Charlie Sheen Just Gave Lindsay Lohan $100,000 For Her ‘Tax Bill’

November 26th, 2012 // 77 Comments
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Seen here at the premiere of Liz & Dick that she showed up two hours late for and only her dad liked because that will make up for recording every single phone conversation they’ve ever had, Lindsay Lohan apparently had $100,000 of her $233,904 unpaid tax bill knocked out by Charlie Sheen which I’m sure has absolutely nothing in common with the time she stole $100,000 from another rich dude then blew him to duck the charges. The two stories barely sound alike. TMZ reports:

Don’t ever say Charlie Sheen’s not the charitable type — because he recently cut Lindsay Lohan a $100,000 check to cover the actress’ six-figure tax bill … all out of the goodness of his heart … sources tell TMZ.
Sources close to Lindsay tell us she and Charlie became close pals while on the set of “Scary Movie 5″ back in September — spending a lot of time together both on and off the set.
During their bonding period, we’re told Lindsay and Charlie talked about everything — and at one point, Lindsay mentioned her ongoing tax problems.

During the course of his life, Charlie Sheen has done exactly three things out of the “goodness of his heart,” and I guarantee you not one of them is give a woman money that’s not payment for sexual favors (Legend has it he’d burst into flames.) because here they all are in order:

1. Not “accidentally” shoot Denise Richards.
2. Not “accidentally” shoot Brooke Mueller.
3. Not “accidentally” shoot his own kids.

And let’s be frank, not a single one of those are set in stone. Emilio Estevez gives the kids new bulletproof vests every year for Christmas. True story.

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  1. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
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    Not a good angle, Ke$ha

  2. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
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    They say everyone eventually rises or falls to the level of their talent. It’s good to see that that’s finally happening with Ryan Reynolds here.

  3. El Jefe

    One thing for sure you can say about Charlie Sheen, he pays his hookers exceptionally well.

    • Archie Leach

      crackhan isn’t a “prostitute”. A *crackhead whore* yes, but “prostitutue” no.

      • El Jefe

        Money in exchange for sexual favors sure sounds like the definition of prostitute to me.

      • porn star

        Mr. Unworldly in the ways of the prostitute. She’s a prostitute. She has been for a while acting was her side job. Cocaine doesn’t pay for itself.

  4. I’m actually kind of willing to accept this for what it is, only because Charlie Sheen is filthy rich and probably felt bad for her, seeing as they do tiger blood together.

    • Jay

      and by “seeing as they do tiger blood together” you actually mean rail-road tie size lines of coke correct?


    Oh so now the press can finally stop calling her “The Mean Girls Star?” Now that she’s got this turd of a “movie” made she finally has a new press label. Gawd Bless Ameriduh!

  6. So she jingled his bells, did she? Hell of a payout.

  7. USDA Prime McBeef

    I’ve heard good things about this Lifetime movie, stuff like “unintentional hilarity”, “It’s like a highschool play”, and “made for drinking games”

    • kimmykimkim

      I kind of wanted to watch it but I was just too tired to laugh. So I continued watching SNL reruns instead.

  8. Schmidtler

    The only reason to give anyone money is so they can turn their life around after they’ve gotten past the money issues – anyone believe there’s any chance that LiLo will ever comprehend the concept of not running up bills she can’t ever hope to pay? So, Sheen’s 100k$ is like charmin down the toilet. If he wanted to give away $100,000, he should have done interviews to figure out who best to give it to – Ask what would they do with the money – LiLo – “I’d just hand it over to the IRS, even though I’d still owe them alot more than I’d ever be able to pay off, and the interest and penalties on the balance due will make it go back up to whatever it was or more, My answer: Hookers & Cocaine! Stupid Charlie, you need to work on your money wasting skills.

    • “Hookers and coke” sounds like it would carry reasonable weight with Chuckles.

      • Schmidtler

        I’d think that ‘wipe my ass with the money and then hand it over to Al Qaida’ would seem like a smarter thing to do with the money compared to ‘give it to Lohan’.

      • While I’m inclined to agree, he can do whatever he wants with his money. I mean, if he didn’t give it to her, it would be used on hookers and cocaine, so presumably this might be just a touch better.

    • Mary Feeney

      You hit the nail on the head.

  9. theoriginal LJ

    “Anger Management” which Charlie’s Production Company Produces, which gets shot in studios at a reduced rate (as part of the “Two and a Half Men” settlement) and in which Charlie is the lead got picked up in August for 90 more episodes.

