Lindsay Lohan Is Smoking Meth, Crack, Says Michael Lohan

October 20th, 2011 // 77 Comments

I don’t even have to write anything, do I?

Michael Lohan must owe a metric shit-ton of child support again because he’s reverted back to his old habit of shoving his face in the press to expose as many details about Lindsay Lohan as he can while the iron’s hot. This time around, he followed up yesterday’s court hearing by going on Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell and saying Lindsay’s teeth (Which she’s since fixed.) are the result of smoking crack and/or meth. Via RadarOnline:

“That’s from smoking a pipe with meth or crack,” Michael said about Lindsay’s brown teeth. When Velez-Mitchell asked him to clarify what he meant he point blank said his daughter is abusing illegal drugs.
“She’s smoking either crack or meth, one or the other. I’m not going to shade it.”
“You can’t dance with the devil and expect to go home with Jesus.”

You can, however, kick a vagina and be invited over for brunch. That’s in the Bible.

Photo: Getty, Splash News


  1. Govt. Cheese

    Its not even humorous to make fun of her anymore…Its getting too sad for me to watch.

    I am switching the channel to “Old Yeller.”

  2. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
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    Did she rush over from being an extra on The Walking Dead?

  3. wtf

    invited for lunch… hysterical!!! Ive about spit my breakfast again.

  4. Carles

    I’ve got plenty of crack and meth for you Lindsay – call me!

  5. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
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    Best face ever.

  6. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
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    “But mommy told me I’m special. I don’t deserve this kind of treatment! I’m a movie star!!”

  7. she looks like I felt after drinking to much the night before and trying Buttsex for the first time……uuuggghhhhh

  8. old man

    I’m stunned she hasn’t died yet. Her liver must be a marvel of medical science, to be studied for generations. That or its a lump of scar tissue that will stop functioning at any second.

    • Cock Dr

      She could surprise us by being the Keith Richards of her gender & generation.
      It sure didn’t work out that way for Amy Winehouse.

  9. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
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    awesome. I want this printed on a poster and hung up in every middle and high school in the nation.

  10. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
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    Moments later, the bailiff fell over, dead of an apparent heart attack. Nobody else made the connection but Lindsay knew what she’d accomplished. The years of practicing on pigeons and squirrels had finally paid off: soon she’d unleash her dark skill on the makeup artist that mistook “more rouge” for “more bruise”.

  11. VV

    I can’t believe I’m writing this but I actually agree with Michael Lohan (don’t worry I will kick myself in the vagina when I’m done writing this). She looks like she should be on intervention.

  12. As a human being, I wish her well, but if somebody is riding the death train, sometimes you jut have to let ‘em crash.

    Can anyone honestly seeing her live past 40?

    • cc

      If that’s not a face that screams ‘I have no will to live’ I don’t what is. She’s got one foot in the grave and shifted all her weight onto it.

      • Deryn

        The hell does she have to live for? Her whole benighted family is depending on her and her nearly-gone looks to maintain its lifestyle, her “friends” are probably almost as leechy, and the only “love” relationships she has are with her johns. I’d want to subconsciously kill myself, too. (Gah. I can’t believe there’s still a part of me that feels sorry for her.)

    • sobrietyisacrutch

      “Can anyone honestly seeing her live past 40″

      Not if they want to win the death pool.

  13. suck it

    why would you go to court with make up that makes you look (more?) like a drug addict??? she is ridiculous…

  14. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
    Cock Dr
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    That’s yesterday’s money shot.

  15. Any Guy

    dead within a year. fact. then we can watch the media have a field day “poor Lindsay Lohan, no one helped her, tragic”… wait for it…

  16. Look at these pictures. If that isn’t the face of true remorse…

  17. rough-chronicles

    No one can say he doesn’t have the right to maintain fame through a family member. He does what he’s supposed to; keep the masses tuned at any expense. That’s entertainment.

  18. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
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    If she were poor, she’d be in jail. Don’t even get me started on if she were black and poor.

  19. Mee Mee

    That makeup job is craptastic!

  20. Facebook Me

    Again, her way of slapping the judicial system in the face by coming to court in the same clothes she wore the night before. Car make-up job. Can we say ‘bender’ anyone?

  21. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
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    “Stop talking, stupid judge. I have a headache. And old lady hands.”

  22. AteIsEnough

    That is for sure a crack-whore. Look what the fuck happens when you can’t afford to have a make-up artist anymore! EEwwwwwww!! Now she’s as fugly as her skanky looking, twig-ass little sis.

