Lindsay Lohan Did Whatever The Hell This Is On Jimmy Fallon Last Night

November 15th, 2012 // 36 Comments
Lindsay Lohan Jimmy Fallon
WATCH: Lindsay Lohan on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Here’s the heavily buzzed about for God knows WTF reason clip of Lindsay Lohan making a surprise cameo on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night for a sketch called “Let Us Play With Your Look” that I literally made it to the 1:22 mark before shutting it off and making Photo Boy watch the rest. The last words I heard from him were, “I’m just getting madder and madder…” before he stormed off and accidentally murdered Prince Valium from Spaceballs. It was an honest mistake.

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  1. Alex

    It was just a simple skit called, “Yep, everyone hates her.”

  2. Moo Cow Hunter

    After watching this cinematic torture I only have one thing to say: THERE ARE FIVE LIGHTS! FIVE LIGHTS!

    • EricLr

      I’m so ashamed that I know that reference.

    • The collective "meh"

      Brilliant! Star Trek: TNG?

      • Moo Cow Hunter

        Yes, TNG. And don’t be ashamed Eric. It’s an Emmy winning show that often had 20 million viewers a week and helped to shape pop culture. Not like knowing a reference from the Twilight movies. Then I had to shoot myself… with a BB gun… in the leg… wearing 5 pants.

  3. Well, I’ve now seen 3 minutes of the Jimmy Fallon show. I won’t be doing that again.

    Ok, I didn’t actually watch the full 3 minutes, I kind of clicked around looking to see if Lindsay ever took her shirt off…I figured it’s Lindsay Lohan, so even money bet.

  4. My Name is Kiki

    UGH! This was atrocious.

  5. Mumra

    One more nail in the Lohan coffin. Next time they should use her newly discovered half sister.

  6. Don

    Just die already.

  7. Ruh-Roh

    That was just bad!!! Was watchable if you turn off the sound though lol

  8. Remember when SNL did parodies of German game shows? This looks a parody of those parodies. Hipster-ironic doing what it does best: covering up a lack of talent.

    • EricLr

      I’m just surprised Fallon didn’t come on and pretend to crack up in the middle of the skit just to get some cheap laughter.

  9. USDA Prime McBeef

    replace the laughter from the audience that inexplicably found humor in that with quick flashes of shia lebouf’s bush and it would make a great farthouse self-congratulatory masturbation video.

    damnit, i should have went to film school.

  10. EricLr

    Don’t worry, the Fallon audience is used to watching an unfunny hack in a lame skit.

  11. Wow. I forgot just how terrible Jimmy Fallon is. What do they pay him for that fucking abortion?

  12. anonym

    looks like she’s whoring herself out for anything these days.

    thankfully she didn’t open her mouth to speak.

  13. cc

    This performance should throw the doors of opportunity open to her.

  14. Tony Montana

    Her dress was made with real cocaine, mang.

  15. KC

    Do you remember way back when Jimmy Fallon was funny? Neither do I.

  16. inkydink

    no wonder i don’t watch jimmy fallon. that was embarassingly awful.

  17. theoriginal LJ

    I’m saving my Lindsay Lohan viewing limit for the 25th of November so I can watch the first three minutes of Liz&Dick (and not throw something at the screen).

  18. most. annoying. song. ever.

  19. Mumra The Ever Living

    > I watched the Anne Hathaway clip and then the . Hathaway showed a comedic flair and some improve ability. Lohan couldn’t even get her wig on straight.
    > When Hathaway walked down the aisle, people were excited and they looked it. When Lohan walked down the isle people moved away from her.
    > Hathaway got an ovation, Lohan got bupkiss.
    > Anne Hathaway, although not a natural beauty has a look and a freshness that is intoxicating. Lohan once was a true, natural beauty but has destroyed her beauty over the years thru late nights, drugs and alcohol.
    > Some day, if I live to be 90, I’ll be able to watch a 60 year old Anne Hathaway earn her third or fourth Oscar. Lindsay Lohan will have dead for 20 to twenty five years by then.
    > I would make wild passionate love to Anne Hathaway for days at a time. I wouldn’t sit on a toilet seat that Lindsay Lohan had just sat on.

  20. I’m just glad to see her working and not getting in trouble with the law for once.

  21. lori

    Unbelievably, horribly awful. Hideous. I can’t think of enough adjectives to describe how I feel about this. And Lindsay Lohan looks awful. Like the living dead. She used to be so pretty and so full of life. Now she just looks hard and completely without grace or humanity. So sad. Such a waste.

  22. El Jefe

    I made it halfway through and then I was out. What kind of fuckery was this? I assume you have to be high to enjoy or understand this?

  23. JMC

    Anne Hathaway’s version of this was actually hilarious. She sang the entire time in a high soprano and her interactions with the audience member were a lot more awkward and funny. This sketch was nailed the first time, this time it’s relatively the same only Lindsay is holding back where Anne killed it.

  24. Joaquin ingles

    I hate Jimmy Fallon. Lame as hell on SNL and the saga continues.

  25. Geee

    Honestly what the fuck

  26. PoisonIvyLeague

    “Let us play with your coooke, let us play with your COOOOOOOOKEEEE!”

  27. Simone

    I honestly can say that Lindsay Lohan looked good compared to the shit storm next to her. If I had to hear LET US PLAY WITH YOUR LOOK one more frigging time I would have gone fully retarded. This sort of shit should stay down in the 7th circle of hell where it belongs.

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