Ben Affleck Visited Lindsay Lohan In Rehab

Because Ben Affleck clearly won’t stop until Jennifer Garner roundhouses his genitals into another dimension, he secretly visited Lindsay Lohan in rehab to offer his advice and support while she pretends to get her shit together for the 87th time. TMZ reports:

We’re told Ben talked to Lindsay about how to make a comeback in Hollywood — a subject on which he’s an expert. Ben talked to Lindsay about her career — on how talented she is and how she has the ability to turn things around.
Ben also told her how supportive the entertainment community is for people who make a real effort to get better and stay clean. Our sources say the meeting really touched her.
The meeting was not about Lindsay appearing in Ben’s new movie, “Live By Night.” Lindsay will not be in the flick.

Wow. And you can tell Ben’s advice really touched Lindsay because not only has she stayed sober, but she didn’t even start a false rumor that he offered her a role in his new movie and then leaked this private encounter to TMZ. She really is a whole new person.