Lindsay Lohan Going Full Frontal After Jail

July 20th, 2010 // 67 Comments

Okay, maybe her career’s gonna make it.

Seen here demonstrating her ability to make 500 difference faces that say “I don’t give a fuck,” Lindsay Lohan will reportedly go full frontal when she plays Linda Lovelace in Inferno, according to RadarOnline:

“There will be full frontal nudity,” director Matthew Wilder exclusively told of Lohan’s role in the film. “But it will not be cinematic nudity – it will be more violent nudity.
For example, linked images of the Vietnam war – that kind of context.

On any given day, I want to rocket every single publicist I encounter into the sun, but even I have to admit this guy probably could’ve used some coaching. “So, yeah, you’re going to see Lindsay naked, but don’t worry, her vagina won’t be tastefully shot in any way and will violently remind you of Vietnam.” Oh, good. For a minute there I thought this movie wasn’t going to be prom night all over again. Phew.

NOTE: Added Lindsay’s just-released mug shot here.

Photos: Getty, Splash News, TMZ


  1. Rush

    First and Noooooooooooooooooo…..

  2. its me fuckers

    lol I wonder if her lawyer showed up at her apt with fingernail polish remover for the court appearance this morning.

  3. ohhey

    cant wait to see that

  4. Hambone


  5. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    hahaha… that mouth’s made for photoshop.

  6. mike

    meh dont care about the movie, some one will post the nudity scenes online

  7. Ragan

    How is this different from the 765856 times we’ve seen her vagina?

    • just wondering, none of you ever did a line of coke or driven drunk, correct? not one of you been piss drunk, or neglected to return something that wasn’t yours. or had a relationship that did you more harm than good. nada one, right? cos the more you revel in this girls downfall… well pray there’s no such think as karma..

      funny how the most vengeful people i know describe themselves as christian. like how the word pious means devout but also the opposite.

      good luck lindsay.

      • Rush

        were you the dude at the press conference wearing the “LINNOCENT” t-shirt? if so, you made me laugh today.

      • Nokar

        Most people learn from their mistakes. What else is there to say to a rant like yours.

      • Frank Rizzo

        Its ok man. When LiLo did “Herby: Fully Loaded” I too wanted to giver her a ride on ol’ bologna- pony (huh, that looks weird when you type it). And in “Mean Girls” I fantasized about LiLo, getting caught in a compromising situation by Tina Fey and then having Tim Meadows, find those two in an even MORE compromising situation. Hell, I think that fantasy gave every straight man between the ages of 15-29 hard-ons for a month. And yea, I’ll admit it: I watched all of “I Know Who Killed Me” including the DVD extras just to see her pole-dance. But just because we all used to beat off to her, doesn’t mean she is a good person. Lord knows none of us here are perfect, and most of the comments on this page make me seriously question the existence of a benevolent God, but no one can defend her behavior recently. Yea, she probably had a messed up childhood. Her dad sure is a piece of work. But its not like she is going to Gitmo, being given an unreasonable prison sentence, or will have her life negatively impacted by the incident. She will do her 90 (err 21) days, come out, do rehab, make some more movies and live her life pretty much as she had previously. Its not she is going to have to fill out a resume for a fry-cook job at McDonalds and list her prison time on it. And that is what pisses us off. She has given off an air of superiority/bitchyness and lack of personal responsibility that would have life altering consequences for us, but will leave her unscathed. Yea the world isn’t fair, we all know that. But when its this obvious, you can’t honestly expect the general masses to avoid taking cheap shots at her. Does it lower our general moral standing? Yes. But in case you missed the subtitle of this website, let me clue you into a little secret: the people that come here, myself included, are generally superficial jerks.

      • Mean Joe Green

        @ frank rizzo…

        You care WAY too much about this topic. Go take another xanax, pop “Steel Magnolias” back in your betamax and have another PBR and relax buddy. Itll be ok.

      • so what

        She got caught, and like everyone else who gets caught she was punished.

        She ignored the terms of her sentences, (that’s right, more than one sentence) and now she has to pay the price. See that’s the thing about people who spout out stuff like karma. She actually is filled with boatloads of the bad kind and now it’s time to pay.

      • jim x

        If and when any of us do the above, we face *consequences*.

        As of now, and probably including this sentence, LL will face *none*. That’s the real issue.

        And the tragic part of it is, consequences are about all that could snap her out of her downward spiral. It sure as hell won’t be her parents. It’s a credit to Lohan’s will she’s still alive.

      • kacie

        Actually, no. I have never done a line of coke, never driven drunk. Nor have I done any of the other things you’ve mentioned. So, I will continue to say what horrible things she has done. And, that she shouldn’t be getting special treatment just because she is a celebrity. Because, had I done any of these things, I would be in jail, for more than twelve days.

    • @Rush, no i’m near DC.. but is that the same guy screaming “Free Lindsay” after the courtroom appearance? That made me chuckle :D
      Missed the drama itself in the 5 mins i had to move my car. Fucking parking in Alexandria sucks. And i got the ticket anyhow :(

    • Frank Rizzo

      @Mean Joe Green
      Wow slow down there man! Say what you want about my choice in evening films and refreshments, but leave the betamax out of it! That’s just good technology there! With the power of Betamax, I have the largest vintage 70′s porno collection around. That’s something you aren’t going to find on your modern, fancy-pants, politically correct blue-ray player! No sir.

      • Randal(l)

        We all know that the 70′s is to porn what the 80′s is to music, all style, no substance. for what it’s worth, The huge bush might as well be a synthesizer. so stop rubbing it in my face (That’s what she said) that you have such an extensive collection of porn meanwhile I’m still jerking it to the same issue of National Geographic that I’ve had since 3rd grade


    • @hotndog idk but i hollered jesus when i saw the ticket.

