The Great Scientology War Has Begun

“Your escort has chosen. Representing House Alley: Katniss Everdeen!”

With Leah Remini very publicly quitting Scientology last week, the church has been in a mad scramble considering it’s been widely revealed her reasons for leaving are, oh I dunno, being forced into re-education camps for five years after daring to ask Chancellor Supreme David Miscavige where his wife Shelley is while at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ enslavement ceremony. (Shelly “vanished” in 2007 and hasn’t been seen since.) Since Leah’s defection, former Scientology members have been coming out of the woodwork encouraging current members to start asking questions or at least Google a few things before continuing to believe in a religion where its science fiction author founder claims he was a race car driver on Mars. Radar reports:

“Strip off the rose-colored glasses. Look beyond the surface of what you endorse,” said Amy Scobee, a former high-ranking Church executive who fulfilled various management positions – including at the Celebrity Centre sector – during 27 years in the Church.
“Evil may be hard to confront, but the information is readily available if you care to know the truth.”
Sinar Parmen, the former personal chef to the founder of the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, said the church’s star poster children should investigate why others, like Paul Haggis and Jason Beghe, chose to sever ties.
When Academy award-winning director Haggis left the church in 2009, he cited how he was “ashamed of my own stupidity, of how I’d been — could have been so purposely blind for so many years.”
“The celebrities definitely need to really observe how the church has changed and note the now obvious truths of the characteristics of what the Church of Scientology has transformed itself into,” said Parmen, who worked at Cruise’s 1990 wedding to ex-wife to Nicole Kidman. He remained inside Scientology for 20 more years before becoming disillusioned enough to leave permanently.
Added Mike Rinder, the former chief spokesman of the Church of Scientology who quit in 2007: “Wake up and smell the coffee.”
“It should tell them something that the church in response to the avalanche of media does not deny disconnection of families or that Miscavige’s wife has been ‘disappeared,’” he added.

To combat this campaign, Radar reports the Church of Scientology has taken such aggressive measures as making Kirstie Alley write mean tweets and asking people to defriend Leah Remini on Facebook. I was thinking more along the lines of alien mind snipers, but lowering someone’s friend count should get the point across, too, I guess:

What’s more friends have also been told they cannot be in communication with her, according to Tony Ortega, former editor of the Village Voice, who broke the story that Remini was dumping the church.
According to Ortega:
“Scientology celebrities have received their marching orders from the Hollywood Celebrity Centre: They cannot be “in comm” with Leah Remini…Members calling the Celebrity Centre are being told that Remini has not yet been “declared a Suppressive Person” — Scientology’s equivalent of excommunication — but she is considered “not in good standing,” and celebrities are told that they cannot communicate with her, and must also immediately defriend her and any of her family members on Facebook.”

Setting aside the fact church members are routinely shipped off to re-education camps for even wondering why a dude’s wife just up and “disappeared,” hopefully this will make Scientologists really think about the craziness that goes on with their religion:

1. Absolute obedience to words written by some guy claiming he was inspired by unseen forces.
2. Constant demands for money.
3. No questioning clearly fucked up shit performed by church leaders.
4. Horrible treatment of women.
5. Homosexuals being forced to pretend their faith “cured” them.
6. Ostracizing and condemning friends and families who don’t believe the same thing you do.

Just think if a religion like that ever got into our government. We’d all be fucked.

Photo: Getty, Splash News