Lindsay Lohan Can’t Have Visitors This Weekend. Aww…

July 23rd, 2010 // 74 Comments
Lindsay Lohan

With reports coming in that Lindsay Lohan is receiving special treatment in jail, authorities are leaking stories left and right to prove she only gets one massage – not two – before her nightly hot tub and smoothie. This time around, they want to make it clear that Lindsay already maxed out her visits during the week, and not the weekend like the normal riff-raff, which was only allowed for “security reasons.” RadarOnline reports:

“Inmates are allowed two 30 minute visits a week, from family and friends. Those don’t include professional visits by attorneys. Ms. Lohan already has had her two thirty minute visits for the week,” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson, Steve Whitmore told
Lindsay was visited by mom, Dina, and little sister Ali earlier this week, and ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson visited her Thursday.

Wait. She has to go an entire weekend without her mom telling her she did nothing wrong and this is everybody else’s fault? JESUS. I thought this was America, not 18th century France. She might actually learn a lesson if someone doesn’t do something. *shoves a crowbar in a cake* Hang on, Lindsay, I’m coming!

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  1. Randal(l)

    Man, that prison place really doesn’t look all that fun. Lindsay needs a better travel agent


  2. larrythefatcat

    umm… tear?

    seriously, no one cares!

  3. That cry face would be more convincing if i didn’t keep getting distracted with that upper lip

  4. Jesus

    As if you bumped Shakira for this.

  5. cranched

    Leave Lindsay Aloooooooooooonnnnee!

  6. Cock Dr

    She is STILL IN JAIL.

  7. burton

    she really fucked upher face, wow.

  8. ReElectNobody

    If I want to see an asshole I’ll drop my pants….

  9. mlaps1979

    Wow…it’s like she’s in prison.

  10. Internet

    Them titties

  11. havoc

    I want to hear about the showers with Large Marge…..


  12. ketut

    Quack quack

  13. It takes some people longer to grow up than others, and you can subtract one year for every year they have been on drugs. That would make her a teenager still. A dumb teenager.

  14. stinky mcpoop

    Keep a stiff upper lip, you fucking ginger duck.

  15. Why isn’t this picture NSFW?????? Trying to get me fucking fired ‘Fish?

  16. Randy Jackson from American Idol

    Fuck this dumb white bitch.

  17. Jaan Kanellis

    We need a Facebook HATE button for these types of posts.

  18. JollyJumJuck

    So I hear now she may serve a total of 10 days in Pamper Prison. Guess the “Fuck You” on her fingernail wasn’t meant for the judge, it was meant for all the little people who served actual time for far less crimes and misdemeanors, and to the justice system itself.

    • One crack to another

      I’m just glad she’s spending DAYS in jail instead of MINUTES. Unfortunately, she totally doesn’t think she has a problem yet, and jail won’t convince her otherwise. However, the required 90-day inpatient rehab MAY actually be the thing that gets her life back on track. She’ll also need a conservator once she gets out, only her parents TOTALLY aren’t up for the task. I’d like to offer myself up as her conservator, but I doubt I could keep my eyes off her massive mammaries long enough to do her any good.

  19. NotRandal

    Duck season!

  20. Maybe they will let Alexis visit her.

  21. anonym

    when she gets out next week, first thing she will do is get mega shitfaced.

    • woremorse2

      captain america,come on now,I am sure you would not want a young 23 yr. old to die,no matter how she screw’s up she has family that Love her. I really do not care for her ,but back a few years ago I thought The Parent Trap was great,She should get the hell out of Hollywood,she can’t handle herself,money has turned her mother and herself into zombies,WTF now she has crazed out so bad that no one will insure her,and the only people that were willing were the LINDA LOVELACE filmers.I could be way off,but I do know that she deserves a chance to get better,she is sick.

    • woremorse2

      anonym sorry,I replyed to the comment below,that was not meant for you,I agree with you

  22. captain america

    let’s hope she dies soon, folks.

    • Dennis89

      Dibs on the shenking! BTW I find it annoying how Britney could get her life back on track but Lindsay can’t didn’t they fuck up at the same time?

