Lena Dunham’s Topless, Too, Goddammit

Christian conservatives like to flail their arms around and say America is becoming Nazi Germany because people sometimes disagree them and don’t go, “Why, yes, we should become a theocracy based on a 2,000 year old book that says you can stone women and gays to death. How do we make that happen?” However, if they pointed at things like, say, Lena Dunham posing topless on Instagram to impose her views on Planned Parenthood, which I actually support, I’d be more inclined to take them seriously because that sounds exactly like some shit Hitler would pull:

“Herr Fuhrer, I do not zink exterminating zee Jews is a good idea.”
“Then perhaps I can persuade you. WITH MY TITTIES!” *rips off shirt*
“No! Herr Fuhrer, please! We’ll vill vipe them out. We’ll vipe out zee whole race! Oh, God, zey’re so mishapen.”

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Photo: Instagram