Laurence Fishburne Writes Off Montana: ‘I’m Done With You’

August 17th, 2010 // 210 Comments
Montana Fishburne

Laurence Fishburne has officially cut off his daughter Montana after she decided to launch a media circus announcing her career in pornusing her father’s last name. Though in fairness, up until now it’s only been associated with two unnecessary Matrix sequels, so was there really any harm done? Food for thought. TMZ reports:

According to Montana, her dad said, “I’m not going to speak with you ’till you turn your life around.” Laurence was referring to his daughter joining the ranks of Vivid Entertainment as a porn star.
“You used your last name. No one uses their real name in porn.”

Not to get on my soapbox here, but this is exactly why I’ve been saying for years porn stars shouldn’t even have names. A.) They’re really not people. And B.) In this magical digitized age where free porn is a mere click away, does anyone honestly care who’s in it? “That’s right, naughty babysitter, bang that pizza guy. Aw, wait, it’s Sandra Sassytits and I didn’t care much for her acting in ‘Nut Canyon 8.’ I’ll just read a book instead.” Would never happen.

NOTE: Click Here for NSFW version.

Photos: Vivid


  1. Oh Hell No

    Yikes!! How the Hell ELSE is anyone going to want to see her if not for the name??

    • Drew

      Right, because she is so disgustingly ugly. I’ve always loved how high of standards people that post on gossip blogs (or any forum) have. I guess beggars can be choosers.

      • Anon

        Then drew you should get into the real world and see how women think they can demand even higher standards that they rarely meet themselves.

      • Joey

        When it comes to porn, why whack off to less than a 10?

      • Bubba

        Youngsters don’t appreciate real boobs. Every single person who posted would probably have sex with her if they could.

      • Oh Hell No

        Drew you TOOL… that wasn’t how I meant it. I just meant that to DISTINGUISH herself from all the other porn ‘stars’ she made sure everyone knew who her Father is… you assuming dumb ass. And yeah, my standards ARE HIGH and I’m NO BEGGAR…bitch!

      • The MAN

        She’s just so dark. I like white chicks.

      • slim jim

        Maybe im crazy but didn’t you just post on a gossip blog? I guess your a beggar as well!
        Oh I get it you mean everyone else who posts but you!

      • Educated Black Beauty

        @ The MAN……of COURSE she’s dark…she’s black if you haven’t noticed….if you like white chicks then that’s your preference…….I prefer dark meat myself…..small, shriveled up white penises aren’t exactly my thing….woah now that’s funny…..LOL with a smile face ;-)

    • Little Guido

      Does her Fishburne?

    • yowillie

      Do you see the rack? Give her a pearl necklace.

    • Educated Black Beauty

      ……she’s not ugly…’re entitiled to your pathethic, brainless, opinion…but must you be ignorant too??

      • relentless

        You are so right, she is not ugly. That is a dis to ugly people. Now fugly on the other hand.

      • Educated Black Beauty

        …….aaah, where would the world (or at least VH1) be without ignorant, pathetic little people like you……some people were simply a waste of sperm & an egg……..

      • slim jim

        whos ignorant? she’s a f**king troll

      • Educated Black Beauty

        @ slim jim…..who cares what YOU thikn (of all people)….go bathe with soap & water….obviously you are a filthy person…..are you pilfering out MY comments to reply to (I’m very observant and that appears to be the case)……you don’t want to single me out…….i would hate to pull your pants down and spank you with knowledge you little racist……go play with your little KKK friends or something……maybe ya’ll can jerk each other off to her video……

  2. Handysmack!

    First I guess

  3. Viv

    Don’t worry Mr. Fishburne, this is just a phase to spike you, it’ll pass soon

  4. Cookiepuss

    I guess it’s inevitable that a porn starring her, “The Matrix Has, Her Ass*#(@#$”

  5. Duggles

    Well, that happened.

  6. woop woop

    I feel sorry for that guy, no one wants a whore for a daughter. The only reason she used her real name is because it wouldn’t sell otherwise. I’ve seen the first one and she is gross, stretch marks on her tits, pimples and scabs all over her ass.

  7. Maribanks

    It’s like when white girls date a black guy to piss off their dads, except she’s already black so what can you do?

    • MalGusto

      Well played.

    • therodt

      Dammmn funny

    • Deacon Jones


    • Racer X

      You sound fat and balding.

    • Uncle Tom

      she could get a normal job, not listen to rap music and have some goals in life…that would be the opposite of what was expected from a black female in America these days.

      • Kevin

        No shit. I swear so many black people think the only way to make money is either fuck on tape, rap or play basketball.

      • ef U

        U racist dickholes, stereotyping pieces of shit….u both all should blow each other and die.

