Lindsay Lohan Caught Drinking in Rehab

December 20th, 2010 // 51 Comments

Ha! Remember these, or was I the only one who used them as Christmas Cards?

Look, I’m going to quickly jump to a lot of conclusions here while reading between the lines because there’s really not a whole lot of time left before the holidays sweep you all away and, frankly, I mentally checked out sometime around these Coco ass photos. Long story short, Lindsay Lohan was probably caught drinking at her sober living house – or a bar – last weekend which more than likely was the impetus for the stalker cover story about moving her to a new location. TMZ reports:

We’re told Lindsay and her roomies were staying at a satellite house at the Betty Ford Clinic. The roommates were “drinking heavily” and somehow the Betty Ford people found out and busted them.
The roommates were moved back to the main facility at Betty Ford, which has more supervision.
As for Lindsay, we’re told there was no evidence she had been drinking, but we’re told after the incident Betty Ford officials decided Lindsay could not leave the area for Christmas.
We’re also told Lindsay has gone back to the main Betty Ford facility, not for punishment but for “intensive therapy.”

So, basically, Lindsay was granted an inch of freedom only to immediately squander it by pouring booze down her gullet. In response, her parents leaped at the chance to mug for the cameras by perpetuating a story about a stalker to mask the situation. Wow. Who could’ve predicted that? It’s not like the people at the Betty Ford Center charge thousands of dollars for their expertise in drug and alcohol addiction, so clearly, that lets them off the hook. I blame the schools.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Cardinal Fang

    Really now. so not like her.

  2. suck it

    Whoooo.. big fucking surprise!!

  3. wat?

    hot mess

  4. Time Out. So, no one saw her drinking, no one has even come forward to say Lohan was drinking, but because she was moved to a new room/facility it’s automatically assumed she was caught drinking? I call BULLSHIT. The woman can’t go PEE without someone with a camera flashing a picture of her. Her mom and dad didn’t step forward to try to capitalize on it by claiming Lindsay needed them to keep ehr from falling off the wagon again. Doesn’t add up. Sorry, but I’m not buying it until there is something OTHER THAN Fish trying to make up a story.

    • So where are the pic of her going pee???

    • Lohan used to drink vodka out of water bottles, even after her 36th rehab attempt. Unless proven otherwise, I’m always going to assume she’s drinking.

    • mud butt

      Right on, Dante

    • abe vigoda's eyebrows

      the roommates were drinking- no evidence Lindsay was. She had to go back to main facility for therapy….it’s all on TMZ.

    • Demi's Coke Binge

      Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Dante Calamari…the world’s first and only Lohan apologist.

      Seriously, it’s okay to think critically, but demanding proof that Lohan was drinking was kind of like demanding proof that gravity exists on our planet.

      • abe vigoda's eyebrows

        I am so over this stupid bitch, but no one was reporting that she drank. I am just being fair.

  5. RoboZombie

    When will the $cientologists swoop down and “save” her?

  6. Oh yes and Fish, your obsession with pictures of that nasty fat assed wanna-be Ghetto whore Coco is bordering on disturbing.

  7. Are we sure that is Lindsay or some cross dressing trany from Palm Springs?

  8. GravyLeg

    Judging by the pained look on BOTH of their faces, I would say the security guard has a handful of fire in pic #4.

    • jon and kate plus hate

      That poor cop looks like he is thinking “Oh my God, I just put my hand in an infected, oozing, mucous drenched, fire crotched, open sore, I wonder if there is any chlorine Bleach in the squad car”

  9. jojo

    Just booze? This is a Lohan for fuck sakes.I am sure she was injecting cocaine into her nipples.

  10. Lindsay Lohan was drinking? Is this legitimately even news?

    That’s like saying Pierce Brosnan was caught fucking a fat chick.

  11. Mary Exmass

    Oh that Lindsay! She’s like the Dennis the Menace of our age.

  12. GingleJanglez

    So you’re telling me Ursula in the Little Mermaid isn’t fictional?

  13. I blame liquor for being delicious.

  14. Nate

    SCUMBAG! Whats with the misleading headline? You know most people aren’t going to read the actual story.

