Lindsay Lohan Says Ali is Healthy

September 12th, 2011 // 42 Comments

Because Lindsay Lohan is a trusted authority on healthy body images, here she is defending her sister Ali from accusations of anorexia and generally looking like Russell Brand. Via Twitter:

I love how haters pick on my sister yet every runway model is just as thin! My sister is gorgeous and I’m so proud of her and her career!!!!

Oh, so Ali looks just as thin and dying from heroin as all the other runway models. Phew. For a minute there, I thought Lindsay would say something completely retarded that defeats her entire point, but I always forget, we’re dealing with a master of logic and debate here. She’s practically a lawyer.

Photo: Fame, Getty, Pacific Coast News


  1. Lindsay Lohan No Shirt Bra
    Commented on this photo:

    does she ever not have a double chin anymore?

  2. Well, as long as she’s only “just as thin” as the entire class of narcissistic attention whores who are in the last stages of starvation. She really dodged that bullet.

  3. Isn’t that like Kate Gosselin saying the Octomom is an awesome mother?

  4. Kristal

    I dont care what anyone says Lindsay looks hot here!!! Mmmmmmmm xo

  5. Irony is people are picking on her because she’s Lindsay’s sister.

  6. Holy cat fuck, Superficlal, could you make this site any less iPad friendly?

  7. I never knew she was an expert on Parkinson’s. Now that Ali is healthy, can we get an update on Michael J Fox?

  8. Fletch

    Every time you think about posting something with a Blowhan in it, think twice and post Kelly Brook instead.

  9. Clarence Beeks

    Your sister has NO business being a Runway Model.

    And Linds, you like like you are in your late 40′s, not exactly the picture of health yourself.

    and GO DO YOUR COMMUNITY SERVICE, you fucking asshole.

    • Jack Ketch

      The poor kid’s mother Dina is probably pushing her to do it, ugly as she is. If Lindsay DOESN’T do her service (and it’s not looking good, lol), do you really think she’ll go to jail ? Nothing seems to stick to this broad … instead, she assaults our senses on these gossip sites looking, again, like she dressed in the dark at GoodWill. *barfs* I swear she looks like a homeless person (a homeless, crack-addicted person).

    • Lindsay Teflohan.

  10. Lindsay Lohan No Shirt Bra
    Commented on this photo:

    Ugly ass frap face. NOT HOT, DO NOT WANT, GO THE FUCK AWAY!

  11. Freebie

    Wait. Ali Lohan has a career?

  12. she IS practically a lawyer, look at how well she does in court. on public defender coffers.. you have to admit it’s pretty impressive.

  13. anonymoose

    No one cares what LL says; she clearly does not know up from down.

  14. What? You wouldn't?

    I’d still fuck your mouth Lindsay!

  15. Lindsay Lohan No Shirt Bra
    Commented on this photo:

    They must’ve brought out the coke.

  16. bob

    I hear Ali stood sideways once and got lost in the crowd.
    As for Lindsay, a friend of mine used to do cocaine. I asked her why she needed to do drugs… she said it intensified her personality. So I asked ‘but what if you’re an asshole.’

  17. Christopher Lambert’s hair from Highlander, Howard the Duck’s lips, the legs of an Imperial Walker, Bea Arthur’s man-voice. She’s like a hybrid of 80′s icons.

  18. Ali Lohan

    i have Groucho Marx eyebrows, i’m old school

  19. EmmaWatson's Vagina

    Ali and Lindsay are Fame Whore and Fame Whorer

  20. Lindsay Lohan No Shirt Bra
    Commented on this photo:

    Lookin’ a little bloated…

  21. Danielle

    “Just as thin as any runway model”
    Yeah, and just as unhealthy.
    They also keep saying Alli had a growth spurt as well. No one has a growth spurt of 5 inches at 17 unless you are a late blooming male. Most girls stop growing between 13 and 15.

  22. “She’s practically a lawyer.”

    She certainly had enough court dates to have a law degree. However, she’s spending way too much time upgrading her VAST medical experience so that she can make pronouncements about other people’s health.

  23. Lydell

    I thought that she was supposed to do a boat load of community service hours in a bordello. It seems that she is partying all the time, does she not have a soul or any compassion for the women in street that she is supposed to be helping find acting careers like her own.

  24. tlmck

    I agree that Ali looks healthy if “recently embalmed” is the look you are going for.

  25. Lindsay Lohan No Shirt Bra
    Commented on this photo:

    While everyone else cast their attention to the next model on the catwalk, Lindsay couldn’t keep her eyes off the one who was a little more heroin-chicer than all the rest.

  26. forrest gump

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, ALWAYS HUMORISTIC!!

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