      • cookiepuss

        Kevin, meanwhile 90% of the porn industry, professional and “amateur” is WHITE. I have no idea where you get your ideas of what “so many black people think” but I think you should leave the mind reading to the professionals. You’re wrong, wrong, wrong and I’d personally appreciate it if you’d stop generalizing about something you clearly know nothing about. if you even knew any black people you wouldn’t be able to say that with a straight face. Seriously, unless you’re in Jr. High, you can’t possibly know “so many” black people who actually think that.

        To be fair, I think a lot of ALL immature undirected teenagers (and adults) dream of getting famous (and by extension, rich) and think they deserve it. Look at reality TV. Again, 90% WHITE. Aside from reality TV and porn, most paths to fame require an incredible amount of hard work in addition to major talent.

      • Educated Black Beauty

        …not true Kevin…….what’s wrong? your mad because most white men lag behind most black men in all these areas? LOL…..
        I’m black (last time I checked anyway) and I don’t think those are the only ways to make money…….it;s funny blacks have ALL the flavor…all whites can do mostly is mimic us like they always have…..lucky we have conscious, educated, articulate “blacks” like myself to smash ignorant stereotypes like yours…you feel safe spewing this stuff from behind the safety your computer, but would never actually say that to a black person (I know you’re not that crazy or bold)…check yourself and don’t be ignorant your whole life…..i have to go now, but this is to be continued…….

    • Anton


      That is not true. They also seek to become boxers, football players, baseball players, soccer players, R&B singers, actors, and Djs.

      But yea, you don’t see too many becoming doctors, engineers, technicians, lawyers, architects, professors, scientists, pilots, stock brokers, bankers, etc. Basically if it’s not in the entertainment industry they don’t give it the time of day. I guess they feel these other jobs require intellect and an education, and thus, are so far out of their reach that they should not even try.

      • invisiblewoman

        You are being facetious, right? Because the professionals you listed are the only type of people I know and are in the family. No basketball players. No rappers. No DJs. And that is the majority of the Black population–not the stereotypes you see played tirelessly in the media.

        If you weren’t trying to be funny (and I use that term loosely), it’s not even worth discussing how delusional you are.

      • Wiley

        That’s so true. Don’t tell me 90% of the people on TV are white because that’s just not true anymore. In fact, MTV and even HGTV have pretty much become minority and/or gay channels. And most of those white porn girls you all are talking about are dating or married to black men. Look at E! channel. Kimora, all the Kardashians, etc.

      • What a crock

        It figures that people would pull the race card and the worse part is, that everyone of you that are in this war of black this and white that need to be reminded that every single one of you is ignorant of eachother and judgemental get a grip and people wonder whats wrong with society its narrow minded people whites,blacks, spanish or asian, that think thier race is superior to the other grow up people

      • relentless

        As a black person, I find Kevin’s statement true.

      • The Rest of the World

        Intellect? Education? You realize your country put a Bush in the White House, and then did it again with his even more retarded heir while the rest of the human race face-palmed itself in shame. And unless you live under a rock with the rest of your troglodyte kind, you’d realize your population is predominately WHITE. Who the hell do you think buys all these rap CDs or watches your crappy reality TV. YOU made these people famous, moron. Go Team America, where the the statistics (and common sense) clearly show the majority of your population is fucking retarded.

      • Educated Black Beauty

        @ Anton….shut the f up…dude…..I’m sure you are some little small penised, punk azz little white boy……..see my other replies to other ignorant, dimwits like urself….you’re really not worth this post but i couldn’t resist……..

    • Anton

      @The Rest of the World

      Maybe if you actually looked at the statistics instead of talking out of you ass you would know that it is black and Hispanics that bring down the nation’s IQ and test scores

      Black American IQ: 85
      Hispanic American IQ: 82-83
      White American IQ: 102-103 — About as high as Italians, and higher than the Brits, Canadians, and French

      • The Rest of the World


        Talking out my arse? Right, clearly you fit in the aforementioned retarded majority category for failing to see the link between educational standards and the socio-economic layout of your country. Look at who controls your financial resources. Anyone with at least half a brain, (and you’re already excluded, so you needn’t worry… just continue to look vacant and drool buddy) can tell you there’s a very clear pattern between who’s got money, and who’s got an education. Of course, there are the occasional exceptions, but the general trend is that in order to get a decent education, you’re going to have to pay for it, one way or another. Money, or sporting ability is generally the easiest way to gain access to a good education.

        The point was middle America is the reason any of these idiots is famous. MTV does not pay its reality show dropkicks with food stamps, nor does the NHL, NBA, etc, pay its black athletes with fried chicken and kool-aid. They pay them with all that cash middle America was more than happy to offer up for its entertainment purposes. So your ‘dumb ugly broke-ass niggers’ clearly aren’t responsible for the phenomenon of making ignorant talentless morons rich and famous. Middle America , however, IS responsible. As middle America is predominately white, and has the highest intellectual grouping by your own admission, I rest my case.

