LeAnn Rimes Sues Dentist Because Her Horse Teeth Don’t Make Her Pretty Enough To Sing

If you’re wondering why LeAnn Rimes barely performs anymore – and when she does it’s a goddamn trainwreck – it’s surprisingly not because she stopped eating so Eddie Cibrian won’t cheat on her like he did to Brandi Glanville along with her peers and target audience literally booing her at the CMAs. I mean, it is, but not according to LeAnn who claims her dentist made her permanently ugly and now no one wants to pay to hear sing. TMZ reports:

Rimes says she’s had to undergo 9 root canals and bone grafting. She’s also had a temporary bridge and needed physical therapy as well.
Rimes says in the suit she will have a “permanent cosmetic deficiency.”
Rimes says the dental work is so bad it has been screwing with her career … impeding her ability to perform.
In her malpractice lawsuit, LeAnn is seeking unspecified damages for physical, emotional and psychiatric injuries. She also wants money for loss of past and future earnings.

So LeAnn Rimes didn’t brush her teeth, yet somehow it’s her dentist fault for not fixing something to the point where her mind can finally stop bitching about it? Her lawyer’s pointed out she’s a woman, right? Because this is like a cat suing a vet for making it love sunbeams. “I was never like my entire species before. I swear!”

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