Lindsay Lohan Can’t Have Visitors This Weekend. Aww…

With reports coming in that Lindsay Lohan is receiving special treatment in jail, authorities are leaking stories left and right to prove she only gets one massage – not two – before her nightly hot tub and smoothie. This time around, they want to make it clear that Lindsay already maxed out her visits during the week, and not the weekend like the normal riff-raff, which was only allowed for “security reasons.” RadarOnline reports:

“Inmates are allowed two 30 minute visits a week, from family and friends. Those don’t include professional visits by attorneys. Ms. Lohan already has had her two thirty minute visits for the week,” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson, Steve Whitmore told
Lindsay was visited by mom, Dina, and little sister Ali earlier this week, and ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson visited her Thursday.

Wait. She has to go an entire weekend without her mom telling her she did nothing wrong and this is everybody else’s fault? JESUS. I thought this was America, not 18th century France. She might actually learn a lesson if someone doesn’t do something. *shoves a crowbar in a cake* Hang on, Lindsay, I’m coming!

Photo: Getty