        There’s a clear reason why the rest of us think you’re retarded, its because you really fucking are.

    • Educated Black Beauty

      …..aaaah, the ignorance……i’m enjoying monitoring these replies….the things little racist white kids feel safe typing from the safety of their computer keyboards……..white girls love to get that big, black, mandigo dingo up in them and their mouths (most, not all) at least once from what i’ve heard……tell me…is there any truth to that????….now that’s funny….good one…NICE!……LOL for real……

      • Absalom

        Are you a black woman, how fine are you….please send me a pic

      • jackie8

        Educated Black Beauty, agree with everything you’ve said, and the racism is pathetic, but as a puerto rican white girl, please don’t attack white women with sexist language to get back at racist white men.

  8. jkhjkh

    saw her in a pr0n, she is nasty. shes one of those nasty chicks that have all kinds of blemishes on their asses. gross. if it werent for this site, i woulda assumed she was a druggie

  9. tuesday

    I’m Morpheus and this is my daughter Whorepheus.

    • Hilarious!

      Well done ;-)

    • jay

      i like that one!

    • RaraAvis

      For the win!

    • ppl

      Whorepheus… ultimate win

    • CARLO

      stop whining you pussies. She looks attractive to me and I am not normally a fan of the “Black Arts”. No need to be racist though. If you are not attracted to black women, click to the next 100 posts about white whores instead. It’s not a race thing…it’s a Daughter pissed of dad thing. Don’t be assholes about it and make racist generalizations.

      With that said….”can’t we all just get along”? hahahahah

      Cookie Puss….WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA You are a pussy whiner…The site is the “superficial” which means of course ever blemish and everything else will be criticized. Next you’ll be at a KKK meeting crying that there are not enough black people. HAHAHAH

      • cookiepuss

        Carlo, I have no idea why you think I’m whining. I’m anything but. I’ve been having a great time poking fun at the jackasses here. I spend most of my days being intellectually challenged, so this has been a fun little break. You guys are EASY marks. I mean, who doesn’t love a good flame war?

        I actually think this girl is well, not very cute. Not hideous, but really. Not cute enough for porn. She just looks too much like dear old dad, complete with his acne. I haven’t seen the video and don’t plan to. Porn is, if nothing else, a fantasy. It should be peopled with stunningly beautiful people. I have no problem with people criticizing her looks and in fact, I agree. That’s not my point. I think she’s a sick little skank who has chosen the worst possible way to get back at her family for WHATEVER her problem is. I mean, who uses their real name?? My point has been that generalizing about all black women based on this average looking idiot is just dumb.

        As for KKK rallies, I couldn’t be less interested.

  10. Lady XX

    She looks like Angela Bassett here.

  11. anonym

    this one is filthy.

    took a lot of make up and airbrushing to make her not look like young Lawrence in drag.

    • Educated Black Beauty

      …..she’s a pretty girl…stop hating…don’t be ignorant your whole life, you worthless you know what……

      • relentless

        No She is not.

      • Educated Black Beauty

        …you probably wouldn’t know……go jackoff, jackoff….. ; -)…everyone, including jackoffs are entitled to their opinion, as ignorant as that opinion my be……….ignorant meaning uneducated by the way……..ignorant is an adjective, adjectives describe nouns, and even other adjectives, adjectives are one of the seven (some would argue eight) parts of speech………the sentence, “Relentless is a racist (most likely), ignorant, small-penised jackoff who likes to comment on VH1.” the adjectives in this sentence are are: ignorant, small penised, and racist……..just like you…… ; -)

      • slim jim

        shes a f**king whore slut like most of the females of your race, still at least shes not as fat as a whale like most of you so she’s got that going for her

      • Educated Black Beauty

        @ relentless….now if i were ignorant and stupid like you that little comment would get to me….unfortunately it does not……when at first you don’t succeed dust the racism off and try again…….bye, bye little dik….

      • CockHungry

        She is a fugly cockwhore. You should all be euthanized for you ignorance, and I would llike to offer up my enormous, white, black-sized dick for you all to choke on, and as you suffocate, your already oxygen-starved brains will be contemplating how you lived this long to begin with.

  12. JMack

    Lets not forget Larry Fishburne used to be Cowboy Curtis on PeeWees playhouse.

    Hey superficial writer?! Can you refer to him as cowboy curtis from now on?

    “you know what they say peewee, big feet……biiiiiig boots!”

    • Jade

      or forget the Brad Pitt worked as a big chicken .. it’s what they in the entertainment industry, call a wait for it …. a job.

