Lindsay Lohan Has A Nightclub In Greece

In case you were justifiably baffled as to why she’s visiting Syrian refugee camps, it’s because clean-and-sober-living Lindsay Lohan also just opened a nightclub in Greece. Every grift starts with a diversion, right? And the best part about it is she didn’t put up any money, but she’s getting a big chunk of the profits. Hmm, I wonder how she blew everyone involved including the guy who installed the paper towel dispensers in the bathrooms secured that kind of deal? Via TMZ:

LOHAN, the nightclub, is opening this weekend in Athens … and we’re told it’s all thanks to LiLo’s pal, Dennis Papageorgiou. The Greek restaurateur is the owner, but we’re told Lindsay’s getting a big chunk of the profits, aka … back end.

It’s remarkable how she keeps getting these rich guys to support her, except it’s not because it’s through their penises. But maybe this is a good step for her and this place will be a legit business with nothing seedy going on at all.

We’re told the decor is “abandoned factory” chic with baroque detailing, whatever that means. Best of all … there’s a standard VIP area, and also a completely secluded VVIP area.

Okay yes, that sounds bad, but it’s not like the advertising for the place features a headless woman’s naked ass like menu item you can just purchase, right?

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Photo: Instagram