LeAnn Rimes Says You Don’t Understand Weight Loss

October 7th, 2011 // 90 Comments

LeAnn Rimes really wants people to believe her weight loss is natural – Then again, what’s more natural than not feeding yourselves? Look, ma, no chemicals! – so here she is promoting her new album in an AP interview where she claims she used to be fat. I’m talking Kate Moss fat. It’s a miracle she lived:

It’s interesting. I was told when I was little I couldn’t have an opinion because you want everyone to buy your record and like you. I’m not gonna apologize for who I am and what I’ve gone through. We all are human. I’ve learned you just don’t know what another person has gone through. … People don’t see that. You know, I went through all I’ve gone through in the last few years and I was going through a divorce and I couldn’t get out of bed, and so I gained 10 pounds and then I lose 10 pounds because now I’m moving around and I’m working and you know, I don’t stop and no one sees that (weight loss) actually can happen like naturally. It’s a natural progression of life. It has to be some big deal and some issue so I’m glad there are people out there that are smarter than that and they don’t buy into it.

I love how someone with fake tits is schooling us on the natural process of the human body because clearly we’re dealing with an expert. “What people don’t realize is some mornings you just wake up, find a finger in your mouth and silicone in your chest. It’s like catching a cold if catching a cold involves panic attacks over mucus having calories. It doesn’t, right? TELL ME IT DOESN’T!!”

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Flynet


  1. Help

    “Going through a divorce, I couldn’t get out of bed”… yeah, you mean Eddie Cibrian’s bed, because you initiated that divorce. I love how she thinks she’s some sort of martyr because she cheated on her husband.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. The more LeAnn tries to defend herself, the guiltier, stupidier and anorexicier she sounds.

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    • Gigi

      I was just going to say the same thing. Maybe the guilt of banging somebody’s elses husbands and tweeting about it non stop kept her in bed. Furthermore, if she gained 10 and then lost 10, wouldn’t she be back to her pre-whore, husband stealing weight?

  2. Stonegoddess

    She is such a loser and a lying bitch. Make up your mind Falcor, is it a natrual weight loss progression or do you work out like crazy like your stupid, unemployed husbnd said.

    Spend less time w/ his dick in your mouth and come up with a consistent story.

    Didn’t she just say the other day that she has “so much dang time on her hands” that is why she tweets all the time? Now she’s saying that she’s movign around and working? Which is it? God she annoys me and makes me feel stabby.

  3. Krejaton

    Anyone remember when she was a beautiful teen?

    How did she hit 40 so quickly?

  4. Cock Dr

    In most shots she looks like a skinny heavy lacquered ghoul, which is probably a realistic capture of the LeAnn Rimes true self.

  5. LeAnn Rimes
    Commented on this photo:

    The security guard’s face at the top of the stairs says it all.

  6. LeAnn Rimes
    Commented on this photo:

    whoa. Who’s that delicious man in the uniform?

  7. JC

    She does have a point–even after you’ve starved to death, the pounds still melt away as your corpse returns to the Earth. Of course there’s a lower limit for LeAnn, since the fake tits will probably take thousands of years to decompose.

  8. Jack Ketch

    I don’t remember her ever being beautiful, and now that’s she’s pin-thin and probably has to run around in the shower just to get wet, she still looks like Mr. Ed and is still a bucket of crazy bitch. Her legs frighten me. Jesus, can you imagine the tweeting that will go on when she and her douchebag husband split up ? Not if – when.

  9. Jiminy Cryptic


  10. Stuperficial

    She should worry about getting her ugly gorilla nose fixed.

  11. All I read was, “Hey everyone, please troll me harder for being skinny, because it really, really bothers me and is the easiest way to get a rise out of me, making my defend myself by doing stupid shit like posting bikini pics of my skeleton frame and going ‘I’M SO HEALTHY.’”

  12. mrsmass

    lady, that’s not a 10 pound weight loss. nice try though. and all you went through? you mean what you PUT yourself through. dumb cunt.

  13. LeAnn Rimes
    Commented on this photo:

    she’s so happy that someone is actually paying attention to her.

  14. me

    morning to all you cunts.

  15. Buddy the Elf

    I always wear this on airplanes to feel comfortable. Unless I am fame whoring and staging LAX photo ops.

  16. JabbaWho?

    I hear a Mr. Ed remake is on it’s way, she could play his whoresy wife.

  17. mel

    fuck off falcor!

  18. SIN

    You all know we would fuck her in a heartbeat. We might break her because she is so thin but we will take our chances.

  19. zomgbie

    LeAnn Rimes Don’t Understand Lip Loss and Nose Gain.

  20. Satan's bitch

    All her squawking is starting to sound like every adult in every Charlie Brown television special.

  21. When she chews gum, she looks like Mr. Ed only tittier.

  22. flarp

    She looks like the starved offspring of Patrick Stewart and a moose.

  23. Tdizzle

    Look, all you haters upset about her weight need to lay off. Occasionally she treats herself to a sugar cube and some carrots.

