Lindsay Lohan Really Learned Her Lesson

September 16th, 2010 // 48 Comments

Shocking news, everybody. Lindsay Lohan‘s been drinking all night again. I know, I know. Impossible. But we should probably hear Us Magazine out even though there’s no way someone could get released from rehab early if they weren’t completely cured. Ha! Could you imagine?:

“It’s the same old cycle of lying and denials,” an insider says of the Machete star, who was spotted at NYC club Boom Boom Room until the wee hours of the night of September 11, just 18 days after she was released from her court-ordered postjail treatment at UCLA’s Neurophysciatric hospital.
“She’s telling everyone she didn’t go out,” says the insider. “We’re like, ‘Lindsay, people saw you there!’”

All joking aside, I absolutely, 100% believe this story because Lindsay Lohan said it didn’t happen. To put things in perspective, if she told me guns kill people, I’d immediately fire one at my face thinking it’s going to tickle. That’s how much I distrust her.

Photos: Flynet, Pacific Coast News


  1. Taz

    just drink at home lilo

  2. wonker

    She’s still a CUNT

  3. Tad Bit Tipsy

    She told me her pussy doesn’t stank, but now I’ve been pouring bleach on my face for the past month and the smell still lingers on…. Sea lions have been following me around, even.

  4. wonker

    I’ve never seen her look so bad at the VMA’s. Yes she looks mighty cunty.

  5. Drew

    I just hope she actually gets a judge that is sick and tired of seeing her piss in the face of the legal system. We all know celebrities get special treatment, but with her it’s just asinine. Someone needs to knock this cunt down several pegs.

  6. wonker

    I think everyone who comments shud include the word “CUNT” in the comment.

  7. Frobz

    Oh so now she’s the “Machete star?” She finally got an upgrade…no longer is she the “Mean Girls star.”

    Way to go Rodriguez.

  8. fester

    I see that now Lindsay is carrying her coke in a convenient cleavage pouch, so no more of those embarrassing shoe blowouts.

    • Wearing a cleavage pouch for cocaine? That would be as stupid as painting “Fuck You” on your fingernails the day of your sentencing for . . . wait a second here . . .

  9. Sam

    Hey, to whoever the person is who runs this blog:


    I clicked on a link to geekologie, “It’s a Netbook, it’s a tablet, it’s a transformer”.

    And my updated Norton security said it was an attack page.

    That is like AT LEAST THE 5TH TIME this has happened.

    I am no longer visiting your blog, and I am reporting this site to whatever entity cares, if any.

    Nice way to thank your visitors.

  10. Glenn Beck

    thanks for pointing this out MOM

  11. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    Her ass looks great in pic #3.

  12. Ok first of all you can go to a club all nite and not drink. Though i wonder if her scram is in or out of range in ny.. Maybe it just buffers data til ur back in range? Second however wasnt she ordered to remain in cali til november?? Linds if ur on the east coast u may as well get down here while ur not rearrested, and get ur superior dna chain injection. Its high time we hooked it. Maybe the judge will be lenient if ur pregnant

    • Cock Dr

      Is she still wearing the scram thingy?
      I thought that was all done with & now she just gets piss tested on a weekly random basis. If so is alcohol (perfectly legal drug) still off limits for her or is it just the street drugs?
      If booze is back on the LiLo menu then I recommend that everyone be off the LA roads after dark.
      Looking sorta Annie Hallish there in these shots.

      • Haha maybe she can hit up woody allen he likes em yungins! Ur probly right i dont recall a scram condition either atm. But did read stay in cali til winter.. Guess thats one she can phone in..

  13. Photoshop Police

    Pics or it didn’t happen, Phish.

    How do you not have photos of her at a club from the alleged night of partying?
    Papparazzi are on her tighter than an 8-ball in a shoe.

  14. herbiefrog

    hey b a b e . . .

    jus’ drive careful like … : ) ) )

    luv the frog… just don’ *luv* the frog : ))

  15. Kelley

    What IS that fug thing she wears around her neck that looks like a miniature black toilet seat ? What IS it ? Yuck.

  16. Sardonic

    How could she resist? Her income is much better when she drinks and lies about it. Plus, it keeps the rag blogs knee deep in new fodder. These are obviously the machinations of a brilliant mind. Linday’s masterplan continues to gain momentum. Watch out, world. Moo ha ha……..

  17. Matthew

    I knew she will screw up who she with her? Party Mom Dina?

  18. Lindsay Lohan
    Herman Bumfudle
    Commented on this photo:

    daymn! i love those little buttons

  19. DeaconTheBeacon

    The amount of hate for this… CUNT …. is just delightful.

    Deacon approves.

  20. yes. and if she was willing to allow you to crawl brtween her legs you would shoot your load in her in seconds.

  21. UY

    NYC is outside the bounds of her court-ordered invisible fence, isn’t it?

  22. Michael

    I doubt she’s “learned her lesson”. Watch, in 24 hours or less, this website will have a story of her drunken escapades. They should’ve thrown her in the clink for nearly killing a kid!

    Just goes to show that once you mingle with Disney, you can cause terrorism anywhere.

  23. Lori

    She’s veering in Michael Jackson territory as far as looking like a freak.

  24. Uh

    Homegirl should not be in an environment full of controlled substances.

    Her “rock bottom” is so damn low, it’s sad.

  25. Big Deal

    Really, are we surprised? The fact this is newsworthy is ridiculous

  26. Mama Pinkus

    This gal disturbs me so much I could not bring myself to buy Maxim with her on the cover, to send to soldiers in Afghanistan. I sent ‘em FHM instead. She has a long way to go to redeem herself.

  27. Bubbaloo

    Clearly she is back to bad decision making. Look at those shorts.
    And who is that dirtly looking chic who is always with her these days. She scowls like a Ronson. Why does she always walk behind Lindsay? A real friend/fame whore would go first and clear the way/block the pap’s of their money shot.

  28. OnTheRealThough

    I would still fuck her.

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