Leonardo DiCaprio Probably Banged Rihanna

Is that really Leo behind 50 Cent, or has your mind simply become Jonah Hill? INCEPTION!

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Someone named Nikki Erwin had a birthday party at the Playboy mansion on Saturday and apparently when she blew out her candles she wished for karate butt sex, because at that exact moment Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna appeared and started making out. Via TMZ:

… designer Nikki Erwin had boyfriend/producer Chuck Pacheco — “Alpha Dogs,” “My Sister’s Keeper” — invite him to her star-stacked 30th B-Day at the Playboy Mansion Saturday … and our spies tell TMZ, Cap and RiRi were gettin’ super steamy and even swapping spit.

Can we call them Rihannardo? Because I’m doing that now. Of course Rihannardo had sex. Rihannardo being in the same room and not having sex would be like Bill Cosby and an unsuspecting drugged woman in his green room not hav– you know where I’m going with this. Rihannardo banged. Rihannardo™.

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