    • Educated Black Beauty

      ……what does that have to do with anything….cowboy curtis would probably whoop your axx if you met up with him and said that…don’t be ignorant your whole life……..

  13. I guess when your dad’s famous and your only discernible talent is lying on your back and taking cock, you do what you can to pay the bills…

    • Educated Black Beauty

      ….this coming from some nobody who refers to themselves as thunderstud?…please a life and don’t be ignorant your whole life……

  14. Montana Fishburne
    Mike Nike
    Commented on this photo:

    Shes actually very nice, has a nice body and face.

  15. sean

    Mr. Fishburne loves his daughter and understands wisely what a destructive choice she has made. His refusal to have anything to do with her until she straightens her life out is exactly the message that he ought to send to her. And she thought her father would “support” her no matter what she chose, just because she chose it? The selfishness and narcissism of today’s young generation should not be indulged, and I commend her father for showing backbone and virtue.

    • Jen

      she needs jesus in her life, right sean?

      • cookiepuss

        No, she needs a parent with a bottom line. Looks like she’s finally got one. Good for him. Rebelling against your parents is SO 1986. It probably took a lot to shock this dad; the usual beer partying wouldn’t do. I mean, this guy was shooting Apocalypse Now at the age of 15 and I think he became an emancipated minor around that time. I’m sure he doesn’t scare easy. THIS, though, is pulling out the biggest possible guns. I wonder who she hates more, herself or her dad?

  16. Montana Fishburne
    Yonkers Doofallo
    Commented on this photo:

    Ya I just love the way they fixed up that hair lip.

  17. Oolala

    Scary that she looks so good in this shot, but is apparently so nasty. Has anything been released on the new video? Maybe she has cleaned up her act and is classy porn star now?

    • hotdamned

      I was thinking the same thing. She looks damned hot in this picture, so if everyone is saying she’s nasty in the video this is either a great shot of her, or people on this site are retarded. Honestly, I wouldn’t doubt either answer.

  18. oooaaahhh

    Like Grandma always said, “find something you’re good at and be the best at it”. Well..?

  19. Deacon Jones

    I must be in the minority here, but I think she looks pretty damn good for a black chick, and I’m not attracted to them at all.

    Who feels me?!

  20. Wonder what went down behind the closed doors of Ms. Fishburne’s childhood & adolescence.
    I don’t see this woman having any sustained “career” in the adult entertainment industry. Her skin is terrible despite application of heavy makeup & she’s just not that pretty. Let’s see if she now starts the endless plastic surgery procedures to inflate the boobs & freeze the face.
    I think she is being played by others who believe they can make a mint of money off her. Everyone involved will lose.

  21. Me

    Wow, this is actually the first time I laughed a little at this blogger. Usually he falls flat, but his writing here was quite humorous.

  22. Mitch

    I’m not really into banging negroes but I would hit that.

    • ilikesake

      It’s hilarious when ppl say shit like “not into black girls, BUT….”

    • cookiepuss

      Like THAT’S what’s keeping it from happening. As if the line of Black chicks ready to “bang” you is wrapping around the corner just hoping to pass muster. I’ve got news for you, and all of your “I’m not into Black chicks, but…” friends: the choice really isn’t yours. We’ve been to the carnival and we’ve seen the rides. You guys just don’t have the goods. The few of you who have solid equipment rarely know how to use it. It’s sad, really. You have no idea how inadequate you are. Or maybe you do…

      • Cyrus

        Black men don’t even want black girls. Statistics show they are the least likely women to find a significant other. They are only considered attractive when they are significantly mixed with non-black genes: Halle Berry, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, etc. When not, they end up looking like Whoopi or Gabouray.

        I said it before, and I’ll say it again. Persian people are the best looking people. Our women range from light complexioned like Europeans to more olive skinned like the hot Indian women you see in Bollywood movies. The difference is most Indian women don’t look like that, Persians do. As for our men, we are paramount.

      • cookiepuss

        @Cyrus. I’m not at all sure why it’s impossible to reply to your inane post, so I’ll reply here. There are a lot of reasons why Black women are the least likely to marry and most have to do with a) the sad lack of viable Black male partners and b) the sad inability of White men who are… compelling.

        You make the assumption based on your own opinion that the reason is a lack of appeal. Maybe to you and maybe to others (especially here). Universally though? I don’t think so. I think you’re drawing a big stupid conclusion. I also think that in a perfect world where more Black men were available, law abiding, and as well educated as their female counter parts, we might find that Black women’s marriage rates would go up. Who knows, though? It might be as simple as teaching White men how to f*ck.

      • cookiepuss

        Oh! One more thing that no one has considered: Black women tend to be WAY more conservative than their White counterparts and WAY more likely to want to please our parents rather than rebelling against them. I mean really, when you think about it, a lot of the “let’s shock Mom/Dad” behavior comes from White kids. Black kids have real conflicts; they don’t have to manufacture them.