  23. dingdong

    What happened to her fishy mouth?! It does look more like a chimpansee mouth now!

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  25. Quinn

    I think that lindey needs to serve her time just like everybody else.
    Its not fare that she get “special shyt”.
    Its like ok if you have money or if your famous the law of the earth does not apply to them.
    Well guess what they freaking do.
    Whats up with this goverment and the courtsI mean really.

  26. m

    This a slap in the face, to Hollywood “stars” who helped our new President get in office. This is an outrage. you support this, you might as well vote Repugnican/NeoCon next time. you should all be embarassed if you want Lindsey in jail. We Progressives deserve a second chance. You NeoCons who say otherwise are just a bunch of racist Hollywood-hating racists.

    • ml

      Hey idiot–Lindsay is a Republican who supported John McCain. Her criminally irresponsible and criminally stupid mother blogs about hating Barack Obama 24/7. Sorry to break that to you, I know you were building a thesis there, right Brain Surgeon?

    • piper

      So, because some of us don’t feel sorry for LiLo not getting extra visitors in jail, we now have to vote “Repugnican”? Everyone is racist because we’re making fun of her horrible plastic surgery? I’d love to know how your brain worked, but it would also probably scare me.

      The real slap in the face is the fact that she will only serve a very small fraction of her jail sentence. She has had two DUI’s, a reckless driving charge, a couple possession charges, and she didn’t comply with her probation (all while giving a big “fuck you” to the court system, literally). She was given a second chance already and then she got another DUI. So yeah, I would say that she deserves the time in jail and rehab.

      I guess that makes me a “racist Hollywood-hating racist.”

  27. Ashley

    Why should we give celebrities a break? They do the crime then they should do the time just like T.I.

  28. The MAN

    I’d cum visit her!

  29. Goofball

    Man I wish we had a camera or something where we could see her getting raped in jail oh wait a second drop the soap doesn’t apply to women damn girls have all the luck even in prison………i’m sure they could find a way though hehehe hahahahah

  30. Look you entitled wench, you got what you deserved! So sick of these spoiled, whiney undereducated actresses and socialites looking to their high profile lawyers to undo the messes they get themselves into. Last week, Lindsay Lohan said “I’m not going to jail!” Looks like she got her comeuppance! Stay out of your car when you’re under the influence. If you want to kill yourself, fine, but don’t jeopardize innocent others.

  31. Norway

    What the fuck is this about? You should really be ashamed. Lindsay Lohan has struggled a lot in her life, and you apparantly don’t know a shit about it! I would acctually be surprised if she did not do something bad, considering everything she has been through. She really does not deserve all of the shit she is getting in media. She is in jail, she is doing it, leave her alone, and maybe we will se this wonderful, fantastic girl on the big screens again. I really want he best for her, she is the most talented celebrety ever, I would say! Love you, Lindsay!

  32. CrazyMan

    Some say leave her alone. I’d say trash her cuz she has been warned & warned and got away with it. Not anymore, GO TO JAIL and think about it like other non-celebrity people. WHO CARES IF SHE IS A CELEBRITY? She ain’t special and she is a real bitchy actor setting bad examples. Non-celebrity people’s lives ruined if done like what she did and them frickin celebrities making tons of moola thinking money can buy excuses & avoid jail time. Hell no for her and hell yes GO TO JAIL

  33. Carol

    Glad she finally got what was coming to her,she is know better then anyone else.Maybe she will learn her lesson..Hurray for the JUDGE it’s about time. Lindsay is a punk thinks she can get away with it.Sorry Lindsay didn’t work this time.

  34. bsti

    It sounds like the jail might be catching a little heat for all the special treatment she’s been getting.

  35. Tony Lawrence

    I wished all of you people would just leave her alone; and while your at it stop making fun of her and making her the but of your jokes.

  36. SouthPaw

    Lets all quit being hypocrites and give the girl a break

  37. Not a rocket scientist

    If yu peeppull wood used sum punkchuashun an spel write maybee i kood take watch yoo saa seereuslee.. knot judgn, jest a mazeed at aull thaa iz ritten rong.

  38. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    So sweet

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