Liam Neeson’s Converting To Islam

January 26th, 2012 // 93 Comments
Liam Neeson

“I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for a convert, I can tell you I don’t have faith. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me pretty handy in the kitchen for people like you, so I was thinking maybe we hit up some homeless shelters. Feed some poor people…”

After Catholicism did little to comfort him after the death of Natasha Richardson, Liam Neeson has found himself considering a switch to Islam which, not to sound xenophobic, means it’s pretty much all over for us now. The Sun reports:

The actor, 59, admitted Islamic prayer “got into his spirit” while filming in Turkish city Istanbul.
He said: “The Call to Prayer happens five times a day and for the first week it drives you crazy, and then it just gets into your spirit and it’s the most beautiful, beautiful thing.
“There are 4,000 mosques in the city. Some are just stunning and it really makes me think about becoming a Muslim.”

In all seriousness, Christianity and Islam are both insanely violent religions that will eventually blow us all sky high to prove the other wrong, however, some of its members are genuinely nice people in search of peace, so it really wasn’t fair of me to suggest Liam Neeson is going to martial arts us all in the dick in the name of Allah. Then again, we have to at least consider the possibility because have you seen the man fight? His arms are eight feet long and nothing but elbow, so I dunno, maybe we deny his visa just to be safe. But break it to him gently because, again, just all elbow.

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  1. vandinz


  2. Matt

    Let’s see if Supe writer has the same balls to openly mock Muhammad as he does Jesus.

    • He just fucking did. Now, wasn’t it incredibly Christian of you to wish pain and hurt on people who follow that religion, people who you don’t even know, just to even the score? Jesus is so incredibly lucky to have you on His team, looking out for His interests just as He taught you.

      • POWW

        Just shut up. I doubt very much anyone on this site are
        religious scholars. Saying that, I believe Mohamad was a SOLDER. Christ wa a pacifist Big difference.

      • Lead or tin? You don’t have to be a religious scholar to realize that trying to get some payback by urging the Fish to attack someone else is not exactly what’s meant by “do unto others” – seriously, it ain’t that hard. While Christ may have been a pacifist who disapproved of “an eye for an eye”, it seems that the concept of retribution isn’t something His followers want to let go of.

      • Sliver

        justi, you got a hard-on against Jesus or something? Never thought I would ever use those 2 words in a sentence, LOL.

    • LOL, Sliver – and you’re goin’ to hell for it.
      Nope, I’m not taking a hack at Jesus, which you might have picked up if you read a little closer. The only problem I have is with people who act all butthurt because someone dared to criticize Christianity and then, because they’re so devout and upstanding and follow its tenets, think that the appropriate response is to advocate equal abusive treatment for other religions . Massive disconnect doesn’t begin to cover it.

      • Personally, I love Jesus so much, I let him cum inside me.

      • pfk

        Good God justifiable, you take yourself soooo seriously, don’t you? The fact is that none of you progs in hollywood, the lib media, or anywhere, will ever have the guts to do ANYTHING that might be taken for disrespect of Muhammad (like draw, print, or publish a picture!) because you’re scared witless of Muslims, whereas urine seems to be a big part of the respect your crowd shows anything Christian. I mean, listen to yourself. Nowhere in Matt’s comment did he wish pain or hurt on anybody. You interpreted it that way because you KNOW some Muslim will issue a fatwa on Fish if he did mock that Muslim guy. Notice how nobody is afraid to mock the Christian guy. If that doesn’t tell you something then you are even more pseudo intellectual than I thought.

    • You fell for that, “I’ll still respect you in the morning” bit, dintcha?

    • “Let’s see if Supe writer has the same balls to openly mock Muhammad as he does Jesus.

      “Nowhere in Matt’s comment did he wish pain or hurt on anybody”

      pfk, I’d tell you to look up “schadenfreude” but I know you couldn’t handle the concept. And if you seriously think I’m so afraid of a fatwa that I KNOW will be called on Fish that I’m telling him “not to mock that Muslim guy” (which one? where?) then you’re more of a colossal fuckwit than I thought.

      You completely missed the point, which is a phrase I’m sure you hear a lot, but here it is: I have no problem criticizing Islam, nor, it seems, does Fish. But getting all butthurt because Fish took another swipe at Christianity and telling someone to go after another religion will not take the heat off the abuses and hypocrisies practiced by yours. And if you profess to belong to a religion that promotes treating your neighbor as you, yourself, would like to be treated, then calling for a smackdown on your neighbor’s religion just to even the score for your being butthurt means than you need to re-evaluate your membership, because you lost touch with it quite a while ago. And you deserve all the mockery there is if you insist you haven’t.

      • pfk

        You really do need to work on your reading comprehension. I believe we’ve had a similar “discussion” before under the story concerning Willow’s facebook fag comment, and it doesn’t appear that your debating skills have improved at all since then.