        Bottom line, Black women are far less likely to even consider dating outside their race than their White counterparts. For many Black women, it’s simply unthinkable. Again, you guys think it’s your choice, and I just don’t think it matters. You were never in the game.

      • Educated Black Beauty

        ……oh, white men don’t want black women….then why were all those light skinned mulattos walkign around on those plantations back in the slavery days….oh, I know….because white men did NOT consistently rape and sexually exploit black slave women in this country for 400 years… the massa didn’t prfer that big, black, juicy body over that of flat azzed white women….nope…those little half-white mulatto slaves children were not the byproducts if white men raping black women and GIRLS even…….

        ….FYI: there is only one original race and that is the black race….other races are simply are washed down, genes… matter what you mix black with our genes are ALWAYS the strongest and most dominant….you can always tell when someone has black in them…..can’t really say that from other races….Persians are dark peoples too, they just don’t know it…that’s why their skin tone ranges from dark to light like that….other races as well……that’s enough for one post….the topic of “grafting” is one you are not ready to discuss……obviously you are ignorant and a racist…….the first humans lived in and came from in AFRICA and so shall the last…….

    • Anton

      Persian women are not… after they get their nose job. Persian men, not really.

      • Cyrus

        @ Cookiepuss
        Black women are conservative? You whores get the most abortions, are most likely to become prostitutes, and have most of your children out of wedlock — usually from multiple fathers. Black women don’t interracial date because no one wants them. Black, White, Persian, Asian, Arab, Indian, Hispanic etc. Most men want light-skinned or tan women, with straight hair, and narrow noses. Nappy hair, coal black skin, and wide monkey noses are not appealing. Plus, you are all loud and annoying. Stop denying this, you are coming across as pathetic. Negroid facial features are just not very feminine. And you say you want to please your parents? Hahaha. You mean your parent, since 60% of you are raised in fatherless households.

      • Cyrus

        Shut up you fool. Persian women are super hot. Some have big noses, but not all. As for Persian men, most of us look no different than Southern Europeans.

      • RE: Persian = “best looking”
        Well, we have next door neighbors who are Persian. I’m sorry to say that they are the ugliest & trashiest people on the block. But I restrain myself from making sweeping generalizations about how all Persians are ugly & trashy.

      • Cyrus

        First I am not even white, technically. I am Persian. Second, blacks don’t have to rebel because no one teaches them morals to begin with. Their father is more often long gone, out impregnating other black women. The mother is either cleaning somebody’s house or out at the welfare office. There is no discipline in the black community to rebel from. No wonder blacks represent just 12% of America yet commit around 65% of its crimes.

      • cookiepuss

        Wow, Cyrus, you are a genuinely screwed up individual. You’re also misinformed. According to the US Census, White women get more abortions than ANY other race. And by a wide margin. As for prostitution, it’s hard to say. Statistics on prostitutes are hard to come by.

        A lot of Black kids are raised in single parent homes, it’s true. A lot of all kids are these days. Are you somehow equating that to the inadequacy of Black women? You mean the ones who raise families by themselves? And somehow you think is is about LOOKS? Really? Is that how rudimentary the connections in your brain are? Man, wouldn’t it be nice if all social issues could be rectified with cosmetic surgery!

        Luckily, I wasn’t raised by only one parent, but by two and they taught me to rise above the hateful name calling of people like you. I won’t bother numbering the ways in which I am different from your hate filled description. I really am not bothered by your thoughts or words. You’re just not worthy of upset. You’re just. Not. Worthy.

        I think it’s clear to everyone here who is pathetic. In case you’re limited intellect hasn’t figured it out yet, Cyrus, that person is you.

      • cookiepuss

        Okay, I have to go live my life, but I have just a couple of more points for my Iranian friend, Cyrus: More Whites are on Welfare than Blacks, statistically. It’s a long standing, little known FACT. Second, I have never seen an Iranian who looked southern European. Persian, please. Call it what it is: Iran.

        My theory on Cyrus, and I bet I am 100% correct. Cyrus is an Iranian immigrant here for about 10 years. He had a professional or at least respected job in his former country and was probably wealthy. He came to the US to take advantage of religious or personal freedom…

        .. and is now driving a Taxi.

      • Educated Black Beauty

        ……nope, coal black skin, nappy hair, and wide monkey noses are not attractive….guess that’s why those white slavemasters consistently raped all those slave women and girls huh?….it must be the azz if it ain’t the face……..but it’s certainly SOMETHING now isn’t it…….you ignorant jackoff… feel safe spewing this crap safely from behind your computer….you should……..

    • Cyrus

      Yea and white women drastically outnumber black women. I am talking about percentage you moron, and as a percentage black women get the most abortions:

      “Black women are more than 3 times as likely as white women to have an abortion.”

