LeAnn Rimes Looks ‘Perfect’

August 3rd, 2011 // 81 Comments

Totally pregnant.

During an appearance on Extra, Eddie Cibrian defended his skeleton bride LeAnn Rimes against accusations that she looks “too thin,” and then made sure she didn’t even smell a sandwich while he was gone:

Cibrian replied, “I think she looks wonderful. She is very healthy, and to me — perfect.”
Eddie, starring in the new TV drama “The Playboy Club,” says he and LeAnn work out together regularly and hit the gym, adding, “She [LeAnn] really loves to work out. If I had my preference, I’d rather go outside and play basketball or golf.”

“But, of course, it’s hard to play sports with someone who’s basically Samuel L. Jackson in Unbreakable,” he added. “You ever see that movie? It’s kind of boring, but gets good at the end. Sort of like talking to LeAnn because she knows to make with the sex or I’ll just cheat on her, too, and get a new wife. I understand marriage.”

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  1. Shaftzits


  2. Rough's thule


  3. Looks like she just placed first in an Ethiopian pie eating contest.

  4. seth

    If your idea of perfect is a woman that looks like an inbred horse then yes.

  5. Turd Ferguson


  6. JC

    Cibrian continued: “Once, as a teenager, I had full-on sex with a burlap sack full of chicken bones. And once you go there, you never go back, amirite? The guys know what I’m talking about.”

  7. SIN

    Compared to a month ago, she is looking alot better. Still a little off in the face but the body is getting better. Still a long way to go though.

  8. LJ

    If you look up pictures of her mother, you will see that the woman resembles a barrel with legs. Her anorexia/compulsive workouts are probably a reaction to hold off looking like her mom.

  9. She totally doesn’t look emaciated whatsoever. And she has curves, yo (shhh, Curves is the name of the gym)

  10. Cock Dr

    A “perfect” female body does not rely on surgically implanted fake breasts to fill out a bikini top.

    • If only they would come up with a non-surgical way to have real breasts. Oh yeah, it’s called a sammich…

    • vitobonespur

      She doesn’t have implants, per se. Those are helium balloons to help her stay standing without her chicken-legs buckling under her weight.

  11. LeAnne Rimes Skinny
    Commented on this photo:

    So after seeing Samantha Ronson’s mug shot, I guess most lesbians would think that LeAnn here looks hideous and disgusting.

  12. Hey, when did Amy Winehouse go blond? Also, come back to life?

  13. Kelce

    If she’s perfect then I’m Kirstie Alley.

  14. Lion O

    Chimp face

  15. mel

    she totally looks like the dragon in “the neverending story”. what a bizarre face.

  16. truth.org

    I once rode an Eddie Sybrian.

  17. Grand Dragon

    This is what happens when you bury Amy Winehouse at the Pet Sematary

  18. LeAnne Rimes Skinny
    Commented on this photo:

    I know picking on everybody is the cool thing to do but she looks pretty friggen hot to me.

    • Shorty80

      Are you drunk Andy? Seeing double could explain why you’re seeing a whole girl here, instead of walking popsicle sticks. :)

  19. eee

    JarJar Binks?

  20. cc

    The last time I saw something that bony and unappealing, a raccoon was stealing it out of my garbage can.

  21. DJ

    I think she looks great…

  22. Venom

    I imagine she will be on 60 Minutes any day now making a statement like “crack is whack”.

  23. the one

    good god, her legs are so skinny they could be used as a D*LDO, folks!!

  24. Repo Man

    That’s what crawls out of a trailer right before we hitch up and haul it off

  25. Lovely

    anime eyes

  26. KIMM

    Her squinty eyes actually freak me out more than her body.

  27. robbie

    her head is big.

  28. LeAnne Rimes Skinny
    Commented on this photo:

    “I tried to warn you to keep your hands out of my pants. That smell will not come off for days.”

  29. nasty ned


  30. Frank Burns

    Transgender Shaved Grinch thing makes Frank feel sad! And kinda scared too!

  31. LeAnne Rimes Skinny
    Commented on this photo:

    Her eyes and upper lip look like they’re being sucked into her head.

  32. LeAnne Rimes Skinny
    Commented on this photo:

    she’s got that sexy emaciated hollywood look

  33. LeAnne Rimes Skinny
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh God. I look at those cheekbones and just think, “Maria Shriver”.

  34. Donald Trump

    Bag of Bones. What a nasty skank.

  35. Francine

    If Eddie Cibrian thinks his wife is perfect, he really is blind, man! She looks too thin and skeletal, not attractive at all!

  36. Clarence Beeks

    well now we know why she lost weight and will not gain any back. She is petrified of losing Eddie.

  37. Mr. Obvious


  38. Clarice Starling

    Looks like she’s lost a few more pounds recently. Oh hollywood, you so crazy~~

  39. Kat

    Did we not read this story before?? Not sure if it’s word for word, but pretty identical prose.

  40. Sapphire

    I hope someone who truly cares about this girl will aggressively organize some type of intervention before this eating disorder takes her life. Looking at her initially is downright startling. It makes my heart and stomach ache to see her so dreadfully thin and still posing for pictures, as if she were totally oblivious to the obvious. Don’t wait to death is upon her to do something. Very scary and just as sad.

    • Jovy

      “someone who truly cares about this girl”

      You’d have a better chance at finding the real Bigfoot before finding one person that gives an actual shit about this waste of skin.

  41. Steelerchick

    What does he see in her?? He’s hot and she’s a Hillbilly Skeletor

  42. kimmykimkim

    She IS perfect-for Intervention on a&e.

  43. LeAnne Rimes Skinny
    Commented on this photo:

    got something stuck in my teeth…anybody got a toothpick? oh look there’s one. …with fake boobs.

  44. LeAnne Rimes Skinny
    Commented on this photo:

    total success LeeAnn….Brandi would SO wear that outfit! Mission accomplished!

  45. LeAnne Rimes Skinny
    Commented on this photo:

    OMG, those shoes are ridiculous!!!

  46. GuyLeDouche

    At lest Karen Carpenter could sing…

  47. GuyLeDouche

    At least Karen Carpenter could sing…

  48. LeAnne Rimes Skinny
    Seat Filler
    Commented on this photo:

    I had a hockey ball that went down the sewer yesterday
    hey boys I think I have a solution on how to get it

  49. sitin

    Her inner thighs show she’s been ridden hard and put away wet! Plus the Boobs look fake!

  50. See Alice

    They all go through a skelator phase. Big Deal .

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