Lindsay Lohan is Sponsored by Pepsi

November 19th, 2010 // 48 Comments

The other day I joked that Lindsay Lohan is being paid by Pepsi to be seen holding their products because who doesn’t want to enjoy the same sugar water as America’s most famous drug addict? Turns out I wasn’t far off.

Here she is last night conveniently holding a delicious Pepsi Cola while posing for the pap agency she clearly brokered a deal with because they’re somehow the only ones with perpetual shots of her coming out of her sober house. On that note, I added pics from earlier in the day, but I’m going to need someone with a vagina to verify if she’s holding a Pepsi product. I tried myself, but for some reason I couldn’t focus on the soda can for more than .05 seconds. Not quite sure what the issue is, but I should probably stare some more to see if I can figure this one out. Is it my contacts…

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. NuclearC

    Is that a new tattoo on her right leg right under the tassels of the dress?

  2. Lindsay Lohan Pepsi
    Commented on this photo:

    she has crazy britney boots on!

  3. Pepsi is a great soft drink. Read more:

  4. WhitePuzzyLova

    How about some of you unoriginal bastards read the unfunny ‘coke’ joke that the rest of these clowns have posted before posted them again. On another note, MAN i wish she would sit on my face

    • Johnny Cage

      “On another note, MAN i wish she would sit on my face”

      Hey I was in line for that first!

    • anon

      why so you can taste all the jizz dripping from her snizz?

      • Johnny Cage

        I think jizz gurgling is more your department there Anon. My Private Ryan ain’t going anywhere near your throat buddy, that’s for damn sure. Try Chris Crocker’s house though, he might speak fluent San Franciscan.

        As for Lindsay, she’d be full of Samantha Ronson or Paris Hilton.

      • anon

        Nice try but I’m not the one telling the world I want a cum dumpster on my face. For your stupidity, you get my balls on your chin.

      • Johnny Cage

        And I’m not the one telling the world I’m a militant queer who enjoys protein mouth wash. Besides my balls are already resting on your mothers forehead to be worried about slapping on your chin. But I’ll tell you what, I’ll let my dog Angus face fuck you instead.

        You have to realize Justifiable that normal guys don’t want to be “converted” so you can have a constant supply of cawks that eagerly wait to pound you in the ass. Twinkle-toes try this with people and then wonder why you’re always getting beaten to a pulp by angry Giants fans in an alleyway.

        Go enjoy being HIV infected somewhere else please.

      • Johnny Cage

        And I’m not the one who prefers the fecal laced rectums of guys on his face. Currently my balls are already resting on your mothers forehead to be slapping against your chin. However I’ll get my dog to lay his on your chin later, Anon/Justifiable.

      • anon

        whatever, i placed my balls on your chin so you are insignificant to me. lapdogging snizz like LL’s will get you HIV infected before anything I do. stop with the nfl references. you teams sucks balls like you do.

      • Johnny Cage

        Yet another predictable angry homoerotic laced response from our resident Anon/Justifiable. So apparently aside from being militant queer, you’re also only 12 years old and recently booted from posting homoerotic pr0n on 4ailchan.

        Listen Anon/Justifiable (whatever you call yourself now), you’ve already demonstrated to the world of how much of a molested youth you are. We know your fetish for testicles resting on your face stems from trauma in your childhood. It’s not our fault that dad, uncle bob, or the two priests at church re-enacted the shower scene from American History X on you. But it’s unnecessary to rage and drama about it to others on message boards.

        Whether they be my balls, your father’s, your uncle’s, that priest’s or even my dog’s, spit them out of your mouth right now and live life anew. As much as I like making your eyes tear up by plastering you with insults, I rather save my loads for you mom and little sister.

      • Johnny Cage

        TL;DR version: Save all your gay sex stories for Craigslist and stop spamming them here.

