Lena Dunham Doesn’t Want ‘Jason Bourne’ To Have Guns, Isn’t Helping

And then Beyonce goes “‘When I do this, I mean kill all cops.’ What, was I not supposed to tell people?”

It’s no secret that Fish and I believe in a social safety net, and that the best way to ensure its existence is through government intervention. Included in that net is the right to live without fear of being shot to death, even if you’re — and this is pretty radical, so try to follow me here — a black person who has committed a crime in the past. Gasp! I know, I know, secret woman libtard fag pussy who has “no clue about the real world!” Guilty. So anyway, that’s why it really chaps our ass when celebrities who share our views decide to toss some idiotic chum to the other side of the argument, so they can hold the anecdote up as extremism, when we’d really love to just start with “Let’s not have elementary school kids or dads in front of their children being executed.” Which is where Lena Dunham and her bullshit about tearing guns off of Jason Bourne posters comes in, because if there’s anyone who can destroy a worthy cause in its tracks, it’s the woman who thought a light child molestation anecdote would be great for the body positivity movement. Via Huffington Post:

New Yorkers, including “Girls” creator Lena Dunham, have been taking notice of posters for the upcoming movie “Jason Bourne” plastered around the city featuring Matt Damon pointing a pistol.

On Tuesday, Dunham reposted an image shared by “Girls” producer Tami Sagher showing a defaced subway ad for the movie with the gun stripped from the poster.

She already pulled her repost that said “Good idea … Let’s go!” so, here’s the original horseshit call to action.

I get where the frustration with guns comes from, but this is the exact kind of thing that the NRA and by extension, the right, will latch onto as the out of touch “Hollywood elite” view that all liberals have when it comes to guns. And it couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s pretty simple. Smart people, i.e. gun control advocates, understand that Jason Bourne, John McClane, and Rambo are not real. Not only does the violence that occurs in their movies and on their posters have minimal effect on actual, real world violence, but they also shouldn’t be fantasized as heroic examples of what a club full of gay dudes could have become if only they weren’t tethered by restrictive gun regulations. So let’s bring this back to the original point: Can we get guns out of the hands of a least a few deranged lunatics and/or cops who don’t deserve to be on the force before we tackle the movie poster problem? In other words, shut up, and sit the fuck down, Lena Dunham. You’re not helping.

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