LeAnn Rimes pretty much admits she had an affair

March 18th, 2009 // 55 Comments

On the heels of an Us Weekly story reporting she had an affair with her Northern Lights costar Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes addressed fans on her website this morning and didn’t exactly deny the allegations:

This is a difficult time for me and my loved ones, but I appreciate all your continued support.
I would like to assure all of you that this is a place for you to hear things directly from me and as you all know, not everything in our lives is always black and white.
Have faith,

Coincidentally, Northern Lights premiere this Saturday, so hats off to the Lifetime network marketing department on this one. I would’ve loved to been a fly on the wall during that meeting:

Based on a true story.

EXEC: Okay, here’s the plan: LeAnn you’re going to have cheat on your dorky looking husband with smoldering hot Eddie here. We’ll leak it to Us Weekly a few days before the the movie prem- Wow, you’ve already got your clothes off.
LEANN: I just love marketing so much. Now let’s print some money. With my vagina.
EXEC: Oh, good. You paid attention during the PowerPoint.

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  1. you suck

    I’m not going to be one of those idiots who says first.

  2. Que

    Que sneaky sneaky.

  3. Erica

    There is no way that Dean guy is straight. Just none.

  4. lok

    Yet another redneck love story.

  5. I need one of those vagine-money printing machines!

  6. matilda jeffries

    Cheating on your husband is bad, but that guy is Hot.

    So, I’m gonna go ahead and call it a draw.

  7. beep beep

    Leann’s husband has a womanly mouth.

  8. Vicki

    Why would he cheat on his beautiful model wife with horse face LeAnn Rimes? What a douche.

  9. lola

    Expect this to happen when teens get married. It is much better to have a baby daddy

  10. Redneck guy from the assrape scene in the movie "Deliverance"

    “He shor has pretty mouf. Now yer gonna do sum prayin’ fer me boy….and yeu better pray good.”

  11. Frank N Stein

    I’d play that like Willie Nelson on a banjo.

  12. Rome

    If it’s true, good for her. Eddie’s so fucking hot, unbelievable.

    If it’s true, Eddie, what the fuck?!? Cheating, yeah whatever, but with that? He must have been drunk or something. Only explaination.

  13. LC

    Yea #9, much better someone have a bastard baby rather than make a huge, permanent decision like getting married.

  14. Jennyjenjen

    One day we will all look back and wonder why it seemed like a good idea for all celebs to get giant porcelain veneers over their natural teeth, leading to giant chopper mouth..

  15. Sarah Palin

    I believe marriage is a sacred institution between two unwilling teenagers.

  16. Jrz

    *looking under items on desk…..checking in purse…..looking in drawers and cabinets…..* Nope….I don’t have one fucking care in the world for LeeAnn Rimes.

  17. Rush Limbaugh

    I hate it when people say things are “not black and white.” Yes, they are. There’s right, and then there’s wrong. You know it and I know it. But when people get caught doing something wrong, suddenly they see a thousands shades of gray. It’s not better perception of the real world. It’s a clouded personal morality.

    p.s. The only exception is when some innocent soul gets forced into addiction by unscrupulous doctors acting as drug pushers for Big Pharm.

  18. AteIsEnough

    Said it before, will say it again…celebs are fucking morons! What’s with Le trying to look like the Swiss Miss hot chocolate lady? She isn’t Swedish, is she? Yo-Lay-Me-Too (yodel it).

  19. g_girl

    Hey, who can blame her? Eddie is just irresistebly delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Her husband needs to give her a little talkin’ to – Chris Brown style.

  21. Guy

    Look at him and then look at her husband, who can blame her.

  22. Jenny

    Weird. She’s been telling us how wonderful she is and how perfect she is that I actually started to believe it. Sure, she isn’t attractive and I only ever heard of her first album, but arrogance can’t be wrong. Can it?

  23. Im going to assume the husband is a rich producer or something, and if I was Eddie Id RIMES that ass too, unsolicitated of course,

  24. Eli

    It’s not black or white is just code for my husband finally came out of the closet and I’m getting even.

  25. Karen

    Sorry guys, but here’s the tough truth: her husband is the nice wussy guy who always gets cheated on because he’s weak. He’ll forgive her, and add that to his list of qualities that he thinks women admire and desire in men, and that alone will make it more likely she’ll cheat again. I know we complain that you don’t listen to us, but really you shouldn’t, because what we say we want in a husband is simply an abstract exercise in criticism and complaint. We really want what makes us wet.

  26. #25 Very nice Karen, Ive been saying this for the longest no one listen to me

  27. crabby old guy

    #25 – wow, you’re gonna get seriously clubbed like a baby seal by the skirts.

    100% true though – as I told my gal just this morning, “Hey baby, that was fine. Now go swallow and make me some breakfast.”

