Lindsay Lohan Will Probably Get Free Starbucks Instead of Jail. Yup.

Lindsay Lohan hasn’t even had her hearing today (Which she’s not even showing up to.) to see if she’ll face jail time for violating her probation and already she’s most likely ducked jail and getting free Starbucks from the judge because apparently California celebrity law isn’t ridiculous enough. TMZ reports:

Commissioner Godfrey presides over Drug Court, in which she hears case after case involving people with serious drug cases. Godfrey strongly favors counseling over jail, to the point she has a graduation ceremony for people who complete the program and digs into her own pocket to buy little gifts for the graduates … like Starbucks cards.

While this sounds like an unbelievably sweet deal for Lindsay, I’d bet cash money she’ll be the first person to come out of this program and throw the card back in the judge’s face because it’s not from Coffee Bean. That or Dina will swoop in and snatch it out of Lindsay’s hand with her talons. “Caw! Do they have gin at Starbucks?” she’ll ask. “Caw! I like gin.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News