  3. Inmate 12236969

    To all you fuckers that say Christianity is violent meet me in the parking lot and I’ll kick your fucking ass.

  4. Morgan

    So he decides to become a terrorist to avenge his dead wife, how sad.

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    He doesn’t look Sunni

  6. Eddie Baby

    They must have really gotten to Neeson after he did “Taken.” I can’t see any other reason he has gone coo coo for Islam.

  7. What’s the over-under on how long his conversion lasts, once he finds out Muslims aren’t supposed to drink?

  8. Daddy-O

    “There are 4,000 mosques in the city. Some are just stunning and it really makes me think about becoming a Muslim.”
    …Yep, that’s why you should convert: Architecture.

  9. Inmate 12236969

    Maybe he wants 72 virgins? I’d rather have two sluts that knows how to fuck and suck.

  10. Archie_Leach

    The first thing Liam Neeson needs to do is strap on a bomb and go find George Lucas and take that fucker out to make up for putting him through – and us having to suffer through – the crap Phantom Menace.

  11. yoü

    everybody just STFU! no one of you knows anything about any religion, so don’t you dare to write any fucking thing about anything!
    and you f**er, what the hell do you mean with: “…In all seriousness, Christianity and Islam are both insanely violent religions that will eventually blow us all sky high to prove the other wrong…” ?!?!?
    wtf? what about judaism? that religion is completely peaceful and in the Gaza-Stripe everybody is loving everybody!
    you all are no better, than any other religious fanatics, who are forcing people to believe, what they are preaching.
    everybody should be free and convert to anything they want…

  12. tlmck

    And this revelation is tied to the release of a movie. How convenient. The dude was just reading his interview from a card like every other actor.

  13. Nacho

    uuuuuuuuu say good by to your carrier mister Liam

  14. timmy

    He was inspired by Islam in Istanbul? I hope he realizes that it was the capital of Orthodox Christianity, and what the Muslims did to them there. They are still banned from practicing their religion in this “moderate” Islamic state (see Halki seminary).

  15. anonymous

    This article is disgusting. Perhaps you should consider getting an education or some manners before you speak about a religion like that.
    There are bad people in EVERY religion, nation, etc.
    Too bad there are uneducated pigs like you around though.

    • Godisafairy

      All religion is a control mechanism designed by the elite in order to make you easily manipulated.

      Nice to see so many of you lack the brain cells to realize that. Keep worshiping your invisible space dad, regardless of what color he is, and making life awful on Earth for those of us that enjoy rational thought instead.

      • anonymous

        I didn’t need a philosophy lecture, but thanks.
        People are entitled to their opinion. You can follow whatever you want. I have my faith and you have yours.

    • And the “bad people” are the ones who are responsible for the insane acts of violence in their religion’s name – so what’s the more “educated” approach here, recognizing that this history does exist and calling out both sides, or sticking your fingers in your ears and going “Nonononono, you can’t say anything bad about Christianity!” A representative of which, BTW, burned a Qu’ran last year to “put it on trial”, and not only didn’t give a shit whether it had an impact on any of his fellow Christian solders in Afghanistan, he put a video of it on the ‘net with Arabic subtitles, to prompt an “awakening”. According to Smoky McArson’s son, “We’re not very well-educated. We’re just simple people trying to do the right thing.”

      I think if you’re really lookimg for uneducated pigs you’d better start your search within the fold.

  16. anonymous

    That’s your opinion and I’m not going to criticize you on it.
    I’m not defending any religion. Just stating that there are people, like you’ve probably seen, that take religion seriously and don’t behave like extremist crazies we see these days. You have bad apples everywhere, so it isn’t exactly fair to blame all the people of that faith for what the few insane people do. Yes, there are crazy Christians and crazy Muslims and whatnot, but the ones who do take religion so extremely are usually the ones that know nothing about it and follow their own definition of said religion.
    Then again, that’s just my opinion. I apologize for my name-calling, but I believe that even if one doesn’t agree with what a religion preaches or practices, they shouldn’t really make a mockery of it because there are a significant amount of people who do value a religion, whether it is Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc.
    I repeat, sorry for any rude comments I might have made earlier.

    • Shrim

      Christians, Jews, and Muslims can all suck my AIDS-infected cock.

    • I really think you might want to consider what “mockery” means here re Christianity. To me, that would mean calling Christ a zombie and impugning His character, teachings, motives and anything else regarding the tenets of the faith. Stating that the religion has spawned millenia of violence in His name isn’t mocking anything, it’s a statement of fact. You may not like the way people have expressed that faith over the centuries, but to claim it shouldn’t be mentioned because to mention those wars, misdeeds, oppressions and atrocities is somehow “disrespectful” is to draw a thick veil of ignorance over a large chunk of western – and eastern – history, and there’s far too much ignorance going on in the world today to let anyone get away with that in the name of devotion.

