Lindsay Lohan’s Crotch Will Sell You Clothes Now

If there’s one constant that stops Lindsay Lohan from swallowing a bunch of pills and not waking up in the morning, it’s that Earth drugs can’t kill her now. But if there’s another constant, it’s that some idiot somewhere is waiting to hand her money for some stupid project that will end badly. Which brings us to Lindsay’s new CivilxLohan clothing line now available at PacSun which is apparently still around. Because if there’s one thing young hepcats today love, it’s clothes endorsed by actresses who haven’t been relevant since 2004. And I honestly don’t know if that counts as sarcasm because I have no fucking clue what kids are into these days except for tweeting random nonsense at people who call Ariana Grande a toddler. I do know they like that. We rapped.

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Photo: Civil Regime