    Charlie is richer than rich and can afford to pay 20K per BJ which I think is Lindsay’s going rate (for friends).

  10. Lil Benny Waffle

    Say what you want about the rest of her, but the freckle-tits are still fighting the good fight.

  11. Sheppy

    You’d think such a high-dollar hooker would be more attractive…

  12. FYou

    So paying the “tax bill” is the code word now for sucking dick? Come here Lindsay Im about to go over the “fiscal cliff” unless you “tax bill” me.

  13. I’m pretty sure in this case it’s 100,000 “roses”, if the ladies on Craigslist are to be believed

  14. JC

    Don’t mess with the IRS, LiLo. Unlike California, they will most certainly put you in jail.

  15. Kodos

    It was $100K or a suitcase full of blow.

    Charlie doesn’t want to give up the stuff in case a better investment (a hotter chick) comes along.

    Merry Christmas!

  16. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    This picture = Her entire performance in “Liz & Dick”

  17. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
    little turtle head
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  18. anonym

    for that price, he expects to give her a good pounding.

    her pussy is probably so beat up now

  19. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
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    Small butt, big belly: horrible combination…

  20. Benny Hanna

    She must swallow and take it up the fudge hiway. I didn’t know that was worth $100K. I would have given her some Carl’s coupons and some smart water , plus cab fare .Must be the Christmas season.

  21. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
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    That wig is so very real looking, I can hardly stand it.

  22. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
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    sausage in a tube

  23. [img][/img]

  24. tom

    Horrible hair color as if she bought the dye at wallmart and put it on her head just before the party.

  25. What an idiot

    This dumbass cum dumpster is a horrible actress; she’s even stupider as a person. I’m sure her “team” told her that this was her second chance, but the only one she was going to get; be sure not to be late! And what does the legspread whore do? Shows up 2 hours late for it. I guess blowing random dudes or doing blow is more important than trying to resurrect her failed career.

    This reminds me of the incidnt with the Austrian royal who offered her $250,000 to be his date to his yearly party; all she had to do was stumble drunkenly onto the commercial airplane (he bought her 1st class ticket for her) and everything (transporation, food, board, clothing, etc) would be provided for her. Guess what? She showed up 2 hours late because “she was shopping, and figured they’d hold the commercial flight for her, because she’s Lindsay Lohan!” Hilariously, the commercial flight took off on time (for some reason, they wouldn’t inconvenience the 150 other passengers to accomodate her), and the stupid twat missed out on a quarter million dollar payday for 2 days time. True story; look it up…

  26. Lindsay "bottom girl" Lohan

    At the end of the day we’re all the IRS’s bitch…some are just a little bit more their bitch.

  27. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
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    Fine ass! – Said no one

  28. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
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    Charlie Sheen gave her $100,000 for her “tax bill”, just one question, how many grams was her “tax bill”?

  29. logan

    Tax bill? How about acting lessons?

  30. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
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    Shame she is such a mess, you sometimes see tiny hints of the attractive young woman she once was…

  31. Burt

    Effing hell. She’s on her way to earning 2 million dollars this year and she can’t even pay off such an insignificant debt on her own? Where’s all her money going? Up her nose?

  32. I’m guessing she sold herself to Charlie for 100k for a night. I hope it was worth it, dude. If I had that kind of money to waste I would do the same, but also some charity work to balance the scales.

  33. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
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    I can’t help but find her attractive.

  34. This would make it obvious to even the most casual observer that Charlie Sheen thinks LiLo still has great tits…a reasonable fancy, I might add.

  35. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
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    What the hell is happening here?! S’a goddamn hot mess.

  36. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
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    You were saying…

  37. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    “There’s been a report of stolen valuables, just checking here – protocol, you understand.”

  38. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
    Al Bundy
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    Nice gunt.

  39. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
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    theres premieres for made for tv movies?

    p.s. she is gross

  40. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
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    She’s gained some weight…either she’s taking it easy on the coke, or she’s drinking enough calories

  41. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
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    Fire yarmulke.

  42. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
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    That is the cheesiest-looking dress I’ve ever seen, ugh. Where did she buy it, Giant Tiger ?

  43. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
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    Love how the guy in the background is holding on to his iPhone for dear life. You know this bitch will steal it.

  44. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
    Edvard Munch
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    Somebody stole her ass

  45. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
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    I don’t care how coked up she is. That girl is beyond gorgeous.

  46. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
    El Guso
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    She has always liked “The Dick”

  47. Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Liz And Dick Premiere
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    her ass looks good in that dress… i wonder if she has panties on??

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