    • Cyrus

      White Americans: 65% of America
      Black Americans: 12% of America

      Welfare Stats:
      38.8% White
      37.2% Black

      So blacks are just 12% of America yet constitute 37.2% of those on welfare — over 3 times their population size

      Whites are 65% of America yet constitute 38.8% of those on welfare — about half their population size.

      … nice try.

      • Cyrus

        As for your little theory, way off. I am the son of a highly successful software engineer (father) and doctor (mother). My parents were immigrants, not me. And in the short time they have been here, they put 98% of black families to shame with their accomplishments. Together they make over 200 thousand a year. I live in an upscale neighborhood, with little violence — because so few blacks live here. My school is very prestigious, again because so few blacks go there. What part of the ghetto are you from?

      • smeethapahlavi

        Cyrus, first of all, you’re disgusting.

        I’m of Iranian descent, raised in Norway. You are the kind of disgusting pig that makes us Iranian women marry white. First, why are you comparing yourself to Southern Europeans? You have no respect for your own culture so you are a wannabe? Second, what are you doing watching black porn if you are so turned off by Blacks? In case you didn’t notice you idiot, the President of the United States is BLACK! So was the only dove in the hawk regime before Obama, Colin Powell. Also, your statistics are skewed, there is more oppression against blacks than they have opportunities but you wouldn’t factor that into your analysis would you moron? Second, Iranian men like you make me sick.

        “As for your little theory, way off. I am the son of a highly successful software engineer (father) and doctor (mother). My parents were immigrants, not me. And in the short time they have been here, they put 98% of black families to shame with their accomplishments. Together they make over 200 thousand a year. I live in an upscale neighborhood, with little violence — because so few blacks live here. My school is very prestigious, again because so few blacks go there. What part of the ghetto are you from?”

        Your parents were most likely the emigres who fled during the 1979 Revolution because they were supporters of the Shah, they were born into privileged and so you were, they were highly successful because the Shah gave them undeserved privilege while countless others struggled and instead of helping your country your shameless parents fled like rats and bred filth like you. What school did you go to moron? Obama went to Harvard. Rice was the Provost at Stanford. You care to state which Ivy league you went to?

        “Together they make over 200 thousand a year. I live in an upscale neighborhood, with little violence” you are so shameless you know that. You are that kind of cheap filth that needs to boast about your petty bourgeois nouveau riche materialism on a site like this? no wonder my friends tell me never to marry Iranian men. btw fuck face, men like you can live in undeserved oppulence but you will never have class because you are tacky and unworthy. As an Iranian I spit on you, you low class swine.

      • Educated Black Beauty

        ….you are so racist….I would LOVE to meet you in person…..i bet you wouldn’t utter any of this……little racist white boys like you are certainly safer in the burbs, outskirts, and as far away from blacks as you can get…it is your FEAR of blacks, black men in particular I bet, that drives and fuels your ignorance…..i can always spot your type in my classes……..

    • Cyrus


      What are you doing in Norway if your parents did not flee Iran? And Obama went to Harvard and is the President because he is half white, was raised by white people, in a white environment. If he were raised like your typical black, he would be nowhere near where he is today. He’d be just another ghetto rat. His white grandparents pushed him to succeed — because like most black children, his father bailed on him. Also, there is institutionalized assistance to help blacks succeed — Affirmative Action, special black scholarships, low-interest bank loans, etc. So he definitely benefited from this also. And you say Colin Powell was not a hawk? Ahahaha. He led the charge for war you moron. As for Rice, please.

      Now about Southern Europeans. Well if you knew Persian history you would know that we are descended from the ancient Indo-Iranians, who in turn were descended from the Proto-Indo-Europeans, whose homeland was in Eastern Europe — north of the Black Sea (search Kurgan Hypothesis). We are closely related to Europeans, so it should be of no surprise that true Persians resemble them. You must be one of those “Persians” mixed with dark-skinned Arab and Mongol invaders or black slaves. You are not a real Persian.

      • smeethapahlavi

        I’m Iranian unlike you idiot. What school did you go to?

      • smeethapahlavi

        Bush is white. So is Dick Cheney. So is Rumsfeld. So was Hitler. Oh you have nothing to say about the whites huh? Moron, what school bred your idiot brain?

      • Cyrus

        I am heading to Columbia University in about 2 weeks. I used to go to a private prep high school. And be honest, you are not a real Persian. You some Azeri/Arab mixed breed. And what do you know about blacks? You live in safe, clean, overwhelmingly white Norway. You know nothing of these people or their behavior. I am from NYC, and unfortunately am forced to deal with them on a daily basis. Some of them are decent, but 90% are loud, violent, dumb, irresponsible, lazy, and parasitic. You are just basking in your own ignorance and coming off as naive. I dare you to live amongst them for a few years, believe me, you will view them differently afterward — that is, if you survive.