  15. Bodacious B. Hind

    I’m planning to open a rehab center which includes a bar on the premises. I’ll charge twice as much as other celeb rehab facilities. Who the fuck cares if the patients “get better”..? The traditional approach never works either.

  16. FruitLoop

    Clinic Staff – “Mrs. Lohan, we see that our current treatments have not gone far enough. We’re moving you back to the main facility. The recovery efforts are going to get a little Harder as we go Deeper into the problem. You’re going to be getting some very “intensive therapy”. This next step is an experimental one, that we like to call the “Anal Intervention”.

    Dunn Dunn Dumm!

  17. KC

    She has a bad case of the cactus runs.

  18. Lindsay Lohan Drunk
    dengue fever
    Commented on this photo:

    looks like shed be a fun lay

  19. welldoneson

    Lindsay supporters need to realize she’s not really being accused of a crime, it’s not like we have to “prove” her innocent. Face it, she’s pissed!
    Dumbfuck bitch can’t drink without getting blotto.
    Too many brain cells are primed to shut down at the sight of alcohol.
    She’s in REHAB, people. That’s rehabilitation. She has issues

    I think it’s fairly obvious the narcissistic witch was drinking and the people running the rehab facility know it. To come on here and demand proof she was drinking is just too fucking stupid. Fuck off with that. NOW!

    Oh, and Lindsay, come over here; I have something to show you…


    “Lindsay Lohan Caught Drinking in Rehab”

    …and in other news, water is wet.

  21. Lindsay Lohan Drunk
    Commented on this photo:

    Sad part is…this is how I expect to see Lindsay Lohan…

  22. What a dumbass...

    So, she fucked up again already? What a dumbass. My prediction: she’ll come out saying “I’m not going to drink anymore”, and will immediately go back to the exact same enviornment (bars, parties, clubs) where booze is served; the absolute worst place for her. Then we’ll hear about how “the people around her are dragging her down”. Then we’ll see more pics of her stumbling/rumbling/bumbling out of clubs at 5am, all the while saying “I don’t drink”. Then she’ll fuck up one of her drug/booze random tests; white oprah will blame it on someone else. Then she’ll be pulled into court, she’ll blame others, blah, blah, blah. We’ve heard this bullshit so many times before; she basically created the “drunk loser” behavior track.

    I give her 3 months max. My big question is, how many times is it going to take before the court finally decides she’s a completely fucked up terminal drunk & cokewhore?

    • JollyJumJuck

      My guess is “never.” This cunt could run over five small children and Mother Teresa in a drunken stupor and get nothing more than a Babu-finger wagging in her face, with the judge saying “You veeeery bad! Veeeeeery bad girl!”

    • Lela

      Bingo. What you just predicted is the same thing she’s done the previous 4 times she’s come out of rehab a “changed” person. I think this is exactly what is going to happen.

      One would hope, once it’s proven that she assaulted the worker, that the judge would finally throw the book at her. Somehow, I really doubt it though, so we’ll go through another five times of this stupidity.

  23. non story

    If she has an addiction, do you really expect her to kick it overnight? From the posters here, apparently you do. Just wait till you get addicted to something. And who the fuck even cares about Lohan anyone?

  24. wim


  25. We all realize that the more we talk about this chick, the more we’ll hear about her… right?

  26. Lindsay Lohan Drunk
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like a crack whore.

  27. Lindsay Lohan Drunk
    Commented on this photo:

    she still look good tho

  28. Lindsay Lohan Drunk
    Anita Bonghit
    Commented on this photo:

    I miss these!

  29. stereogirl

    Just pointing this out – Lindsay passed drug and alcohol tests after the incident so she clearly wasn’t drinking. I know it’s automatically assumed that she’s in the wrong, but I think in this case, it’ll come out that she wasn’t in this case. Not that it matters. She’s already guilty in the eyes of the public.

  30. Lela

    No offence with her track record is more erroneous to assume she was sober. I totally believe that she was drinking and when caught flipped out on that BF worker.

    And by the way the drug and alcohol tests she passed after the incident were many hours after she returned from the bar, because she made such a huge stink about taking the test right after she got back.

    Maybe if she lied less, people would actually believe her.

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