Lindsay Lohan is Sponsored by Pepsi

The other day I joked that Lindsay Lohan is being paid by Pepsi to be seen holding their products because who doesn’t want to enjoy the same sugar water as America’s most famous drug addict? Turns out I wasn’t far off.

Here she is last night conveniently holding a delicious Pepsi Cola while posing for the pap agency she clearly brokered a deal with because they’re somehow the only ones with perpetual shots of her coming out of her sober house. On that note, I added pics from earlier in the day, but I’m going to need someone with a vagina to verify if she’s holding a Pepsi product. I tried myself, but for some reason I couldn’t focus on the soda can for more than .05 seconds. Not quite sure what the issue is, but I should probably stare some more to see if I can figure this one out. Is it my contacts…

Photos: Pacific Coast News