Lindsay Lohan in One of Those Crazy Taiwanese Video Things

August 5th, 2010 // 26 Comments

Lindsay Lohan‘s jail fiasco has apparently been reenacted in one of those random-ass Taiwanese CGI videos (after the jump) and this thing has fucking everything:

- Bikini-clad prison guards.
- Lindsay dropping the soap in the shower.
- Lesbian kisses.
- And the coup de grâce, Michael Lohan whipping a shoe at Kate Major‘s face.

I’m going to stop writing now because there’s no way I can follow this puppy unless you count this flip-book I just made of a stick-figure Lindsay talking to a dog. Haha, they don’t sell drugs…


  1. It was a slow news day. I understand.
    I will decline your kind invitation to view this CGI masterpiece. I come here for dirty stuff that is real.

  2. jon and kate plus haiti

    I can’t help but feel guilty a little. I mean we nuke those guys a couple of times and we get this, tentacle porn, bukkake, and hentai. And save all that Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea crap, I am telling you that radiation cloud spread far and wide, like Lindsey does

  3. Erin

    HA! That was hilarious. All news casts should be like that.

  4. mimi

    WTF were mark wahlberg. And robert downey jr doing up in this hot mess! ?
    Lmao off at the shoe tossing bit!

  5. Is there any way we can make our network news this entertaining? Can someone please provide a translation of the narration? I LOVE this thing

  6. Sardonic

    It’s great to finally see Lindsay in a role where she is able to show off the depth of her acting abilities. She looks really good. I look forward to the sequel.

  7. That shit is so funny.

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