Lindsay Lohan’s Probation Revoked Which Means Absolutely Nothing

October 19th, 2011 // 115 Comments

Lindsay Lohan appeared in court today to discuss the Downtown Women’s Center kicking her out of their community service program after she essentially showed up for 90 minutes and never came back. From there, a bunch of shenanigans went on where it really looked to me like Lindsay’s shrink essentially lied for her on top of the probation department moving her to a different program without the judge’s consent. Long story short, she was found in violation of her probation and has to appear in court on November 2 to determine her punishment. Which sounds bad until you realize earlier in the hearing the judge went on a tangent about the ridiculousness of the California penal system and how Lindsay will basically never see the inside of the jail, so she might as well have said, “Hey, aren’t these theatrics grand? I’m thinking about offering a dinner menu. It’ll be fun.”

Photo: INFdaily, Splash News


  1. herbiefrog

    aaaahhh : )))

    its working L )

  2. LJ

    She looks like the morning after a fifth of Wild Turkey.

  3. CranAppleSnapple

    Hurry up and die, whore. That goes for the judge, also.

    • b4b

      I second this and enough with the lohan shit. How is she not a hooker yet or doing gonzo?


      • Bruce Jenner

        Add me to the list of people who will be ecstatic once she is dead! Please add all the Kardashians to that list too! And every Housewives of where ever! God takes good people every day, why let these people live? Why Lord, WHY?

    • tlmck

      You forgot Jersey Shore.

  4. “Legal chicanery flogs a pale, dead horse”. That’s the saying, isn’t it?

  5. Fail

    Oh, its a Lohan story, I thought it was screen cap from the new season of “The Walking Dead”.

  6. I just realized this… you could ‘shop out the background and put Lindsay lying on a coroner’s slab, and I’d still totally buy it.

  7. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
    Commented on this photo:

    stop piercing your skin ]]]the body doesnt really like it posyt

  8. cc

    Now there’s a face that screams ‘fresh air and a healthy lifestyle’.

  9. Brianna

    She wants to die young… I don’t think she should be awarded with that satisfaction. I’d like to see her when she’s old and decrepit.

  10. Squirlli

    How in the… just how? How does she get away with it? she has no money, she doesn’t have looks any more, and after snorting so much up into her brain she can’t even have full control of her lips so sucking anything can’t even be pleasurable for the receiving party, ( and by party i do mean multiple ppl at one time), does she have some sort of mind control powers? maybe they are terrified of her cause when she gets them alone its like the scene from Aliens where that thing comes out of that dudes chest… HOW in the BLOODY HELL does she get away with being Lindsey Lohan? maaaybe she threatens ppl with a night of passion from her mother???

    (sorry to gross anyone out, I just don’t get it!!)

    • herbiefrog

      shes like family

      thats enough

    • Blohan is secretly Obi Wan and therefore has full control of the force!

    • Venom

      She does sexual favors for very wealthy men and this is nothing for them to bail her out.
      Naomi Campbell is the queen of this shit and the woman that all women like Lindsay should strive to emulate.
      Her billionaire Russian boyfriend not only bought her her own private island, but built one of the baddest houses I have ever seen on it for her.

      • MJB

        I don’t see where it says Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend bought her the island itself.
        Anyway, at least Naomi Campbell is a supermodel with an amazing body.
        What the hell has LiLo have going for her? Rapidly aging freckled face and body with crackwhore mouth?

    • EricLr

      She gets away with it because she’s a celebrity and it’s California. Do you really think one of us common plebs would get this kind of treatment if *we* violated our parole?

      • Captain Dick

        But it will make a killer lawsuit for those who were arrested and jailed for parole violatios. Uequal due process should be simple to prove. This will cost CA a bundle.

    • archies_leach

      Obviously you haven’t heard that “walking corpse” is the big thing right now for street whores.

      Going rate is about a nickel bag.

      But apparently the johns are throwing in an extra 2 bucks for lohan.

  11. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
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    Is Lindsey Lohan going to guest star on the Walking Dead?

  12. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
    Commented on this photo:

    Arm pit vagina – check ! Meth mouth – check ! Whore face make up – check ! A short life to regret all the fuck ups – Check please!!!

  13. Cock Dr

    Are we sure she’s not already dead?
    I mean, look at these photos.

  14. Mr Obvious

    She looks like she’s on the set of The Walking Dead as zombie #32.

  15. terry

    Judge gave her 16 hours at the LA morgue. Damn! She is such a fucking has been.
    Emma Stone is doing what Lindsey should be doing. A-list movies with the biggest stars and directors in tinsel town. Now the hoe will be smelling dead bodies.
    I expect her to be dead within a year. And that’s being generous.

    • Richard McBeef

      Emma Stone is doing what Lindsay should be doing??? Please point Jim Carrey and myself in the direction of this hardcore double/triple penetration humiliation porn.

    • Sean

      Maybe she wants to go to jail to sober up. That’s the only way for her to do it. If this judge doesn’t throw her in jail soon, we will all see her on a morgue table, not that that’s a bad thing, I’m just saying.

  16. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
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    Ooirraah… BRAINS!!!…. Must eat BRAINS!!

  17. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    I think it’s very tacky for the walking dead to wear gold stilettos for a court appearance. Surely the occasion calls for a conservative, dark, closed toe pump.

    • Deryn

      “Baby blue, because I am just a child. A white scarf draped loosely around my neck, which represents my temporarily-fallen halo. And gold will remind the judge I have a heart of gold!” I’m always amused by her court-wear choices.

