Of Course Lindsay Lohan Thinks She’s In A Position To Judge Amanda Bynes

September 17th, 2012 // 39 Comments
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Lindsay Lohan already injected herself into the Tom Cruise Girlfriend Auditions story (Which I actually read this weekend and there’s not a single word about her.), so it really shouldn’t be a surprise she’s suctioning her fire-groin into onto Amanda Bynes fiasco. Via Twitter:

Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far? +

If we lived in a world where Lindsay Lohan wasn’t completely oblivious to the fact that at any given moment, someone’s asking why she isn’t dead, in jail and/or fired, then everyone would start pouring gin into their vaginas during pregnancy because baby’s get thirsty, too, so really we should be thanking her for being a walking bag of fetal alcohol syndrome with tits. Our lives are richer for it.

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  1. vandinz

    HAHA, Like she’s ever been punished. You fuckin ginger bitch.

  2. Shut The Fuck Up Lindsay. Upset someone’s stealing you shtick?

  3. Beaver Underground

    See children, don’t believe your parents. Smoking away any brain cell left after the drinking binge will mature your mind and body…. into a 60 year old senile hag.

  4. She’s upset at the attention paid to AB, not the lack of punishment. LL considers open drug usage and traffic accidents to be her niche market, kind of like Tyler Perry has made geriatric transvestism his own. Some kid from Nickelodeon denting bumpers while holding a one-hitter — it’s just too easy. Lohan feels she’s put in the work, you know?

  5. Sandoucheky

    It’s fucking unbelievable how much she looks like her crazed alkie mom now

  6. Smapdi

    Isn’t she also admitting guilt by her statement?

  7. judgingyou

    She’s the most oblivious, moronic humanesque thing; it’s insane. You were in jail for how long gin-ginger?

  8. The Grammar Police

    Baby’s ??? You mean babies, surely Fish. For shame.

  9. O.o

    wasn’t she supose to go to jail for like months and then got kicked out 6 days later cause they where already sick off her in there?

    yes lindsay you got punished alright >__>; (i think i got more trouble when i forgot too fill out a part of my taxes lol)

    • KC

      You’re thinking of Paris Hilton (who served 5 days as per google), Lindsay Lohan served a whole 84 minutes in jail in 2007, 14 days in jail in 2010, 30 days of house arrest in Feb. 2011, and then a whole four hours in November 2011. Which just sounds so inhumane, doesn’t it? I mean she was in Herbie Fully Loaded for god’s sake!

      • KC

        She has been in trouble so regularly that I completely forgot half these things before I checked the Interwez. Her pictue has to be next to the word fuckup in the dictionary by now, right?

  10. VV

    Wow, did she just turn this into a Disney/Nickelodeon thing? I often suspected she was dumb as balls, but this pretty much cements it…

  11. Alison

    Who cares about her anymore. She’s not even hot anymore…meh!

  12. El Jefe

    I think they should both have to oil wrestle each other topless for all of us to see for the harm that they have brought to society. I think we can all chip in some cash for enough cocaine to make both of them just a little more freaky and uninhibited during the oil wrestling.

  13. Lindsay Lohan Side Boob Lady Gaga Perfume Launch
    Commented on this photo:

    Lindsay Lohan standing next to a billboard that that says “Fame.” Is there such thing as the Irony Police? And did anyone bother to call them?

  14. SugarTits

    Amanda hasn’t mowed down a baby stroller yet. Lindsay please choke on a dinner roll.

  15. Lindsay Lohan Side Boob Lady Gaga Perfume Launch
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    Ten pound sack of potatoes with a head.

  16. logan

    My 26 year old son just spent a weeks vacation in LA for the first time. I told him, “If you see Lindsay Lohan stay away from her.” He said he would “fling a booger at her”. That pretty much sums up our thoughts on that subject.

  17. anonym

    dumb cunt forgot she’s a klepto, and has done far worse damage than amanda ever will.

    the ‘punishment’ suits the crime.

  18. anonym

    Dina and Lindsay both deserve a grudgefuck and a few pimpslaps, and then a toss in a dumpster. 2 of the dumbest women in america.

  19. Man, I cannot wait to live out my failed dreams through my kid.

  20. Turd Ferguson

    Whoa whoa whoa….

    Lindsey is blaming someone else for her own actions?
    When did this start?

  21. ayo

    Lindsay: Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?

    Judge: Amanda Bynes chances of turning around her career is around 7%, her chances of dying within the next year are around 95%, all of which are better chances than you have. People who have hope get a second chance. You, we’d like to lock up and throw away the key but we needed to get your lawyer off social assistance first and the only way to do that is to keep you consistently in court.

  22. Ben

    Go away you stupid twat.

  23. Lindsay Lohan Side Boob Lady Gaga Perfume Launch
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    Can’t polish a turd.

  24. Lindsay Lohan Side Boob Lady Gaga Perfume Launch
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    Obviously, Nickelodeon has better lawyers than Disney, duh!

  25. Meeeeeee! Meeeeee! Meeeee! It’s all about MEEEEE!

  26. Lindsay Lohan Side Boob Lady Gaga Perfume Launch
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    Nasty double chin ho.

  27. Lindsay Lohan Side Boob Lady Gaga Perfume Launch
    Anita Massengill
    Commented on this photo:

    the shit’s gone bad

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