  24. Buddy the Elf

    I just put down $500 for her to win the Kentucky Derby.
    With another $500 on Lohan in my Dead Pool this could REALLY be a profitable year!

  25. Titsxoxo

    release the kraken!!

  26. ET Phone Home

    If you cover up her nose she looks like Blake Lively

  27. LeAnn Rimes
    Commented on this photo:

    fkn man-face. Look at that massive upper lip plus short wittle pig-snout add some beady eyes.. It’s hideous.

  28. Lord Invader

    I bet sex with Ms. Rimes is a bit like playing the xylophone, what with your johnson sliding across her ribcage. You better believe I’d go all Lionel Hampton on that ass. First thing I’d play would be the theme from the Lone Ranger (hiho Silver). Then after a brief refractory period, I’d play “The Song That Never Ends” . Then I’d probably die from dehydration or a mule kick or something, but it would be a Good Death.

  29. Venom

    If she looks this bad now, imagine what she will look like when she is 50.


  30. LeAnn Rimes
    Commented on this photo:

    that’s one fugly mug. she looks like joe camel.

  31. Jill

    Home Wrecking Whore

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  33. Burt

    Skinny or fat, she still has a strange looking face.

  34. Deryn


    And that was just last year. She’s been chubbier even than in this picture, but I’m not faulting her for getting healthy. That’s admirable. But she’s blown right past healthy into scary. My guess is that she’s afeared to lose Eddie if she gets “fat” again.

  35. Dennis

    I think she looks hot. I’d marry her in a second. Anyday. Anyway.

  36. I like to think of myself as an optimist, but I can’t tell if this dress is half-empty or half-full.

  37. DeeMacD

    I think enhanced breasts make everything else seem smaller. She looks pretty average to me.

  38. Anyone have any idea who the human was that she kept referring to?

  39. betty

    Isnt Leann copying the hairstyle Brandi wore on the Monday episode of RHOBH? This chick is past pathetic.

  40. forrest gump

    …………………USE LAXATIVE!!!

  41. CranAppleSnapple

    With those blow holes I’ll bet she can do down for half an hour without needing a break. Maybe that’s her appeal. Other than the money and desperation of course.

  42. CranAppleSnapple

    GO down.
    My bad.

  43. CranAppleSnapple

    The funniest thing is, her ranty defensive demented soliloquy was her *response* to this sentence from The Associated Press:
    “AP: Celebrity and fame has changed since you first became famous as a teenager. Now you’re followed by paparazzi and the press focuses on your marriage.”

    Somehow I think her head was already twitching and leaking steam when they arrived.

  44. LeAnn Rimes
    Commented on this photo:

    Gentlemen, Exhibit A, wherein I demonstrate there is exactly 1% body fat left on my person, concentrated here, in the left breast.

  45. Truthbetold


  46. LeAnn Rimes
    Commented on this photo:

    Those are the legs of a Superstar!!!

  47. Prolapsed Liver

    I just want to stick my fingers up her nose and drag her down the street. She has that nose.

  48. LeAnn Rimes
    Patrick B
    Commented on this photo:

    She would look good with her head on a stick.

  49. Trish

    Yeah, she may have gained some weight, but she lost WAY more than she put on. She’s never looked this thin, and while I try not to bash anyone for their weight because we’re all different, she just doesn’t look healthy.

    I think she’s trying desperately to be a skinny, big-boobed sex symbol so her husband won’t cheat on her like he did WITH her during his first marriage. Just a thought.

  50. Ingrid Menendes

    I can’t believe how mean and downright vicious everyone seems to be toward this woman. Why so full of hate when you really know nothing about this woman except what you read in tabloids. Question yourself and why you would react so negatively.

    • Mr Nice Guy


    • CranAppleSnapple

      So her interviews on camera where she talks about herself are fake? Are they using a lookalike who is an insufferable douche with not an ounce of shame or self awareness? She should sue, because that’s probably not legal.

      • Stonegoddess

        Amen! She is a narcissistic, mean spirited cow .She was never told no growing up and now feels entitled to whatever she wants. I get that she cheated & their – respective marriages ended. Fine – that happens.

        The reason for my (& most people’s I think) is the way she has handled herself since then. Constant. SWF Brandi, openly taunting her via Twitter & any other venue she where someone will listen. Constant photo ops & mentions with the kids despite the fact that their father, in court papers, said he didn’t want his kids exposed to publicity/paparazzi as he felt it wasn’t good for them. This was in relation to them appearing on RHOBH w/ her. But it’s just fine for those two to tip off the paps at the right time when they’re trying to promote something.

        Eddie is in love w/ her wallet. No man with any balls would let his new wife disrespect the mother of his children that way, nor would he disrespect her that way himself. He is disgusting and she is a cow.

        She is a straight up “mean girl” with no respect for anyone but herself (even that is questionable) so she deserves all the scorn she gets. She asked for it and here it is.

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