        “Bush is white. So is Dick Cheney. So is Rumsfeld. So was Hitler”

        What does this have to do with anything? Are you just naming white warmongers for the hell of it? Well guess what, Obama ordered another 30,000 troops to kill innocent people. Then there is also Mao, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Mugabe, Hideki Tojo, Alberto Gonzales, Ghenghis Khan, Ariel Sharon, Arafat, Jean Kambanda, Mohammed, Charles Taylor, Batista… I could go on and on.

        And you seem to hold negative views of white people. Ironically, it being from the comfort of the white ruled country you or your ancestors took refuge in. Why don’t you leave Norway and head to Haiti. Lets see how you feel about blacks and whites then. Let’s see who treats you better. Go ahead. Hahaha. No, you won’t do that. You don’t have the balls. You’re perfectly content to act all high and mighty from Norway. You’re too cowardly to go into the trenches and actually experience the savagery of blacks first-hand. Instead, you’ll just disparage those who tell the truth, the truth that you’re too ignorant to understand.

      • Ida

        @ Cyrus
        You are seriously fuccccccccked! You and people who think like you should all be obliterated. What a loser! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, you must have no friends to tell your life story to, so you come to a gossip site to do that? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Montana Fishburne
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s got great natural breasts.

    That being said if I was her dad I’d disown her.

  24. frcrkr

    I need more pictures to decide if she is ugly or not.

    • dudestuckinboringmtg

      I dont. Already decided that while she does look a little like daddy, and has stretchmark tiddies, shes still spermworthy. Count me in like flynt

    • cookiepuss

      OMG, I’ve been arguing with a CHILD! Cyrus, you know nothing and now I see why. You haven’t lived and you haven’t seen ANYTHING. Do your parents know what you’re up to? Do they share your despicable beliefs? I hope not. I hope they’d be shocked at what you’ve posted here. More to the point, I’m sure they’d be pissed that the computer they bought you is being misused in such a manner. I think they’d also be sad at the display of SELF-hatred you’ve shown here. Why do you idolize White people so much? Why do you identify so strongly. To them, you’re not White, you know. You never will be. No matter how many expensive schools you go to. Deal with that now. And don’t tell your parents about this whole “Southern European” fantasy you have. it will break their hearts. Why don’t you shut down the laptop and get on that summer reading list you’ve been neglecting, okay Sport?

      Hey, why don’t you share your ideas with your classmates and professors when you get to “Columbia” (as if we believe that lie). You should be a big hit. Be sure to tell them ALL about your theories.

      Your thoughts no longer hold any interest for me, not even in a bizarre curiosity kind of way. It’s not nice to pick on children. Even sick, hateful ones. Man, I hope you outgrow this.

      I’m deeply ashamed that the city I love and that I used to call home has such a little monster living in its midst. You have a lot of growing up to do, Kid. why don’t you go away now and DO IT.


      • amanda

        Dont waste another second on these devils….devils will say evil things about another race, because they are simply the devil. Point blank. No rhyme or reason other than the fact that they worship Glenn Beck , and Limbaugh, racist coward pussy ass……

  25. miggs

    The funniest part is that he’s already jerked off to her video 25 times.

  26. Montana Fishburne
    Commented on this photo:

    What the hell Mitch.

  27. McFeely Smackup

    “This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”

    I was going to make a red pill/blue pill joke, but the quote is funny all by itself in this context.

  28. Montana Fishburne
    Commented on this photo:

    This photo looks like it has been airbrushed to hell and back.

  29. Dale Dabone

    Hi, guys. I’m Dale Dabone, adult film performer and star of Nut Canyon 1,2, and 5. I take offense at this writer’s dismissal of the Nut Canyon franchise. The first Nut Canyon, which came out in 1999, featured some truly groundbreaking performances as well as the first known triple-anal scene. It also garnered me the AVN Woodsman of the Year nod. Please be more thoughtful when rattling off what you think are random porn movie names. You never know whose reputation you might be sullying.


    Dale Dabone.

  30. The girl with the rough tattoo

    Why didn’t TMZ add, that the main reason she was disowned was for ass-acne?…Lawrence did the right thing…

  31. Montana Fishburne
    Commented on this photo:

    She has the SAME EXACT velcro hair as my girlfriend.

  32. jay

    what the fuck is the big deal? its not like laurence fishburne is such a big ass star. He’s really not that talented. Name one good movie he was in that deserves praise besides the first Matrix (cuz the other 2 sucked ass). He shud be happy his daughter is in porn cuz she gonna make him look good! laurence has no talent and i think hes an extremely overrated actor.

