Lindsay Lohan Isn’t Living In Her Mom’s House That’s Currently Being Foreclosed, You Guys

February 8th, 2013 // 40 Comments
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You may have heard that Lindsay Lohan‘s moved back into her childhood home (that’s being foreclosed) because she’s broke and banned from almost every hotel in New York and LA, but c’mon? We’re talking about a very famous and successful movie star here, and her mom pretending to be an anonymous source will prove that’s unquestionably the case. TMZ reports:

Lindsay Lohan is NOT slumming it in NYC … quite the opposite, she’s livin’ pretty in a penthouse.
There are reports out Lindsay is living at her mom Dina’s Long Island home, but it’s not true. We’ve learned she’s staying at her friend’s SoHo apartment. The friend is letting Lindsay stay there rent free until she finds a place of her own.

See? Lindsay isn’t back home living with her mom. She’s freeloading in a friend’s penthouse like all the other movie stars. Seriously, if she wasn’t a very important actress, would this friend really just be a client she has sex with to avoid living in a rain gutter? Of course not. Don’t be ridiculous.

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  1. So … Ho? The irony.

  2. anonym


    mom is getting kicked out.

    I have NO PITY for people who live beyond their means.

    Kick these bitches to the curb.

  3. Cock Dr

    Makes me wonder just how much cash she’s getting from the johns. Gifts aplenty I’m sure (classier that way…pay for the BJ with a nice watch rather than a wad of 100s) but everyone she owes is probably insisting on cash ASAP.

  4. $100K just to get herpes? You can get that for $50 if you know where to look.

  5. I’d love to see the lease on this apartment. First, Last, plus security and pet deposit. By which we’re talking about anal.

  6. So this is just a warmup to the next inevitable story of this ‘friend’ of LiLo’s suing her for stealing every damned last thing out of her apartment, right?

  7. logan

    They call her mothers house a “mansion”, granted it’s a nice house but not a mansion. Wonder what the “Penthouse” is like?
    Two bedrooms, john, kitchenette, fulton couch and one window?
    Oh to live in a Lohan mind.

  8. Wendy

    For the love of all that is good, let this freckled piece of ginger trash join the 27 Club.

  9. Ram Rod

    This ugly cunt makes my bones vomit in disgust.

  10. SssHhhh

    Wondering?,did the neighbors throw a block party..

  11. E.L. James

    Still hoping for a drugged – out cell – phone or better quality LiLo explicit video when she gets a little more desperate .
    Bukkake and DP would be definitely “bottoming – out ” for her normative cinema career.

  12. Lindsay Lohan Fur Coat amfAR New York Gala
    Commented on this photo:

    If I don’t clean my ears for four or five days, this is exactly what the Q-tip ends up looking like.

  13. Lindsay Lohan Fur Coat amfAR New York Gala
    Commented on this photo:

    The coat used to be ankle-length, but when you put something reminiscent of white powder in front of Lindsay, you have to expect some loss of material.

  14. Ms. Markova

    I really like her fur jacket. Is it her’s or did she “borrow” it from someone like she did a couple of years back?

  15. ace11

    Hopefully soon they will both be living on the street

  16. cc

    I can’t wait for her to appear on Judge Judy to explain she paid her rent with blowjobs. Could be a good case.

  17. What an idiot

    Whorehan might not be living in the home, but white oprah is. The thought of her being foreclosed on & homeless is too hilarious for words…

  18. Lindsay Lohan Fur Coat amfAR New York Gala
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t think she can close her lips all the way anymore.

    Unless there is a cock between them.

  19. the wrecker

    Love to skip ahead a few years so we can just get to the endgame in this debacle. Surely a great deal of embarrassment left for us all to witness over the next couple of years.

  20. Reg Dunlop

    Don’t worry, she will be turning 27 in July and so the sudden suicide will happen and this will all be forgotten.

  21. Mr. Obvious

    Since most of the planet knows she has sticky fingers; why would ANYONE let this klepto in their house, much less let her live there?

  22. Lindsay Lohan Fur Coat amfAR New York Gala
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks hideous! She can’t afford to pay rent, or the IRS, but she can afford to buy the skins of beautiful, now dead animals which would look SO MUCH better in that fur. Please make LL go away already

  23. Lindsay Lohan Fur Coat amfAR New York Gala
    Commented on this photo:

    We wish YOU would go away already! You have no idea what LILO can or cannot pay, you idiot. Why don’t you just go far, far away. Already.

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