    Yup, that’s me, “Mr. Senstive”.

  28. testing

    sorry but he is just too pretty, dont believe he would stick it in that

  29. ButSeriously

    But seriously Karen why can’t two guys get you wet? At the same time even? I know it happens because I’ve seen it in those arty movies they have on porn sites. Le should have them both over for dinner and a sleepover and if she films it then there might be a litlle extra cash to put in the bank during these hard times.

  30. Pat

    I think #24 is right. By all accounts, her husband acts like a devoted spouse at their public events, but he checks out the hot guys all the time. Nothing rude, just, you know, scoping. And definitely the guys, not the girls. If he’s “going through a difficult time” about whether he wants pussy or hairy asshole, I’m certainly not going to judge her for wanting to get pounded by a guy who picked the right hole a long time ago.

  31. Mr. Jones


    Hit the nail on the head. “Nice guys” whine endlessly about how a-holes get all the tail. They don’t have the balls to realize that there is only one quality that a-holes have that nice guys don’t: self-confidence.

    “Nice Guys”: it is possible to have self-confidence and not be an a-hole. And then you will get the tail.

  32. Amy

    # 25 AND 32,

    I totally agree. I dated guy after guy and all of them were either too nice or an asshole. It took me a while to find a guy who was the nicest person ever without being a pushover. It’s great because I’m happy that he’s such a good person, but I’m also happy because he fucks me like a bad ass.

  33. Richport's Ghost

    #27 – that’s what my boyfriend told me too after we sucked each other off.

    Except he came in my ear and then slapped the hell out of me. He also tried to throw me down a flight of stairs, but I screamed in such a high-pitched shrill that the neighbors called the police (“we have a report of a weasel being abused in this unit.”)

    Now I have to go make myself a grilled-cheese sandwich & wash it down with some Vitamin D milk to make that salty taste go away.

    God I hate myself. Maybe if I wasn’t such a dick, people would stop blowing shit in my direction.

  34. Darth

    My sympathy and prayers go out to Leanne Rimes and her loved ones in these difficult times.I hope she will get well soon.

  35. Lowlands


  36. kitty

    funny i didn’t even know she was in a movie til now….that is good marketing

  37. BEAM

    I understand why LeAnn did it. I have no idea why Eddie Cibrian did it. Beer goggles maybe? Hallucinating? Blackmail? I don’t even know why Leann’s husband did it.

  38. poopstick

    Her husband is so gay!

  39. mon

    “A woman becomes bewitching when she cheats.”
    -Yves Saint Laurent

  40. they're both whores

    “not everything in our lives is always black and white” — the only people who ever seem to say this are cheating spouses and their whores/manwhores

  41. JollyJumJuck

    Wasn’t Rimes this goody goody Christian girl who got married just so she could feel good about having sex? Oh, but once you’re married the hypocrisy kicks in and then it’s okay to have sex with anything you want to. As long as you stay pure before marriage!
    That said, Rimes’ husband ought to go Chris Brown on her ass.

  42. Edge

    I used to work for LeAnn. First of all — she’s a twat. Total diva asspain. Second, that husband is ga-ay. He just wants his own career as a “producer” um…ok. He ALWAYS has to pose with her on red carpets even though NOBODY wants his freaking picture. He puts the ho in homo and she puts the itch in bitch.

  43. stephanie

    why do women continue t ruin their faces with those capped/fake teeth?! they don’t match her face. just like when Hilary Duff went all horse-face (which I think she may have fixed by now?)…

    anyway… EDDIE CIBRIAN IS HOT. have loved him since Sunset Beach in the 90s…

  44. stephanie

    haha, @42, “chris brown on her ass” when the Christian Bale stuff started someone at work pissed me off and I told a different co-worker via e-mail that I was going to go “CB on her A”— and then a few weeks later the world gives us another CB…. and it just fits so perfectly…. tragically perfect.

  45. Amanda

    I feel bad for them. I thought they were the cutest couple ever. they looked so happy together. I hope they could work this out.
    I believe people make mistakes but I think people can also make things right. I hope Dean forgives her and I hope their love is big and strong enough to handle the whole thing.

  46. LeAnn doesnt Rhyme

    Actually, she has a great body when she doesnt get too skinny. Fantastic banana boobs. I can see why that guy would hit it.

  47. sin

    Maybe he fucked her just to get her to hit that high note. You know, you go ant regular thrust speed and depth, the all of the sudden, you shove it in as far and hard as you can. Do that when they are really into it and listen to them squeal.

  48. camel_toe

    her husband is more than fuckable. what a dumb bitch.

  49. you want an honest relationship?
    well……………………DO NOT BET ON HER, folks!!

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