    • Cock Dr

      Most daddy’s really aren’t happy to have their daughter take hired cocks in every hole on camera for money.
      Think he’s being a little oversensitive?

      • jay

        maybe his daughter wouldn’t have to do this for money if daddy was not such a shitty actor and can bring home dough to support his dumbass daughter. I’ve DL’ed her sex scene BTW and she looks pretty good. She looks good with a dick in all her orifices.

    • ilikesake

      Are you stupid? Boys n The hood and What’s love got to do with it.

      Oh, but now you’re going to say “Those sucked!”, right?

      • cookiepuss

        How about Apocalypse Now? Heard of it? What about Othello? The Color Purple? If you guys think this guy has only done the Matrix, you need to ask somebody. Fishburne has almost a hundred credits, most of them lead roles! He’s one of our finest actors with one of the longest careers in the business. He started starring in films at around the age of 10. This industry just doesn’t have room for a lot of minority actors of any type at the top. It’s the same for Asians and Hispanics. You see the same ones in the same blockbusters, because they’re tried and true. He’s an award winning actor yet you yahoos can only think of one mediocre trilogy to attach him to. Blech, what idiots.

        P.S., my Dad was never famous a day in his life and he’d disown me if I did porn AND USED HIS NAME. Wouldn’t yours???

  33. Decalex

    Pornstars usually choose names with some kind of pun or dirty imagery like: Cherry Poppens, Flick Shagwell, Summer Cummings…

    Montana Fishburne?
    Fishburne is not an appetizing porn star name. Fishburne sounds like an issue to ask your doctor about.

  34. Objac

    Morpheus, I salute you.

  35. Cyrus

    This bitch is nasty. Did anyone see the marks on her ass? I literally gagged.

    • Alexandra Hemale

      Yeah I did. And blemishes on her breasts. And her thick, disgusting legs. She’s not the least bit attractive, especially when compared to the other porn starlets out there. Vivid would have laughed her out of their office if she didn’t have the last name of Fishburne. That’s the only reason why she got as far as she did.

  36. Yoiks

    Lots of virgin racists here. Feed ya mommas cats before you go in the basement to whack off to shemale porn.

  37. Montana Fishburne
    Commented on this photo:


  38. Montana Fishburne
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d hit it, bent over, both watching The Jeffersons.

  39. Montana Fishburne
    Commented on this photo:

    She has a nice body. I don’t like her hair, tho. I cannot wait until genetic engineering brings long, silky hair to all women.

  40. Montana Fishburne
    Commented on this photo:









  41. tom

    wtf is up with her crater ass? Why would they not put some acne creme on it and tell her to come back and shoot the film a week later? fuck.. what kind of porn company would use that shit? thought i was looking at the surface of mars for a minute there..

    • cookiepuss

      She got that bad skin from her dad. He used to have hideous acne.

      • invisiblewoman

        Hold it down cookiepuss–let these fools know! But it really is futile, ignorance is bliss and apparently boundless.

      • ♫Here I am, rough you like a hurricane♫

        You don’t inherit ass acne. It’s from, unclean stripping poles or sitting on dirty stripping stands other strippers been using, in low budget facilities…

  42. poof

    Not every black person wants to be a rap or sports star. I am a black lady and I just graduated from an Ivy League medical school this past May. So some theories on here are just false and from obviously very ignorant persons.

  43. They Call Me The Butthole Kid

    Lawrence must be embarrassed… from Assault on Precinct 13 I’m talking about. That was a truly awful movie. And oh yea, it can’t be good having you daughter ruin your family name by getting duked in the ass on camera. That must be a little embarrassing also.

  44. Montana Fishburne
    Commented on this photo:

    What’s with the star on her crotch? Lady GaGa shows more than that when she’s at her mom’s place for Sunday dinner.

  45. RaraAvis

    In a tiny bit of defense of Ms. Fishburne, she didn’t need permission to use her daddy’s name. It’s her name – he gave it to her, I assume by marrying her mother. Guess Larry should have been more careful where he placed his sperm, and perhaps a little more attentive as a father.

  46. Montana Fishburne
    Too much Coffee
    Commented on this photo:

    It is Laurence’s own fault for naming her Montana. I wouldn’t doubt her middle name is Cinnamon, Monique (Mo-neeek-uh) or Jasmin.

  47. What an idiot

    What a dumbass. Her daddy has bailed on her because she’s a porn whore now, and she likes it. He won’t be talking with her the rest of her life, which I’m thinking will be very short.

  48. anon

    Well I guess when she was 9, Daddy was too busy making Matrix movies to pay any attention to her.

    She’s got his attention now. LOL Parenting FAIL.

  49. captain america

    he didn’t get a stiff cock of watching his own daughter?

    (ask hulk hogan for advice)

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