  18. sobrietyisacrutch

    So, is she actually in custody till Nov. 2nd or is she out on bail? (Though I’m not sure who could/would put it up).
    BTW, she would be perfect as the ghost of Christmas future in a remake of Scrooge.
    “Bewarrrre, Ebenezer! This will be you if you don’t change your evil ways….”

    • EricLr

      Are you kidding? She probably won’t even have to *show up* on Nov 2nd. She’ll go off on a drug binge and the judge will just issue another court date (and she’ll miss that one too).

      I wonder if a poor homeless guy gets this kind of treatment when *HE* violates his parole in CA.

    • archies_leach

      What I want to know is what bail bondsman (woman?) would post the bond for lohan as that’s an automatic bond that’s gone.

    • MJB

      November 2nd is appropriately “Day of the Dead.”

  19. Fester

    And of course the joke’s on the judge because from the photo it’s obvious Lindsay sent her zombie doppelganger to court.

  20. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
    Do Freebird
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like shit.

  21. Lindsay seems like she’s shooting to be a member of the “27 Club”…but she looks about 20 years too late for that.

  22. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
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    on a positive note… there was that series tru calling about work in a morge,.. [what ? be careful what you wish for…. just joking

  23. Deacon Jones


    Can you give me a reading on this? Just what exactly is going on with her skin here?

    She looks like my old boss after he had a heart attack.

    • Frank Burns

      Her really cool father blames Adderal. Un-hunh.

    • Deryn

      It’s mostly the nude lip that’s making her look dead, and I wish she’d quit that already. There’s also too much foundation (but I suspect that’s necessary), and the eye makeup which I am guessing is supposed to convey a sense of working so hard for the common man that she’s exhausted. Finally, this thing with the Inigo-Montoya-style blush application must end.

    • Sean

      The only thing that looks like Lindsay Logan is the nose!

  24. Joe

    She was afraid that if she went to the LA morgue she would not be allowed to leave.

  25. Man, fuck that old commercial where that crazy bitch smashes an egg and random shit; that picture right there is a better anti-drug commercial. Just show her morphing from “Mean Girls” Lindsay into whatever you want to call that up top.

  26. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
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    isn;t she sweeeet ? : ))

    [[trying to supptrdd ptoud : ))

    proud : ))

    take care )

  27. Crabby Old Guy

    You know, if she could get her body temperature down low enough, climbed on a mortuary slab and she just laid there…I’d totally do her.

    I gotta stop watching reruns of “Six Feet Under”.

  28. D-chi

    How are the judge’s hands tied in any way? Jail her, son.

  29. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
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    Um, this woman is dying.

  30. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
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    so… learning new stuff and linkig it is

    excersize ?

    for the ole brain muscle…

    how can we help ?

  31. zomgbie

    lmao. who did her makeup- tim burton?

  32. the whole enchilada

    The judge took one look at her and sent her to the morgue. No, really.

  33. Danny Burke

    Looks high ! Wonder if she will have to have drug screens now her probation is revoked

    • Edgar Pethick-Lawrence

      I think she can be screened for drugs anytime now , especially that she’s out on bail.I don’t think you can be guilty of any misdemeanors or felonies and not have bail revoked

      • Rex McCaw

        There’s an article on TMZ on how she’s a changed woman and now understands that she hasn’t been living up to her obligations. This period of remorse will last another 16 hours , until she gets high again . She will be a no – show at the morgue after completing one 4 hour shift . Her attention span is about as long as it takes to go down to the corner and score

      • Sean

        TMZ sucks!

  34. Spaulding Smails

    Wonder what her Sarlacc pit looks like ? I wonder if it has tentacles and other assorted strangeness surrounding it . Her face is enough to scare me ,let alone the thought of her Sarlacc pit

  35. Nigel Barton - Twainbridge

    Judging by the looks of her , sentencing her to the morgue is completely appropriate. I give her 90 days and then , she’ll meet the ghost of the Tower of London in person

  36. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
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    Courtney Love in 10 years

  37. Techman

    Is she auditioning for a role in the next vampire movie that comes along?

  38. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
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    Akira Queen of the Dead

  39. Bane

    Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!

  40. EricLr

    Hey, don’t underestimate the severity of her punishment. This ruling means that, at some point in the future, should she show up to the hearing, she just might get a VERY STERN TALKING TO from the judge.

  41. archies_leach

    STOP PICKING ON LINDSAY!….. or I’m gonna start crying…… AND POST A VIDEO OF IT ON YOUTUBE!

  42. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
    Commented on this photo:

    we missed tru callingh

    fun and time travel in a mourge : ))

    have [an interesting and ejoyable time ] fun

  43. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
    Brad Hallston
    Commented on this photo:

    Damn shes lookin’ pretty rough. I’d still lick her asshole, but hey Lindsay, those days might be numbered, so cash in now.

  44. Uncle Phil

    Has anyone even TRIED a wooden stake through her heart?

  45. slurricane

    where is her mother? she couldnt sober up for this? or was she too busy munching the downstair cookie in a van down by the river?

    dina lohan is the root cause of this mess and she’s the one that needs to be choked by a herpes infested strap-on. if that’s possible.

  46. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
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    Again, what’s with the white claws? At least she tried to hide them this time. It looks like she self tans everywhere except her hands. I guess they’re always kept busy.

  47. Arizona Cactus

    Just send her to Arizona, we’ll put her in Tent City in our wonderful 110+ temperatures. I heard it’s really great, they give you lemons to eat and say their oranges, and let you wear stripes and pink underwear. And, if the weather reaches over 115 degrees, which it does all the time, the Sharif will bring you an ice cream pop-sickle to sit on.

  48. fartbucket

    Halloween is still 2 weeks away, good job getting the makeup ready though.

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