  17. mahiyahh


    • Shut up, Kanye.

    • Stating that Osama bin Laden isn’t a true Muslim, and in the next line claiming you don’t even believe he even exists, is classic – it means you can’t even conceive of a Muslim who could twist the meaning of the Qu’ran to do anything evil or murderous in the Prophet’s name. That’s just as bad as any Christian who claims that Christianity is a religion based on loving thy neighbor and therefore no abuses ever occured in Christ’s name. In other words, thanks for your statement of kindness and all, but it’s basically a windy exercise in denial – and is therefore, sadly, meaningless.

      • monkeyass

        @justifiable, no there are bad muslims, because most people from all backgrounds are a bunch of fucking morons. But Osama is another issue, his ass wasnt real, government made that shit up.

    • Inmate 12236969

      Dude you’re not a real Muslim you’re probably one of those converted fuckers living in the west. I was stationed in the Kingdom of SA and Mullah’s are running around all over that country judging people! They have religious police over there so you’re full of shit when you say Muslims don’t judge.

      Also when those oil rich fuckers come to Las Vegas their daughters are running around in thong bikinis fucking their asses off. Also drving cars what a shocker!!!

    • chupacabra

      You know how you know they are muslim? They type all their responses in all caps – it’s the internet equivalent of their crazy parades where they burn effigies, american flags, and in the extreme, pop off a bomb they strapped to their chest… they really love all caps, man.

  18. Reality

    Unfortunately for you Mr. Neeson you would never be accepted into the Muslim community because you are white.

  19. James T

    The writer of this article is a bigot.

  20. John

    Liam better be joking on this one!

  21. ya

    You just made the exact argument of an Islamic Fundamentalist. When people dare to criticize Islam as a “violent religion”, Muslims protest, burn embassies, and commit cold-blooded murders. Yeah, they showed everyone who the violent ones are.

    • monkeyass

      no not really. It’s just a group of random people off the streets in uneducated countries that the media focuses on to brainwash people into hating people who are different form them so the government can spew their hate on those people and control the masses by giving orders and instilling fear in their people. It’s about control, and that was a very long sentence

      • INMATE 12236969

        All the 911 hijackers were educated. Osama bin Laden was from a wealthy Saudi family and highly educated.

  22. He just wants the 72 virgins because Natasha wasn’t that good looking. Who wants to see that in the next life?

  23. JPC

    After reading this thread, I’m not sure if Christians are violent people. But I do now know that they’re the most fucking annoying people alive.

    Seriously…..All these people come to a….. celebrity gossip website…… to complain about a joke where Christians are called violent? Really???? This is the best use of your time? You people are fucking pathetic, and I have to think that if Jesus wasn’t just your imaginary friend, he’d agree with me.

    • What? You think that a true follower of Christ show be out doing charitable acts? It’s better to stand outside of abortion clinics and hold up placards than volunteer to help out at an orphanage or an adult literacy center.

  24. ozge

    tf Liam?i live in istanbul and i’m an atheist.why would you come all the way from Ireland and decide you wanna be a muslim i dont understand.seriously quran is full of ego and violence muhammed wrote it by himself and it is completely full of s hit.

  25. Laura

    The writer of this blog seems an intelligent guy, so it’s too bad to see phrases like “Christianity and Islam are both insanely violent religions”. It’s really hurtful to us who believe in God, who never want any harm to others, no matter what the religion. It’s not the religions that are violent, anyone who has read the bible or the Quran can say that, it’s the people’s way to modifie the message to suit to their purposes that give the negative impression to people who are not so familiar with the teachings.

    Like somebody already said here, every religion has it’s crazy supporters, but you should keep an open mind and let everyone just believe in what they want to, and focus on your behaviour towards the others!

    Sorry for the possible typos, not english-speaking!

    Love from Finland

  26. MisterSuccint

    I know what he’ll choose as his Muslim name.
    “Liam Neeson Hints He Might Return as Ra’s al Ghul in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’”

  27. alex

    So Liam is considering changing religions. Good for him. As long as it doesn’t hurt me, what do I care?

    However, the concept that Islam is similar to Christianity in terms of fostering violence is laughable.

    Sure there are the one or two percent “fringe” elements in every religion but 2% of two billion is 40,000,000 radical islamists. But I’m not sure its 1 or 2% because I’ve been waiting in vain to hear from the other 98% denouncing the actions of their whacko 1-2%. Where are the rallies in NYC and London and Paris denouncing the daily violence across the globe perpetrated as gods will? When I hear from them, I’ll believe its just 1%. I truly hope its soon because innocent, normal people are dying every single day in places like Syria and Iran.

