Laurie From ‘That 70s Show’ Looks Like This and Other News

December 22nd, 2010 // 59 Comments
Lisa Robin Kelly

- Lisa Robin Kelly of That 70s Show charged with DUI (above). Fun Fact: She’s already 40 which explains how Ashton Kutcher acquired a taste for really old women. [Popeater]

- Tom Hardy needs to fire the make-up department, who obviously hates him. [Dlisted]

- Amanda Seyfried is still banging Ryan Phillippe. [Lainey Gossip]

- Lindsay Lohan’s nipples. Why not? [Hollywood Tuna]

- Claire Chazal in a bikini. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Jon Legend has signed CDs for you to win. [IDLYITW]

- Sarah Palin vs. Rudolph. []

- Sandra Bullock is not comforting Ryan Reynolds with her vagina. [ICYDK]

- The Best Viral Videos of 2010: A Retrospective [Videogum]

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  1. “She was arrested in North Carolina in August after being pulled over by police on suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol.”

    Hell, I’d be plastered 24/7 if I had to live in a shit hole like North Carolina too. I’d walk around with a camel back full of vodka.

  2. She got a DUI 5 months ago, and it’s only news now? If there’s not a nipple in it, we just don’t give a shit, do we?

  3. testington

    Meh, she was ugly back on season 1 of that crapfest. The fact that she is uglier 12 years later isn’t surprising.

    • Inmate 12236969

      I’d of banged her! Hell I’ll bang her now. Of course I’ll bang any chick that’s old enough, walks, talks, and hasn’t been dead too long. Well ok she doesn’t have to walk and talk.

      I guess Red should have kicked off in her ass back then. Wait didn’t she get kicked off the show for being a junkie?

  4. adolf hitler

    she needs her precious. those sneaky hobitses stole it.

  5. Ash Bones

    what was she on the show…. older sister, aunt, a mom?

  6. yeah and no wonder they replaced her. she supposedly quit acting 5 years ago.

  7. JCR

    It’s the hair department that does wigs, not makeup. And I should know, I’m gay.

  8. jojo

    Sweet mother of all that is Holy, “Nick Notle, paging Nick Nolte”.

  9. Ann

    I wonder what the woman who played Donna’s “hot mom” looks like now. Milla Kundis was about 12 when she was on that show, and she stold every scene.

  10. Chris Hansen's taint

    I remember her being a little better looking.

  11. roe

    John can keep his cds he is lame

  12. Ann

    Sorry, stole. Merry Christmas interwebs gossip grammar police. I bet you feel big.

    • Rough done stold me grammar

      lol Pregnant at 16 couldn’t be this funny scripted. You guys are the new abbott and Costello. How accurate am I? Im pretty sure one of you is fat. Encore, Encore….

      • Hola

        Hopefully I am the fat one! The fat one is always more funny!
        And yes Ann I do feel big….I bet you feel stupid

  13. Veronica

    She is hot in the show and was talented too. She was canned for being a druggo (shame, ‘cos she was funny). They gave her a second chance a couple of years later and was canned again and replaced with another actress. I feel sorry for her. She looks like she is auditioning for Charlize Theron’s role in ‘Monster’.

  14. She looks like she’s auditioning for Van Halen.

  15. Inmate 12236969

    Well I hope she gets better.

  16. Wow, she went “Sammy Hagar”. I did not see that coming.

  17. Sorry stinky mcP, did not see that I bit your joke until I hit “enter”.

  18. burton

    if this is what 40 looks like..shoot me, im not far off, right now i still carded…this looks more like 65, not 40.

  19. Boogeyman King Dong

    Da rough life has carved its present on this middle-aged guy’s face.

  20. She used to be so pretty, wtf happened????

  21. Galtacticus

    This is what happens with folks who are drinking continuously but DON’T eat.

  22. Rhialto

    In many cultures drinking and eating are going hand in hand. Except the western culture…

  23. Bimbamboing

    A few botox injections wouldn’t harm her.

  24. Rhialto

    Well, i’m looking outside and all what i see is lots and lots of snow. I’ve fully understanding if the arrival would be a few hours later than scheduled.

    • Mrs. Nick Jonas

      Are you a drug dealer? Your posts make no sense. I hope the CIA is watching you. Seriously, you give me the creeps.

  25. Gando

    The snow is a positive omen. Crystal flakes/jewels falling down to cover earth’s surface.

  26. Whoa

    Holy hell; damn, she looks like crap. And to think she was so doable on “That 70′s Show”…

  27. Bimbamboing

    If that’s her on the left then she didn’t change that much.

  28. Hmmm

    I think she’d look ok if she wasn’t drunk, hadn’t been crying and got her roots done. Its sad, reminds me a little of Dana Plato.

    • Gando

      Many of these ‘stars’ are afraid of getting old and to disappear from the spotlights. I guess ‘fame’ is a drug as well.

      • dingdong

        Booze and drugs are for sale. But the trouble with fame is that it isn’t for sale.

      • Galtacticus

        They knew this already in ancient times. Roman generals parading victorious tours through the streets already got the “momento mori” slogan thrown at their heads continuously by a servant.

  29. wim


  30. wim

    well……………..ON THE BRINK OF?
    what exactly?

  31. Shloff

    Jeff Spicoli after Mister Hand finally had enough. Rightous!!!

  32. jojoba

    that is one banged up broad…..woah!

  33. It looked like she left a session at Scientology convention with the other members of the That 70′s show. Danny Masterson and Laura Prepon did this to her.

  34. datroof

    She was kind of sexy in a slutty way. Had a nice skinny rack and looked like she fucked like an animal.

    But now…. phew… she’s penis-shriveling.

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