The IRS Seized Lindsay Lohan’s Bank Accounts

Lindsay Lohan supposedly made $2 million this year, so naturally she used none of it on her $233,904 tax bill even after Charlie Sheen paid half of it and now the IRS has seized her bank accounts. Fortunately the joke’s on them because a napkin with “I.O.U. 1 Blowjob” written on it isn’t real money. Haha! Every time… TMZ reports:

The IRS has given Lindsay ample time to pay up — but the Man’s tired of waiting … so we’re told the IRS has seized ALL her bank accounts in order to settle her debt.
Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, she’s in full-on panic mode about her financial situation, and is desperately trying to make some cash to get out of the red.

What’s great about this story is Lindsay spent the entire weekend claiming she was going to hire a private investigator to prove the psychic she punched at a nightclub is part of some grand conspiracy to make it look like Lindsay Lohan punches people. This thing goes straight to the top:

According to our sources, Lindsay has hired a P.I. to look into Mitchell and see if she has any criminal past or if she’s done anything like this before. We’re told Lindsay wants to dig up as much info on Mitchell as she can so she’s ready should Mitchell pursue the case in civil court.

If only there was some way for Lindsay to earn the money she needs to clear her name and not live on the streets. Something she could do in exchange for money that doesn’t require working a real job or being sober. Just give her a minute to think, I’m sure it’ll come to her.

Photo: Splash News