BREAKING: Lindsay Lohan Already Pulled A No-Show At Morgue

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since her probation’s been revoked, so of course Lindsay Lohan has already blown off the one thing the judge asked her to do to put her back in her graces. ABC News reports:

As of 8:30 a.m. PT today, Lohan had not arrived at the Los Angeles County coroner’s office. Ed Winter, the assistant chief of the coroner’s office, told reporters assembled outside that Lohan made an appointment to be at the morgue at 8 a.m. “If she still shows up will turn her away,” he said. “She failed to meet her appointment.”
Winter said he would pass on the information to the court. On Wednesday, L.A. Superior Court Judge Stephanie Saunter told Lohan to complete 32 hours of community service at the morgue by her Nov. 2 probation hearing.

And here’s the part that makes this even more hilarious which happened either shortly before or during the exact moment the morgue realized Lindsay’s people were pretending she’s on her way:

Steve Honig, Lohan’s publicist, said the 25-year-old actress is committed to completing her required community service following the revocation of her probation stemming from her January shoplifting case Wednesday. “Lindsay has already contacted the morgue and is going to immediately begin her community service there,” he told today.

Obviously none of this should come as any surprise to anyone considering Lindsay sat in a courtroom yesterday where the judge bitched about California not jailing misdemeanors and basically point-blank said Lindsay will never set foot in prison, so why even attempt to give a shit? Except here’s the sheriff saying he’s somehow going to make room presumably so his department looks like slightly less of a goddamn joke. Via TMZ:

Baca just told FOX 11’s Good Day L.A. … the overcrowding problem will not keep Lindsay out of jail Lindsay, he says, is a “sick” drug addict who needs jail to beat her demons — and if the judge decides to sentence Lindsay for a probation violation, he’ll make damn sure she serves time.
According to Baca, Lindsay needs at least 60 days in the slammer to be properly rehabilitated.

“And when those 60 days get knocked down to 15 minutes, by golly, them demons will never know such hardship. We’ll have taught them a lesson in messin’ with the LA County Sheriff’s Department and it’s steel-like hand of justice. Unless of course it’s chow time. At that point, I reckon we’ll probably just issue a stern verbal warning and be on our way. But it’ll be stern, dang-garnit. It’ll be stern.”

UPDATE: And here comes the bullshit. Her excuse? It took her 40 whole minutes to find the right entrance. No, really.

Photo: Getty, Splash News