Lindsay Lohan Hates Her Dad Again

Almost out of nowhere, it was announced yesterday that Michael Lohan joined the cast of Celebrity Rehab despite recently starting work as a rehab consultant and you know, not being addicted to anything besides having his face on television. Since then, Lindsay has grown concerned her dad will spill family secrets and has no clue why he agreed to the show in the first place despite citing the mountain of child support he owes. She’s very smart. TMZ reports:

We’re told Lohan is saying she’s most upset that her dad, Michael Lohan, began taping the show without ever giving her a heads up.
Lohan is also adamant she will NEVER make an appearance on the show.
Lindsay also wants to know how much Michael is getting paid for the gig — because she wants to make sure her dad kicks over some of the cash to Dina … since “he should be paying his child support for Ali and Cody.”

Honestly, I think she’s just pissed he found work before she did. You’d think they would have prepared her for that reality in rehab, but we’re talking about a place that let her come back to her sober house drunk and then fired the worker she assaulted in the process. It’s a miracle she didn’t check out thinking she’s a cat.

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