    • monkeyass

      most muslims dont even practice islam. Muslim nations with serious issues are always due to lack of education. There are muslims all over the u.s. who came as refugees and they are like everybody else. Maybe in england its not so good because they brought in pakistanis and indian muslims who were very uneducated and refuse to assimilate in england. Bu tin america its not like that.

      • INMATE 12236969

        I say again: All the 911 hijackers were educated. Osama bin Laden was from a wealthy Saudi family and highly educated.

  28. Ellen

    Just because he appreciates and maybe even really likes the cultural and ritual aspects surrounding islam doesnt mean he is converting. How stupid are you people?

  29. Haha, Muslims have adopted the communistic Marxist/Alinsky tactics of taking over America. I hope they do. It would be worth watching libtards squirm having religion shoved down their entitlement throats.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      That would be far more preferable than the republicans having any power. Don’t be late for school, your writing needs work.

  30. Lara

    well, it is clearly a personal decision, but I have heared the Azan also, sure you feel good. also I have come cross this video,

    I live with muslims here where I work, and they are very good people, honest and trust worthy


  31. me

    His christian forefathers who lived and some probably fought and died for their faith, would be ashamed of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. mahiyahh

    You don’t respect your prophet lyk we do there will be nothing to say !!! when judgement they comes i hope you all can answer the questions like a Muslim do. ..wish you luck for that !!! . Ozge inanmıyorum demek o kdr kolay ki namaz kılmak,oruç tutmak ,zekat wermek gibi soumluluklardan inanmıyorum diyerek sıyrılmak .. Başın azcık sıkışsın başlarsın Allahım yardım et demeye !!! Allah seni müslümanlıkla şerefrendirir inşAllah …

  33. Soviet Snow

    Mohammed can suck my bulls balls. Evil twisted mofo.

  34. HorontHearsABoob

    Tasted like tahini….and Jews.

  35. DK

    He should become a Muslim, its the only way to salvation. It’s the world’s only true religion.

  36. Quest Truth

    is it sensible to embrace a faith or ideology driven only by a personal even spiritual experience? We don’t know what we embrace until we have exhausted the studying of the history, the political, the legal, the economic aspects and the effect on the populations subjected to such a belief governing power. I mean is Islamic Sharia fair for women and the second class DHIMMI subjects? Check
    What reasons have the ex-Muslims to defect knowing death is the verdict for apostasy? See what they say at
    Liam Neeson’s intelligence deserves to make a truly informed decision.

  37. Regularguy

    Wow…. I cant believe these are grown ups commenting.
    The Fact is that Whoever has studied Islam thoroughly has submitted to it….. why dont you try it yourselves??
    Most people believe what the media tells them…. which is lies, carefully planned and presented by twisting facts and cooking up stories…. you dont have to take anyone’s word for it… study Islam… try learning about the late Amina Assilimi, an American (catholic) woman who started learning the Quran and about Islam to proove to muslims that they are wrong…. but ended up becoming a muslim herself…. google up her name if you want to learn more about her….hers is a very powerful and emotional story.
    An indepth study will only make you better informed at the least!
    Peace be upon you!

  38. سید فیضان ابراہیم

    لیام نیسن ، آپ کو خوش آمدید کہتا ہوں.
    اور کوئی شک نہیں کے الله کے نصدیق دین صرف اسلام ہی ہے.

  39. jerry

    Dumb anti-religion people need to understand the simple fact that the rich banking families in the world have caused most of the wars. Its always been greed not religion. Religion has been used as a scapegoat because its something people are emotionally attached to. I’m surprised athiests haven’t figured that out, seeing as how they think they are smarter than people who follow religion.

  40. Joe

    With all due respect. Whoever wrote this ‘article’ is a loud moron.

    And it shows here the comments too who it’s addressing to, equally other morons.

    The ones who are ANGRY and VIOLENT are the people in this article.

    What is the west? Christian? It’s secular and it’s the one causing mass millions of deaths in the middle-east for the last ten+ years.

    Who was hitler? Christian? No an atheist.

    Who was stalin? A christian or a jew? No an atheist, a communist.

    Grow up out of your eurocentric ‘church = all religions’. The church sucks because its nothing to do with God. Christianity has nothing to do with Jesus’ teachings. So who are you really hating?

    Stop the ignorance.

  41. Harrypotter

    Sorry, I genuinely don’t see why you feel the need to criticize Islam when most of you probably haven’t even read the Quran. Educate yourself before blindly accepting the media’s portrayal of Islam. In what way does his converting to Islam mean that it’s ‘pretty much all over for us now’? Religion is something that has nothing to do with anyone else, and as a Muslim, I can assure you that I’ve never done any of the horrible things that Muslims are accused of. So I suggest that you ignorant lot go study up about what Islam is really about and learn about the virtues of Islam that drew Liam Neeson to it in the first place. Even if you don’t agree with Islam, I don’t see why any of you have to criticize those who follow it.

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