    • awomacque

      Yeah execpt everyone faced consequences for thier actions

  8. Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot
    Commented on this photo:

    at least she got lip injections before her mugshot.

  9. Gus Terranova

    No talent, no looks, little brains. This girl has done wonders with nothing. I hope we are spared from ever seeing her again,

  10. Wow. The look on her face just kinda sums up her entire life to this point… Ah-duhrrrr…

  11. Phil Ashio

    mmmm… I hope she doesnt shave first. I want to see that bush in all its glory!

  12. GUY

    FIRST! Mother BEEPERS!!!!!

    @ Rush
    Exactly my thoughts. I would (if i even cared to see the movie) pay the Producers my ticket price to let me see a copy where IT naked in anyway is completely avoided.

  13. the ORIGINAL Randal


    Though your current legal woes may have temporarily drawn the public eye away from the reason you became a media goddess in the first place, we true fans and mere mortals remain faithful to your thespian cause.

    To us true believers, you will always be a beacon in a dark world, a runway we can land our planes of dreams on, a paragon of courage.

    Let not these fools mock your mammaries, or reveal their base nature, for their truest call will someday come to you: Using them to feed your blessed offspring.


    • Rush

      yay! Randal’s back!

    • All RIGHT!

      Randal, we missed you. Make us laff, funny boy! You may have outdone yourself with this one!

    • Randal(l)

      Drunken coke slut:

      you were famous for making me want to jerk it to a Disney movie that featured a racing Volkswagen. now your a washed up old scag who’s going to prison and then showing her greasy pussy on film….which I will jerk it to. Also your titties, I will jerk it to your titties.


  14. Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot
    Commented on this photo:

    And now my computer monitor can remain fire crotch free for the next 90 days.

  15. Kate10019

    It never stops amazing me how much press she gets and is in the public eye. shes essentially famous for being a train wreck and for making crappy movies.

  16. Turd Ferguson

    No way full frontal?
    Who could have predicted porn as The Lohans future?

    Oh yeah – everybody.

  17. Johnny Cage

    “But it will not be cinematic nudity – it will be more violent nudity.”

    WTF? What’s with Hollywood and the entire “gore-nudity” genre? Eli Roth supposed to be the president of plasticsville now all of sudden? I think their “our average viewers are Jeffrey Dahmer” demographics reports have been a little screwed up.

    • Snaggletooth

      I would love to see her naked and brutalized. Maybe I’m sicker than most, but I want to see her Gitmo’d. Hang’er up on a wall, cut off her clothes, slap’er around till she’s swollen and bloody, electric shocks, oh f*** yeah.

      I’m gonna go fap to that right now!

      • GITMO Recruiter's Office

        Please provide us with your resume and IP address. We’re running out of Abu Graib personnel.

  18. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    ya, pic #1 is perfect for a photoshop cock

  19. oooaaahhh

    I’d watch that.

  20. Nameless

    Lindsay could do a full on porn scene and the damn thing will skip movie theatres and go straight to DVD. Waste of money making it.

  21. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    Those sure are some big eye bags for a 24 year old. I know a girl like her. She’s an complete moron and thinks that bending over should be part of her daily schedule.


  22. Mike Nike

    Finally, lets see the freckled fire crotch pussy. Adding her stank asshole would help.

  23. Lindsay Lohan
    Mike Hunt
    Commented on this photo:

    Eye bags? FUN BAGS.

  24. Mitch

    She looks like a bloated hooker.

    The admin here is blocking my posts because he is a jealous bitch and is afraid of my blog overtaking his little empire.



  25. Internet

    God I love those tits

  26. Nerd

    Screw Lindsay, I want to see these backup dancers from the Wiggles doing porn. These chicks are hot!

  27. sexyman48

    She shows more range in these photos than her last ten movies.

  28. Sean

    Again, this movie doesn’t exist. No funding. No insurance. No one will ever insure anything with Lindsay in it. Ever. The so-called producers are just using Lindsay as a promotional tool. IN a few months, they will come up with the excuse that the movie is canceled due to do Lindsay’s extended tour in rehab.

  29. olive

    Why does she bother with this stupid Linda Lovelace movie and producer anyways, she could just go make her own new, reality porno and make mega bucks. She wouldn’t then cut out the middleman and live happily ever after on the profits. She really must me high on meth or something to agree to do Yolanda in a movie for some pervert Hollywood producer.

    • jane

      I think the only role she could probably do these days is someone who as just as fucked up as she is. Really speaks to her talent, doesn’t it?

  30. Well, that’s a load off my mind…I was worried that her being in jail was going to interfere with the much more important nudity.

  31. captain america

    let’s just hope she knows the neaning of a porn star when she leaves jail……….

  32. lohaan

    Join this Group on facebook… your support ;)
    I hope to have a million members before lindsay lohan gets out of jail!

  33. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    she needs help! So tired face. She can sleep in jail.

  34. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    These pictures are frightening just in terms of the aging she has gone through in just a few short years. Frightening.

  35. angel

    She has screwed up in the public eye ..I guess none of you have family members or anybody you know who is or has gone thru this now or ever and has been in denial so that gives you the right to judge write mean cruel and digusting stuff about a public persons life.Why oh i know because you paid to see her movies so you can be her judge , if she was a nobody it wouldn’t be your busssiness but because shes lilo and you see how the system really works and its out in publis you get to state what you want do you people think shes the only one getting away with this because i know plenty of addicts who do but keep up with your comment you must have a great life to put down others because why kick someone anyone when they are down does it make you feel good about yourself?

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