    • from the way you all are posting. if she came up to you said she wanted to sit on your face. you all would do it

      • Johnny Cage


        You better believe it bro. As a matter of fact I often fantasize Lindsay as a dominatrix that uses me as her ash tray. Especially with that raspy voice and bad girl attitude she has…. However sometimes I’ll switch up with Jessica Biel or Olivia Munn as well.

        Anon(Justifiable) is actually able to enact similar fantasies, except his involve getting mounted by farm animals and fat construction workers named Joey.

      • Anon

        HAHAHAHAHA! How long did that take for you to type. I ain’t reading it because after I put my balls on your chin–all I see you replying is nom nom nom nom. HAHAHAHA…loser!

      • WhitePuzzyLova

        thank you! every guy on here talking shit about her would bang her rubber less if she walked in there house right now. Ill just admit that shit. wanted to fuck her before the coke, want to fuck her now

  5. Ryan

    A coke head sponsored by Pepsi. Kind of ironic, isn’t it? lol

  6. Lindsay Lohan Pepsi
    Commented on this photo:

    It is a Dr. Pepper can. The best drink on the planet.

  7. While I could certainly do without the bee-stung pout and the receding nose bridge, It will never cease to amaze me that she STILL manages to rock the sickest body whenever she feels like it.
    Unfair, maybe, but amazing lessthenone.

  8. ex ee

    She fucked Joe Francis.

    Worthless aids tainted whore.

    Go kill yourself now.

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  10. Best I’ve seen this freckled twat look in a long fuckin while. I’d urinate in her rectum.

  11. Lindsay Lohan Pepsi
    Commented on this photo:

    I gotta agree with Mark. I’ll bet she fucking smokes in the rack…and NOT cigarettes or the like. I suspect she would do ANYTHING to make her partner happy.

    “Stick my tongue up your ass while you’re cumming? No problem, my darling. Consider it done!”

    She’s still as screwy as a pig’s tail, but hotter than a cup of McDonald’s coffee.

  12. kayk

    Really I though she was sponsored by Heroin.

    Oh wait Coke I meant Coke….

    Damn it I fucked it up!

  13. Lindsay Lohan Pepsi
    Commented on this photo:

    She has some damned hairy legs.

  14. dude

    Does this make her a Pepsi Mule?

  15. ohlawd

    Don’t kill me, but I think she looks good here. Maybe it’s the sunglasses and the dress. Not sure, but it’s working.

  16. RtSS

    Damn this flat screen 2D technology, try as hard as I can holding my moniter up above eye level, I still can’t see up her dress in image 00. Also, the image 06 should be titled: “These lips were made for Sucking…” sung to the theme of “These boots were made for Walking…”

  17. wim

    this is the reason you must SPIT in the can, folks!!

  18. See Alice

    She looks good her .

  19. Usi

    looks Damn Sexy

  20. Helena Handbasket

    I think I see labial dangling.

  21. Lindsay Lohan Pepsi
    Op 40
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s confusingly hot here.

  22. Lindsay Lohan Pepsi
    Commented on this photo:

    coke must do wonders for the figure, because lohan is looking gooood.

  23. Captain Slappy

    My only surprise is that a heroin dealer from Nicaragua hasn’t “sponsored” her repeatedly. Well…you win some, you lose some. For a carbon-based life-form, she isn’t at all exactly like a half-burnt match-stick.

  24. TMM

    Even though I can’t stand her, I think her body looks great in these pictures. She actually has good muscle tone, she doesn’t look emaciated, or flabby. (She usually fluctuates between both.) She looks as though she’s been working out. Hopefully she’s on the right track this time. She’s had enough chances!

  25. music fan

    she’s looking pretty good in these pics except for those over inflated lips.



  27. Lindsay Lohan Pepsi
    Commented on this photo:

    her crotch looks extra fiery today

  28. Wiley

    She must have a mirror somewhere. How can she not see that her lips are horrible looking? I don’t care what her body looks like, I just couldn’t get past those obnoxious lips.

  29. one last post before it disappears to the second page

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