Lindsay Lohan Posing Nude with her SCRAM Bracelet

June 22nd, 2010 // 67 Comments

Here’s Lindsay Lohan leaving the Roosevelt last night where she taught her little sister Ali that a night of popping Vicodins is just as fun as coke and booze even though there’s no fellatious bargaining. Positive thinking! On that note, Us Magazine reports Lindsay plans to pose nude with her SCRAM bracelet as part of an ad campaign for her 6126 fashion line because she respects the law so much. To put things in perspective, this would be like OJ posing with the bloody knife to sell leggings and me endorsing it on account of giant, specklely boobs.

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. FattyFatty2x4

    Speckely Boobs? Is that like Spotted Dick?
    You intrigue Fish

  2. memem


  3. bar room hero

    This slag would be fun to fuck, you know she would be wild.

    Total Sex Machine.

    • She might just lay there texting.
      The Dr bills to treat the STDs would hurt too.

      • bar room hero

        Yes, the encounter may require a “truck tire” (after all, she is a total slag).

        And, you may require an entire drum of lubricant, as hard drinking slags are suseptible to PBP (Peanut Butter Pussy).

    • She’s a cum dodger.
      Once you start spewing your baby batter on that forehead, she’ll be running around the room and screaming like a Japanese soldier on Iwo Jima.

  4. Deacon Jones

    “Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…”

  5. shemp
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  6. shemp
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  7. Lurkless
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    but… there are no nude shots!!! :(

  8. jacob balls
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    does anybody still use this site

  9. LJL

    She looks better since she can’t have any coke. Hope she learns from this? DOUBT IT Teach your sister the ropes Do it well

  10. Sam

    Your ad which when clicked to cancel out…brought me to another page entirely without my own volition…is VERY fishy, and if that happens again I won’t be visiting your site anymore.

    • Orleans Tranny

      that’s way too high brow for this site, maybe you should go for your own good.
      It’s been fun Sam, good luck.
      Volition, who speaks like that? Sheesh, must be an Ivy BeLeaguer

  11. Two bad ginger girls in a row today on this site.
    Shall we go for 3? Can you find a one with a nice chest at least?
    There are good gingers too ya know.
    Just can’t think of any right now.

  12. Hmph

    @Orleans Tranny: Sounds like you’re a little insecure. What did you make it through, seventh grade?

  13. Gingerly

    Beleaguered? Who speaks like that?

    • Tranny from Orleans

      gingerly, you’re not treating me so gingerly. maybe u shud rethink ur handle.
      i got one for ya, how bout…..

  14. McFeely Smackup

    It’s funny that Lindsey Lowboobs is basically admitting that she (and everyone else) knows that her only marketable skill at this point is taking off her clothes for our entertainment.

    Sad part is it’s not because she looks good, it’s because we enjoy watching and participating in her downward spiral toward inevitable porn stardom.

    • Deacon Jones

      Hey, if she mock fucks a dog in the Linda Lovelace bio, all bets are off!

      …(besides the one involving me jerking off to the scene)

    • You're Shitting On Martin Luther King's Dream

      Entertainers have always been prostitutes. When they’re young, they get a lot of money for showing very little. When their career just about done, they’re doing double anal scenes for a happy meal.

  15. Ron Burgandy's BallSack

    I’d jerk off to that for a $.

  16. pimp

    i’d chow on her pink freckled asshole…

    • yvonne miller

      what is wrong with you? don’t you know kids read this site??? well i certainly know how you livin!!! why would you say something like this??? keep s–t like that to yourself. we do no t need to know this mess!!! pray….

  17. Santa

    Pose nude? yeah with her hair covering her tits again like all the previous times.

    people should really stop calling that “nude” because you don’t see anything.

    • McFeely Smackup

      wow, dude do you even know there is a world outside your front door? It’s sad that you can’t even google “lindsay lohan nude pics” before making an ass of yourself.

      You should kill yourself.

  18. Commented on this photo:

    apparently not. what transpires here?

  19. It’s an ANKLET, not a bracelet. If it was a bracelet, it would be on her wrist now, wouldn’t it?

  20. Randal

    Fish, where are the men? The hot hunky men…


  21. El Chancho
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    She is not aging well! I sure makeup will do wonders though.

  22. eww. she messed her face up with those ugly lips and whatever she’s doing to maintain that random double chin. despite all the rumors concerning stds and what not i still thought her face was naturally pretty but ever since the botox and etc it’s just become disgusting like the rest of her. what a hideous person.

  23. Admiral Nimitz

    She going to be on the cover of Crack Whore Magazine like Cartman’s mother?

  24. chillax

    why are you so mean? trust me, i am no lindsay fan but seriously there is so much negativity in your life. even perez hilton isn’t this mean-hearted. chillax… do you really sleep better at night?

  25. chillax

    Chill. Out.

  26. captain america

    Horny americans even want to see NUDE LOSERS.
    if they’re female though!!

  27. Kooky S
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    fap fap fap splat.

  28. nonW00t
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    She aint doing anything well bro. lol

  29. hiya
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    of course she s not aging well, she s a drug addict for fuck sake ! what do you expect ?? LOL ….

  30. Sss
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    Poor Lindsay’ she used to be very pretty!!!


  31. elvis2


  32. Susan

    What a disgusting bunch of gay misogynists you all are! How very disappointing, you think you’ve come out of the closet when actually you are still living in caves…pathetic.

  33. Mee Mee

    You’d think she could afford to at least re-do her chipping nailpolish when she goes out. Hag.

  34. john

    OK Superficial, are you telling the truth or are you making up a story like Perez does?

  35. pillgirl

    this is not news please report news on a working actress instead of this media whore

  36. steve

    God bless her, she’s a pig.

  37. chuck

    lindsay is a washed up hag no talent and have you seen her in a bathing suit no ass what so ever let the hag die

  38. yvonne miller

    so sick of this b—h with all of her problems. she has come a long way since “parent trap”. who in the hell cares???? just please stop writing about her and her bull s–t !!! someone tell bp how 2 stop the oil that is shooting out of the gulf?.. concerned

  39. Emily

    “To put things in perspective, this would be like OJ posing with the bloody knife to sell leggings”

    So basically linday being on probation is the same as OJ killing someone? Are you serious? How can you even compare the two? At least make a fair contrast. If you hate her fine, but come on, comparing what she’s done to murder? Are you fucking serious? You’re an idiot.

  40. shimmy

    I smell fish yum yumm want me some dat fish I be eatun dat fish man shiit get me sum dat honkey white girl she sqeal likes a pig!

  41. luigi

    Well ,whatever does by posing in the nude is her business so don’t make a fuss about it as she needs the dough !

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