LeAnn Rimes Is Buying Twitter Followers Now

It’s been a while since we’ve posted about how ridiculous LeAnn Rimes’ life is, so here’s a story about her buying Twitter-bots to follow her because it’s not like she can perform anymore and gain new fans. Radar Online reports:

Not only has LeAnn acquired more than 100,000 new followers in the last month, but it appears most of her numbers were gained all within a one or two day span!
In screen grabs obtained by Radar, LeAnn had 456,600 followers on April 17 and as of Tuesday, May 14 she registers at 561,793.
A website specializing in social media statistics and metrics, Socialbakers, charts celebrities and it’s clear in the graph below that LeAnn’s twitter followers spiked dramatically between May 2 and May 3.

As much as I hate to bring this person up as an example, Farrah Abraham has 200,000 more Twitter followers than LeAnn which I genuinely believe she earned without buying bots because I understand the Internet and its porn nougat center. And all Farrah had to do was have hardcore anal sex in a professional adult film. Not that I’m suggesting LeAnn Rimes do the same, but it would let her hang her head high at the country club the next time she’s bragging about having more Twitter followers than Brandi Glanville. Then again, it would probably immediately devolve into scat porn and somehow I’d end up seeing a clip, so ignore every single word I just said here. Pay no attention to that man making dick jokes behind the curtain!

Photos: DOBN/AKM-GSI, Fame/Flynet, INF Daily

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