Never Ask LeAnn Rimes To Decorate A Cake

While my initial reaction was to be impressed that LeAnn Rimes actually brought food into her house of her own accord, that was quickly replaced with a lack of surprise that she ordered a birthday cake for Eddie Cibrian that featured her naked in bed with him while his two children from Brandi Glanville sit innocently below waiting for new mommy to finish showing daddy the second head that comes out of her mouth when she sticks out her tongue or whatever they do in there. Via Twitter:

Eddie’s favorite things bday cake! @mysweetandsaucy LOVE there was a Laker’s jersey, a Bronco & a paddle board + more

Of course it didn’t stop there because LeAnn also arranged for the paparazzi to conveniently snap Eddie’s Father’s Day picnic where she spent the entire time showing off her ass in booty shorts. And by ass I mean the bony crevasse she births facehugger eggs out of.