Lindsay Lohan Released from Jail

August 2nd, 2010 // 16 Comments

After less than two weeks, Lindsay Lohan was released from jail this morning and transported to a rehab facility under the cover of darkness. She’s sentenced to a mandatory, no early release, 90-day stay which I think we can all agree is where this whole thing should’ve started because I guarantee she no longer fears prison now. The next time someone threatens her with it, she’ll just smile and think fondly of comfy pillows and sundaes with those gummi bears she likes. “I have been meaning to take a few days off. But just a few. Let’s go!”

Photo: Splash News


  1. Armageddon has arrived.

  2. … we didn’t know this fucking bitch was gonna walk EARLY. She’ll be dead in a week of a cough drop overdose….hopefully…

  3. whataboutthemeth

    But now that shes addicted to meth, we get to see the circus arrive on her face.

  4. Guybrush Threepwood

    No justice in this world, not now not ever.

  5. Tina

    Must have been a real sight watching her withdrawal. Probably why she got kicked early. Get this mess outta here!!!

  6. Cock Dr

    Get well girl. You’re running out of chances, and you damn sure don’t have much $ left. Get well & choose your future projects with care.

  7. huh?


  8. keijo

    i’d still do her

  9. Simon Ward

    Time to switch my cock cocaine topping to meth cause of lindsay’s sweet tooth.

  10. Bunny Foofoo

    prediction: be ready for an onslaught of “Lindsay wont follow the rules” from the rehab facility.

  11. Nerd

    I don’t wish death on anyone, that is just evil, but I really am torn on this bitch. What can it deliver that will benefit anyone? It treat’s everything around it like shit, it has no talent (come on…be honest with yourself, did it ever?), and it serves no purpose other than snort coke and drink booze.

    Oh wait, I just figured out its purpose. Thankfully, that kind of lifestyle usually kills its host, so once it takes a coke nosedive after the rehab stint, I can honestly say a smile will cross my face when I hear it died. Which is really sad, for it and for me.

  12. Beastman AIDS

    she looks really foxy in that pic

  13. Raji

    Just when you think you have a terrible job and dont get paid enough for what you do, just remember the fat woman prison guard that had to stick her finger in Lindsay Lohan’s asshole and snatch. Talk about your bad days.

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