  23. Nothing but contempt on her face in these pics. She blames everyone for where she is right now but herself.

  24. bitingontinfoil

    Although I can’t STAND ML, he has a point. I feel for LL – she’s got a delusional, alcoholic fame-whore of a mother willing to pimp her kids out to the highest bidder while constantly chanting her “Lindsay’s great!” mantra and a borderline personality father schtupping girls her own age. She has NO support system whatsoever. This photo convinces me that yes, she is obviously under the influence of meth/crack. From the glazed/bloodshot eyes to the spackling of blush. From the Urban Dictionary re: “Meth Mirror”: Long-term meth users have a drug-induced psychosis that leads them to believe they are fine, drop-dead gorgeous, the best looking person around while in fact they look exceedingly tore back, sucked up, roadmapped, shipwrecked, and butterfaced.
    Their many bleeding scabs are only surpassed by their ten years out of date hairstyles and clothes. Women look in the meth mirror and spend hours doing their make up thinking that they look like a star. The meth mirror is a delusion, a state of mind.

  25. zomgbie

    its all beetlejuices fault!

  26. AnnaDraconida

    I predict she’s the next celebrity to become a saint.

  27. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
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    Good Lord! Look how dilated her eyes are. She’s smoking/snorting something.

  28. cc

    Look at her left bicep, just about her elbow. What the hell has she been doing to herself?

  29. mike

    she looks like she’s been infected with the t-virus.

  30. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
    Buddy the Elf
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    Best picture EVER.
    Die Lindsey, die.

  31. Governor Scott Walker

    Can we get a faces of meth before and after comparison?

  32. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
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    “God! I can’t believe they’re bringing me back for this bull—heeeeyyyy, pimp daddy drug dealer in the third row, come find me after the hearing.” *wink*

  33. Reg Dunlop

    I’m thinking Dr. Conrad Murray has his next patient. ( we can only hope).

  34. Fky

    Why did she rub her cheeks with coal? Let me guess, Dina says Lindsay is trying out for a part in Fiddler on The Roof, right?

  35. Frank Burns

    A frequent commenter here, Deacon Jones I think, figured out a while back LiLo’s likely drug intake list. Congrats to Mr. Lohan on figuring out what some guy on the internet did weeks ago. I guess he didn’t have $15 for his own cable access show, so he went on Velez-Mitchell instead. Maybe he extorts hush money from his daughter by doing this?

  36. Z

    As soon as I saw her hands stained black ~ala Amy Winehouse.. I knew she was outta control again. Those are some huge fucking pupils! What do they call people who do crack.. besides crackheads.. lol tweakers? That is why she can’t volunteer for more than an hour she needs to get her fix.

  37. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
    the xocist
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  38. MJB

    Wow, I never thought I’d feel so sorry for someone who pissed their career away but she looks so close to death. You just know all the major media news sources—like you, Fish lol— have updated their obituary stories of her for when she croaks.

  39. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
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    THE FUCK? Did she purposely do her makeup like that? Or is that just how her skin looks now? She looks like the “After” in one of those Meth PSAs.

  40. Kelsey

    She must’ve used the residue to highlight her cheekbones

  41. Refusing_Meds

    I would do lindsay lohan with no protection cause I’m a babe-magnet.

  42. Refusing_Meds

    I would do lindsay lohan without any protection cause I’m a babe-magnet.

  43. kimmykimkim

    What the fuck is all over her face? She looks like a goddamn chimney sweep.

  44. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
    oh i know
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    picture in the dictionary under “crackhead”…..

  45. terry

    she can’t handle success!
    Look at Emma Stone. She has totally become the newest A-list actress in tinsel town. Her movies are making over a hundred million each. Lohan is a fucking loser! And she will not seek help because getting high and fucking strange dick and sucking someone else’s pussy just feel too damn good for that child.
    She’ll be dead in less than a year.

  46. r

    Rehab doesn’t work for her so I she will die soon.

  47. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
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    She’s supposed to be an actor, why can’t she act like she gives a shit?

  48. CranAppleSnapple

    She’s high at that moment, right? Otherwise her bulging eyes might mean she needs a brain scan. Or one of those holes drilled in to relieve the pressure.

  49. Lindsay Lohan Court Probation Violation
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    Money shot. The exact moment she realized she was walking out of court in handcuffs.

  50. Pathetic

    All of this just goes to show how much of a rotten person she is inside. She gets all these chances to fix things and she can’t even help people back in the community service she has been told to do. She should of been done with it all already but she is a loser! What a horrible person.

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