mangaged by Jay Z’s Roc Nation. She dj’s mostly dj’s private parties these days which is where you get the $$$. You can argue about her skills but that doesnt means she doesn’t make a very good living. And she was popped for drinking not drugs.

      • sam addict

        lol no one said she didn’t have deals. or dj private parties. she’d be nowhere though without the money to start her off.

      • sam addict

        or the name ronson

      • sam addict

        + she does drugs. wake up.

  22. Seriously, lesbians, is this doing it for you?

    • kimmykimkim

      No. She’s fucking disgusting. The fact that anybody would find her attractive, well, really they just want free drugs. Or they’re desperately alone. But hey, I like girly girls, not boyish girls. If I wanted someone boyish, I’d go find a boy.

  23. Venom

    She looks like a homeless piece of shit, but I can’t lie, that mugshot is kind of badass. lol

  24. Clarence Beeks

    But PARIS is GOOD influence? Someone she should be seen with?

    Lindsay is an idiot.

    SamRo is a douchebag.

  25. Satan's bitch
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    Fuck’s sake, bitch, just have the goddam thing glued to your fucking head already.

  26. stevebeagle

    just another twat who was born on on 3rd base, but thinks she hit a triple…

  27. How does she do it? How can somebody live that hard and still remain so young looking, so fresh, so beautiful. That’s right, I’m talking to you, Mr. Mongoloid and Ms. Fucktard, who don’t understand sarcasm.

    • Mr. Mongoloid

      Just because I’m a mongoloid doesn’t mean you have the right to pair me with Ms. Fucktard over there.

  28. Samantha Ronson Mugshot DUI
    The Pope
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    “Wait’ll they get a load of me!”

  29. Samantha Ronson Mugshot DUI
    Tyler Perry
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    God I hate this bitch and her stupid fucking face…please die. Lesbians, please explain to me why you “prefer women” who look like ugly boys?…I just don’t get it.

  30. billy rubin

    Smells like 3 day old salmon

  31. Talis
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    Is the “view full size” really necessary here?

  32. Samantha Ronson Mugshot DUI
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    Please remove the “View Full Size” option.

  33. billy rubin

    Jail fisting!

  34. That’s what she gets for not using her leathery wings to fly herself home. Or Southwest, for that matter.

  35. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    If you connect the dots on her face you get a drawing of a dude.

  36. What is Howdy Doody after a failed trip to the barber, Alex.

  37. Commented on this photo:

    oh I think i see camel toe.

  38. Samantha Ronson Mugshot DUI
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    If you connect the dots on her face you get a drawing of a dude.

  39. Sweenis McFrecklenut

    Her face makes me physically sick.

  40. Scott

    I think some of Lindsay’s pussy freckles rubbed off onto her face permanently.

    • NineInchNailed

      Oh god….that was disgusting and brilliant. Kudos. Now it’s the only thing I can think about when I look at her picture, ughhhhhh

  41. Sin

    She is actually looking forward to some prison time. Fresh, I mean, newer pussy.

  42. Samantha Ronson Mugshot DUI
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  43. ash

    totally agree

    • Alejandrina

      I like Lindsay Lohan. I think she’s a impressive acrtess and is really beautiful too. She’s proficient but it makes me sad that she has a problem with drugs . I hope she would get several real friends and get her life in order!

  44. the one

    psssst: TRY TO ENJOY YOUR MEAL, folks!!

  45. Samantha Ronson Mugshot DUI
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    holy shit even lilo is scared of her drinking problem. girl you really need to do more coke.

    • Nikky

      So, are you sure you’re not a food photographer?! You souhld be! I love the food shots and the bride and groom portraits. Some really unique angles during the ceremony. Love it, Anda!

  46. kimmykimkim

    Holy moley.

  47. Frunken
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    She’s a bit late to try out for the Bob Dylan biopic.

  48. Samantha Ronson Mugshot DUI
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    See that smirk? That’s the smirk of an Alpha female who is going to hit on you all night and possibly follow you into the bathroom “just for a minute, so we can talk away from that loud music”.

  49. Bernard Goldbloom

    Scowling and smelling like three – day old salmon is no way to go through life

  50. Rob
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    that is the ugliest dude I have ever seen.

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