Lindsay Lohan Hates Her Dad Again

Seen her leaving her sober living house – But not the one with the indoor hot tub. Ugh. – Lindsay Lohan reportedly bounced Michael Lohan from her apartment building during her visit to LA over the weekend. TMZ reports:

Sources close to Lindsay tell us Michael showed up — unannounced — in the lobby of Lindsay’s apartment building moments ago. When security called Lilo — who’s only back in L.A. for the day — she told them to send Michael packing.
We’re told Michael left without a fuss, but the damage is done — Lilo is upset Dad showed up on her doorstep.
Someone in Michael’s camp claims he was just trying to bring her some Chinese food for dinner.

Haha! Michael Lohan brought food, food!, to Lindsay Lohan and expected her to greet him with open arms. Jesus, man, not only do you clearly not know a thing about your own daughter, you might as well have burnt a cross in a black guy’s yard. Haha! Food. This guy.

NOTE: Added pics of Lindsay from yesterday that prove Pepsi will advertise on anything, but probably not this site after I just pointed that out. *sips Mountain Dew* Oh, look. I suddenly ain’t no queer no more and my car done race faster. (And we’re cool.)

Photos: Pacific Coast News