Leo’s New Girlfriend Is Nineteen… Shocker?

The fact that Leonardo DiCaprio is banging another 19-year-old model isn’t necessarily news, but it does give us an excuse to post pictures of scantly-clad women… which is kind of our M.O. Leo was spotted leaving an LA nightclub with Juliette Perkins. This makes the sixth model he’s been seen spending intimate time with either surrounded by his pussy posse or flying solo. What happened to the others? Your guess is as good as mine, but Tobey Maguire hasn’t really worked since 2014 so I’m going to guess that his hands are full picking up scraps. Who could forget the time he was caught by paparazzi pulling a double-header date with two different models back in September?

There isn’t much information out there on Juliette Perkins. I was able to dig up a profile on Steele.com and it turns out she’s from New Zealand. She also says that “My biggest career highlight so far is being able to travel… I have seen places around the world I never thought I would get to see.” When you search her name now however, the search results have been flooded by articles about her and Leo so I guess she might need to update that profile soon…

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