Leonardo DiCaprio loves Jersey Shore, says kid from Jersey Shore

January 15th, 2010 // 44 Comments

Probably the biggest pile of bullshit I’ve ever read. Via E! News:

“I was hanging out in Leonardo DiCaprio’s VIP area,” Vinny told me earlier today. “He came up to me and said, ‘Vinny, you’re a good Italian kid.’ I guess he saw the episode where my family comes. They were all saying I’m a good kid, levelheaded, have a good family and stuff like that.”
While it’s highly unlikely Vinny will ever come close to reaching DiCaprio’s level of fame, that didn’t stop the actor from offering some words of wisdom to the young Staten Island native.
“He was trying to give me some advice about riding the wave and not letting things get to me,” Vinny said, adding, “I’ve never been to L.A. before, so this is pretty crazy. It was my first club experience last night, so it was wild.”

I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume Leonardo DiCaprio has no fucking clue who’s on Jersey Shore and lives a full and productive life because of that fact.. However, I’m willing to believe he approached them because their “Chesty Ugnaught” was scaring away the 20 models he’s trying to bang in a pool of Bar Refaeli’s tears. That sounds reasonable.


  1. chins

    4th Photo… Holy freaking chins….

  2. Jayone

    HAHAHA!!! Dude, you’re on fire today!! The Fergie comments this morning made me spit my coffee out, but you’ve outdone yourself with “Orko with Tits”

  3. drew hammond

    I don’t know why but I find something sexy about her. I think she would be a great fuck. i would have her short legs in the air and those funbags bouncing around while I pound that pussy.

  4. OB

    Gotta admit I watch the show. Pauly D seems like the only level headed one

  5. Nerd Jack City

    As an Italian American, I just want to remind you, we have not cornered the market on skanks. Of either sex. I know it looks like it. But seriously, I know tons of Polish skanks.

  6. Bee

    now I know what Ginny Sak from the Soprano’s looked like as a teenager

  7. Brian0523

    I bet this midgetlookingbimbocunt’s pussy smells like cheese

  8. OTP

    Damn guidos…

  9. This show is great for all wrong reasons, classic.

  10. Just corious… what kind of idiot is she ?

  11. Yo Guidos

    Off the Subject but: Donate your old shoes to Sports Chalet for Haitian Relief – sponsored by Soles for Souls – they have baskets in the front

  12. sadasd

    what’s missing here is a photo of vinny.

  13. Mr. Lahey

    Why do people knock these guys?

    I wasn’t a guido (or whatever you call it) but 5 or so years ago my buddies and I did the exact same thing. Picking up ho’s and getting into scraps. Thats part of being young. Big deal.

    People who hate this show are jealous and were were probably sitting at home and watching TV with their parents during their 20′s.

    I agree with #5 OB about Pauly D

  14. OTP

    @15: I don’t knock them for what they do, necessarily. They can live their lives and do whatever they want. But when they think they’re all celebrities for being average, normal people, it’s just stupid. There’s nothing special about these people. They aren’t changing the world or doing anything significant and worthwhile…

  15. Nameless

    Anyone else think if you poke Snooki with a stick hard enough she start leaking gravy?

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  18. Dirty Sanchiz - gay for noticing

    Not to be too much of a homo, but JWowwwww has a ring on her finger? Did Cap’t Save-a-hoe propose?

  19. Stupid

    I can’t believe you fucking losers watch this crap. I swear the world will end in 2012. It has to, you people are all FUCKED.

  20. Mike

    I cannot stand this girl. I am so glad that some guy socked her. As a matter of fact I would love to put this girl on this list. http://www.ranker.com/list/10-celebrities-that-should-die-in-2010/ian-tindell I’d put her on the list but I am unsure if she is even considered a celebrity. Die Sookie.

  21. gen

    Hahaha, check out the captions to pics 5 and 6. But seriously, who is the guy in pic 6? He’s pretty hot minus all the hairgel and douchey clothes.

  22. Leo and Jersey look awesome together. They both compliment each other.

  23. hobbz

    Oh My she’s like an extra from Basketball Diaries!

  24. gigi

    damn! Pauly D is hot……..

  25. ChiCityMama

    Why is that Angelina chic there? She was on the show for a day.

  26. Pal

    “I was hanging out in Leonardo DiCaprio’s VIP area,”

    Name dropping is pathetic.

  27. lp

    i think this is true, actually. they were talking about meeting leo on chelsea and had stars in their eyes from the whole experience. i totally believe a bunch of dudes in hollywood love the jersey shore kids because they probably reminisce their 20′s through this show while it plays on their 900ft plasma tvs, etc. pauly d claims he looked up at them and extended his hand while saying “GTL, baby!” which apparently is guido code for gym, tan, laundry. who knew, leo?

  28. jerseygirl

    MOST of us did the same things that these IDIOTS are doing. BUT we’re not dumb enough to have ourselves video taped for our kids and familys to see. It is going to haunt them for the rest of their lives

  29. I love this show. Naughty New Jersey.

  30. ovejarry

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  33. maric38

    @27 I was thinking the same thing

  34. I’m on Nyquil Plus Vit C, so I’m not gonna hold back here.

    1st off, these goombas think because someone has a vowel at the end of their name that they are just like the peasant stock that Italy flushed out in the mid 1800′s to early 1900′s.

    Did you see that guy’s family? Lower class peasant stock that can’t enunciate and say “he/she don’t” instead of he/she doesn’t. I’m sure the Mom was a good cook but Leo DiCaprio isn’t noticing these people who’s grandfathers were picking potato bugs out of their ass on the way over to Ellis Island and live in Staten Island for crying out loud. Leo’s Italian side means ‘Of Capri’ and his ancestors are cut from a finer cloth. And he isn’t even all Italian, he’s mostly German and had the blondest hair & blue eyes as a baby. He’s not associating himself with these mud colored maniacs!

    And that Snooki is from some Chilean Indian tribe that hails from poverty and bad genetics. She isn’t even Italian, she was adopted. If she wasn’t she’d be sitting in a hut somewhere weaving baskets. The End.

  35. jp

    whatever… i just want to put my face in snooki’s chest

  36. J

    The only thing this rotund piglet has going for her is
    her big tits and a cushion thats good for pushin.
    Open that mouth and a cock should be in it or
    out of it after depositing some liquid linguini.
    No brains, no class, no clue.
    Bend over you dopey wop twat, here comes your
    10 inches of fame.

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  40. I am so happy that a guy is hit. In fact Id put this girl in this list.that-should-die-in-2010/ian-tindell put it on the list but I am not sure if it is still considered a celebrity.

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